Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Book Review

From Racine County Corruption:

Book Review

HEY DAD..... 

Released in December of 2019, after we read the book,  
we ordered and delivered copies to the
  Racine County District Attorney's Office.

Hey Grandma a Criminal?  is an
eye opener of injustice within our justice system.

This book is fact based and easy to read,
 complete with referenced state statutes, theory of law, case law and loaded with references to other sources of information.

 Author Susan Hitchler takes you through her journey to justice 
via a corrupt and overzealous prosecutor. 

Excellent book for layman and lawyers alike.

Susan Hitchler

Travel with Susan through a journey of injustice and abuse of prosecutorial misconduct by an overzealous
 Assistant District Attorney.

Learn how Waukesha County Deputy District Lesli Boese and hundreds of other ADA's around the country have engaged in false and malicious prosecution to forward their 
own political agendas.

See how a pay to play court system really works.

You will walk in Susan's shoes as you read this book while she takes you through the illegal legal process of jurisprudence.  

Author Susan Hitchler illuminates a very dark area of law that needs to be understood and addressed by 
all the American public.

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TSE said...


But former Racine County DA Rich Chiapete and his wife Jennifer are criminals! But they got away with it - thanks to serial Polygamist and now former City of Ratcine City Attorney Robert Weber - who recently took over as City of Ratcine Municipal Judge after City of Ratcine Mayor's wife - Rebekka - stepped down.

What a fukked up place/space.

It's good to have friends in all the right places.

Anonymous said...

So many officials in Racine County live above the law.