Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my friends!  How are you?  I'm doing OK.  The weather has been a little chilly compared to our warm December, but we're still ahead of the snow and cold game.  I almost hate to say it for fear of triggering a regular winter for the rest of the season.  Please stay away, o cold and snow.  Go up north where you belong.

Well, our erinaceous and jentacular Green Bay Packers were defeated this last Sunday by the San Francisco 49ers in their conference championship game.  To be blunt, I thought Aaron Rodgers was being lackadaisical throughout the game.  He seemed to be disappointed in his teammates' efforts and appeared to give up.  ( ) What a shame.  The 49ers simply outplayed the Packers in all respects.  It was a horrible game to watch.  The first half was a slaughter of the Packers.  They came back to an extent in the second half, but they couldn't fully recover.  Enjoy the offseason,   our pauciloquent  Packers.  Rest well.  Prepare for next season.  No matter what, we still love you.

We do not love Mr. Mayor Cory 'Butterball' Mason and his attempt to continue stealing the funds for Belle TV/CAR 25.  Why is it that Racine seems to elect nothing but crooks?  What rocks do these pieces of garbage crawl out under from?  Can't we do better than felons in office?  Can't we hire an honest City Attorney?  Why do we always have to sift through any communique from City Hall, looking to separate the lies from fact?  What city department wants the basement space in the City Hall Annex, thus forcing out Toys for Tots?  Do any humans inhabit City Hall, or are all of them lying robots?  Seriously, go to hell!  May you all be indicted and start ratting on each other.  I can't wait.

I'll tell you, my friends, that I'm afraid of the virus that is coming out of China:

I don't trust the Chinese.  They could pretend that this is some sort of new virus that mutated out of chicken diseases, but they could also release some new genetically designed disease to overcome the world.  I don't put it past them.  The Asian communists are scary.  Just think of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.  What a nut job!  He gets along well with Mr. President Trump.  That should say something.  Two egomaniacs in a pod.  Oh my.

Here's some interesting news from the Milwaukee Brewers: Miller Park will become American Family Field in 2021.  The story in the Journal Sentinel Online states:  "The forthcoming name change is the result of a 15-year agreement announced last January by the Brewers and AFI, replacing the original 20-year agreement between the club and Miller Brewing Co. The ballpark will continue to be named Miller Park through the remainder of this year."  We're still paying for the faulty roof on that thing.  Sheesh!  They say that the sales tax surcharge we are paying for the roof will end this year.  I'll believe it when I see it.  No tax is ever revoked.  They'll just find another use for the money.

That's it.  Thank you, my dears, for reading my blog this week.  I love you all.  You are my family.

Please be sure to respect one another.  It's our best hope for peace.
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