Friday, January 3, 2020

Foxconn Eminent Domain Opponent To Run For County Board

From Racine County Eye:

Kim Mahoney, one of the most vocal opponents of eminent domain procedures for the Foxconn project, said she running for County Supervisor.

Kim Mahoney, one of the most vocal opponents of eminent domain procedures for the Foxconn project, said she running for Racine County Supervisor, District 14, which includes the Foxconn development in western Mount Pleasant and the Village of Sturtevant.

“When my neighbors and I needed answers from our previous supervisor about Foxconn development plans, our supervisor told us she was informed by the Racine County Board Chairman and Corporation Counsel not to get involved,” Mahoney said in a statement. “Other residents complained that our supervisor wouldn’t return phone calls or even acknowledge their emails. It was a complete failure of representation. I will not let that happen
when I am elected.”

Mahoney said it would be her intention to bring more discussion and transparency to the board. “Too often, resolutions are passed with very little discussion or consideration of the impact on residents,” Mahoney added in her statement.

She hopes to improve community engagement by offering live video streaming of County Board meetings and enhanced social media and email constituency services.

Mahoney’s home is located in the Foxconn development. She says that she and her husband were always willing to sell but the Village of Mount Pleasant instead used fake road plans and inappropriate use of blight to bully and intimidate homeowners into selling on the Village’s terms.

After winning her fight, Mahoney has been an advocate for other homeowners threatened by eminent domain across the state. “I want to ensure others are not mistreated by their local government,” Mahoney said. “My experience has given me a unique perspective and qualifications which I will bring to the Racine County Board.”

This is Mahoney’s first campaign for elected office.

Mahoney has been working as a litigation paralegal for a global consumer products manufacturer in Racine since 2005. She lives in Mount Pleasant with her husband Jim and their daughter Reese.

Election Day for candidates on the spring ballot will be April 7, 2020. The seat is currently held by incumbent Katherine Buske.

If there is a primary election, it will be held on Feb. 18, 2020. To check your voter registration or to find your polling place, go to

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