Thursday, January 9, 2020

From Racine County Corruption:


Blocked Emails at Racine City Hall

The cancer of secrecy within the city 
continues to grow under 
Mayor Mason's Leadership

Within the city wide email system, there has been a marked increase of restricted, quarantined, impeded and blocked emails.

 In recent communications with city officials, RCC emails were blocked going into the offices of the city attorney office 
and the Chief of Police. 

Discussions with some city officials has revealed 
others finding the same abuse 
within the City wide email system.
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Several city council aldermen/women have complained about their emails account being hacked and tampered with.

Others have been warned that their city emails are routinely read, censored, screened and blocked by an unknown actors.

During our investigations of our blocked emails, A member of the Racine Police department informed us of another complaint 
coming in on this same day of an email being 
blocked into the police department.

The term used by City MIS officials when you have been blocked is called whitewashed, politically friendlier 
term than blacklisted   

Who is behind this dark force?
 What is the purpose of this mayhem?
Why has Mayor Cory Mason not acted to clean up the
 perpetrators of these crimes?

There has been no response from the Mayor's office regarding blocked emails, nor from the City attorney's office.

We did receive a response from the Chief of Police.

"My practice it to ensure that every inquiry that comes into the chief’s office
 receives a response (usually a personal response from me)."

This response from Art Howell came after our email to him was manually forwarded by a city MIS Department official.

We thank MIS officials for helping us overcome the glitches and/or the dark forces within city government

 From a citizen standpoint, the tampering of emails thwart, impede and block the rights of all individuals to petition, communicate and address government officials. 

The tampering of emails attack the rights of all involved 
and are serious infractions upon the 1st Amendment 
of the U.S. Constitution. 

How many more emails not being delivered to city officials is the $100.00 question?

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Anonymous said...

Secrecy in Racine Government is rampant.
L&M (Letteney and Mason) like cigarettes is a cancer in Racine.