Friday, January 17, 2020

HUGE NEWS: Viking Cruises To Sail To/From Milwaukee Starting in 2022

From Racine Knows:

This is a big deal. Milwaukee is officially a cruise destination.
Viking launching cruises in Great Lakes
In a swanky reception in Beverly Hills last night, Viking (formerly Viking Cruises) announced they are launching two brand new ships. One of those ships is heading to the Great Lakes starting in 2022 making Milwaukee one of it’s major ports of call!
Along with Antarctica and the arctic, this ship will sail to Milwaukee
Milwaukee will be the turn around point for several cruises meaning journeys for those on-board will start and end here. This is enormous news for the city as added business will trickle to the airport, hotels, restaurants and beyond.
Heading to Milwaukee– the Swiss based companies Viking Octantis which is still being built.
The cruise line is calling these trips “expedition voyages”. When not in the Great Lakes, the Viking Octantis will join her sister ship the Viking Polaris in the arctic and Antarctica.

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