Tuesday, February 25, 2014

"Racine City Hall closes due to asbestos scare"

From JSOnline:

"Racine City Hall closed suddenly Tuesday, and will remain so through Wednesday, due to an asbestos scare that occurred during renovations.

"According to the mayor's office, asbestos dust from renovations on the third floor of City Hall may have escaped the containment area Monday. The release was discovered Tuesday morning, and the city is investigating.

"'In an abundance of caution and concern for the health and safety of city employees and City Hall visitors, Mayor John Dickert decided to close City Hall until results of testing are available,' a press release from the mayor's office said.

"Committee meetings that were to take place at City Hall Tuesday have been rescheduled to Wednesday, 5:30 p.m., at the City Hall Annex."

This is hilarious in view of how Dickert tried to hide lead abatement issues in his Neighborhood Stabilization Program.  It became a scandal, a city worker whistleblower was fired, and a slander trial almost took place.

Party on, lying John!

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