Friday, April 27, 2012

Four for Fridays

Hello everyone! Welcome back to another weekly episode of Four for Fridays. It's been a long and exhausting week of working overtime. Barely can keep my eyes open. Anyways, here are some questions for you...

1) Have you ever wondered what a baby is thinking?

2) What the most hours you have ever worked?

3) What place has the best service? (Restaurant, store-anywhere)

4) What is your favorite dessert?

Enjoy your weekend!


DodgeBoy said...

1: Yes, being inside the mind of someone that can't express themselves would be cool.
I also wonder what my dog thinks.

2. 12.5 hours.

3. Menards. Especially returns.

4. Banana cream pie.

jedwis said...

Thanks for taking the time Drew.

1. Wow, very deep within, maybe I am the baby. Or maybe the dingo ate your baby?
2. Worked hard labor 12 hours a day/6 days a week for 3 months as a scab. No, not as a prisoner.
3. Toys -R-Us, the adult one.
4. Does Baileys count as dessert?

I am not a complete idiot--some parts are missing

Tender Heart Bear said...

1) It really never crossed my mind with my own kids. I was busy working full time and taking care of the kids and house never had help at home with my ex.

2) 50-55 in a week as manager of Wendy's up in Shawano.

3) TGIF at Miller Park when we went for dinner for Valentine's Day.

4) Eclair cake my mom makes. It is so delicious.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!♥

SER said...

Have you ever wondered what a baby is thinking?
They are always thinking, get me something to you asshole

What the most hours you have ever worked?
Don’t remember but once I worked 36 hours straight, that was stupid.

What place has the best service? (Restaurant, store-anywhere)
Wendy’s drive thru

What is your favorite dessert?

SER said...

Have you ever wondered what a baby is thinking?
They are always thinking, get me something to EAT you asshole

Beejay said...

Yes. When they make one of those crazy, screwed up faces and aren't pooping or farting!

14...although, there were days I felt like I worked 24!!!!!

Well, the worse is at Portofino's outside bar down here (Florida) and the best is probably at the Saltwater Cafe...another restaurant in this area (Venice, FL)

Not a big dessert fan....perhaps cranberry pie warmed up with french vanilla ice cream. Yep, that would have to be it.

OKIE said...

1. I have to admit I wonder more what my dog is thinking. Every once in a while he will suddenly stare at something on the ceiling and I have to wonder what does he think he sees.
2. 16 hours.
3. Jersey Mikes; people are nice and very friendly.
4. Lately, it is the individually wrapped banana cakes and chocolate cakes from Sunflower Market.

THB - your mom makes a eclair cake? That sounds really really yummy.

Toad said...

1. Yes. Dog's and Cat's also. Actully Dog's and Cat's more often.

2. 18

3. Service doesn't count anymore.

4. Lemon Merangue(sp) Pie

Why Not? said...

1. absolutely.. there is a song by the Bare Naked Ladies that goes.. when you dream, what do you dream about.. love that song.. it's about him watching his newborn son sleep..

2. hmm.. dont know.. as a stay at home mom you can argue that you work a good 18+ hours a day.. but not what you are talking about I'm guessing.. before I moved here I was working two jobs.. one full time at Waxdale filling a hopper full of bottles.. that was 8 hours then I would rush home shower change and eat and head off to Wal-Mart to work from 5-11 so that would be 14 hours most days...

3. I get excellent service at Dennys, we have a favorite waitress there that we always try to get whenever we are visiting Racine.. Sweden has terrible customer service..

4. really depends on my mood.. something chocolate..

OrbsCorbs said...

1) Yes, and cats and dogs, too, like others have said

2) I don't know. When I managed the muffler shop, it owned me. I've also worked for two workaholics. Keeping up with them was crazy.

3) I don't eat out much, and, in terms of stores, I can't think of any particularly good service. I have a few nominations for the worst service, though.

4) Ice cream, but I rarely eat dessert.

drewzepmeister said...

Jed, you crack me up!

1) Honestly, dogs and cats didn't come to my mind when I thought of this question...It's wonder that the JTI came with the thought... Insightful aren't we? :) Well yeah, I have thought a plenty of what babies think.

2) My record week was 72 hours. That's 6 12 hour days. Slept for 17 hours straight after that. This week I'll have 56 in.

3) The service that Tender Heart and I had at TGIF's at Miller Park was excellent. I have noticed that more you frequent an establishment, the better service you get.

4) Chocolate chip cookies. Mary, Tender Heart's mom does make an excellent eclair cake. Do you want the recipe?

legal stranger said...

1. of course, those little *%#@$^&'s are always using physic powers on me.
2. one - too many hours
4. Tiramisu - its either fantastic or horrible, depending on the recipe. For those who have never tried this fantastic desert, I suggest Olive Garden or Mia Francesca's in the flat land state.

jedwis said...

I'm mad...KK didn't want to play this week

kkdither said...

1. But of course! Especially when they are screaming!
2. I remember working (out of the house) for several months without a day off. Does house work count in the mix?
3. I think customer service is a thing of the past.
4. I like most all desserts. I would eat pie for breakfast everyday if I could get away with it. I remember Ms. Beejay's key lime pie that I hoarded all to myself. yum.