Saturday, April 21, 2012

World Clock

From Harry Wait:


TSE said...

I was more of the opinion that we had passed the 7 billion mark for population.

Interesting stuff otherwise. It escapes most that we live on a finite Planet with finite resources. I did my part - and din't reproduce...

I beleive that we are still ontrack for the trip back to The Stone Age... OOH - it's going to be a rough trip!!! There isn't room for all in the lifeboat, try and fight for your seat!

"In 1989, I concluded that the life-expectancy of Industrial Civilization is horridly short. This hypothesis was defined in terms of a measurable index, world energy-use per person, and named the "transient-pulse theory of Industrial Civilization." I sketched its maximum point at 1990, followed by a persistent decline (see Note 1). Back then, however, I had no data to support this claim.

The ratio of world annual energy-use to world population gives a robust, testable profile of Industrial Civilization. Over the past six years, I devised a quantitative basis for the theory and gathered several sets of world energy and population data to test it (Note 2). In these pages, the name "Olduvai theory" means the same as "transient-pulse theory," used in previous papers (Note 3)."

Jay Hanson's site is one of my favourites - however it is not for all.... so peruse it with care...

SER said...

TSE...don't feel bad, I thought there was over 8 billion.

I often think if we never had any world wars, Viet Nam, Korea, Civil War and the rest of how many people there would be now!

Millions and million and million were lost during those tragic times.

I do have to admit, it really bugs me that so much “hoopla” is made over 6 million Jew getting killed; that’s just a drop in the bucket compared to the rest who barely ever get mentioned! Like the Poles and Russians.

Toad said...

Orb's, That my friend, Is one of the most interesting things I have ever seen. Thank You, for your interest In our interest.

OrbsCorbs said...

Thank Harry. He's quite a guy.

TSE said...

Something few Americans are aware of:

"Census Searchers Crash Archives Website: Data from the 1940 U.S. census became available to the public online yesterday—and interest was so great it nearly crashed the National Archives website. Miriam Kleiman, spokeswoman for the Archives, said the site got more than 22 million hits in just four hours on Monday; after eight hours there had been 37 million hits.

The federal government just released the census data because the 72-year confidentiality rule expired. According to the Associated Press, it’s the largest collection of digital information ever released by the National Archives."

WHY would census data be held in confidence for 72 years?

Because the American Government had to cover up one of it's biggest crimes in the Depression - that it deliberately starved millions of Americans to death. I never forget - government is NOT your friend.

"But one thing is never discussed in the news: why is the US Congress paying so much attention to events that went on in a distant part of the world over 75 years ago? Why didn’t the Americans protest then, in 1932/33, and only came around 55 years later? Perhaps the US Senators are driven by their deep humanitarian beliefs? In that case, why are there no resolutions where the systemic extermination of the Native American population is honestly called “genocide”? As a result of this extermination, most of the nations populating the American continent were entirely destroyed and the population of the remaining nations was systematically decreased to approximately 1/100 of their original size.

In American history there exists another crime committed by the government against its own people. This crime is the Great American Holodomor of 1932/33, which resulted in the deaths of millions of US citizens."

TSE said...

Where are seven million people?

An attempt to study official US demographic statistics brings surprises from the very beginning – statistics for 1932 are simply unavailable. However, they do appear in statistics from later years in the form of retrospective charts. Studying these charts can also reveal some very interesting information.

First of all, American statistical records state that between 1931 and 1940, USA lost 8,553,000 people due to a decrease in population growth. This is not a gradual change – population growth instantaneously drops to almost half its value at the start of 1931, remains unchanged for precisely ten years, and then instantaneously returns to its initial value at the start of 1941. This interesting phenomenon is not explained, or even mentioned, in the several hundred pages of US Department’s of Commerce «Statistical Abstract of the United States».

Neither is this phenomenon explained in any other documentation. Officially, it does not exist.

legal stranger said...

Orbs, Thanks for passing this site to the readers. Empower yourselves with knowledge.
This is one of many sites I reference on a regular basis.

drewzepmeister said...

This is pretty neat!

kkdither said...

The illness category is interesting. I am astounded with the numbers for autism. Way higher than anything else recorded.