Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Rudeness Needs to End........

I am one of the original bloggers/posters on the JTI site along with a hand full of others.

Lately I have notice there have been a few bloggers/posters who have been rude to others.

One of the main reason which started the JTI site is the abuse from the administrators of the JT web site and bloggers which posted there, all they did and still do is complain about each other and bitch bitch bitch.

We all would love to hear what you have to say about things, but if you want to be rude, stay off this site and go to a bitch/complain site.

You know if you are one of these rude people. Today, I will not list your and their names; but keep it up and I will so everyone knows who you are! And you do know you can be blocked from blogging.



Why Not? said...

can only agree 100000% it has been getting a little ugly. Mostly from new ones that may not be quite aware of the origins of the JTI.. Thank you SER for bringing this up..

kkdither said...

Amen, Brother. We are family here. Maybe that came from face-to-face meetings? We have always been about fun and friendship.

It is perfectly okay to disagree on the news of the day. Debates are fine, but name calling and rudeness doesn't fly. Thank you, SER. It needed to be said.

OrbsCorbs said...

Thanks for the reminder that we should play nice, SER.

a reader said...

I quit reading that shit.

is it safe?

OKIE said...

Bravo SER.

jedwis said...

What did I miss?

lizardmom said...

Jed, I think I missed it too, but yes, this site was created because we had it with the site we left, and we left for very good reason. Granted, most of us have met. To those of you newer regular irregulars, shoot me an email and we'll try to get you in on our next to-do, I've been slacking, sorry guys, will try to do better :)

SER said...

Yes LM, you need to be spanked, I’ll volunteer, laugh’in.

We do need to get together again. We need to have the Beejay and Biggie D come up and I think the place we met at last time was nice and we could try it there again…unless the weather is nice and we can meet at the “southern park” site.

billonthehill77 said...

I have been watching this site for a long time, like "BIG BROTHER" !!!
Rarely do I comment, what did
"BIG BROTHER" miss ?

Humor intended, not paranoia

SER said...

Billonthehill77…Glad to see you post, it’s always nice to get a fresh view from someone new.

We have had a couple (few) posters who love to degrade others, why, I have no idea, but it got old to me.

One thing for sure, we all know you can agree to disagree with someone but you don’t have to be rude.

Oh…you can use potty talk if you like but please nothing too naughty.

Again, thanks for posting and hope to see more of you in the future.

Beejay said...

Those of us who started as a group agreed right off the bat that it was okay to agree to disagree. We've had many gatherings where we have gotten to meet each other and become true friends. (And this group was so instrumental in saving me when my life was really in the pits!)

SER, you have always been our 'big brother.' The one who always defended us. Thanks again for stepping up to the plate.

By the way, party at Beejay's this summer during August sometime. Haven't settled on a date yet.

Beejay said...

Oh, I missed your comment, SER. It's nice to be missed and YES, We are coming up to party-hardy! I miss all you could always come down to Florida in the winter. Take one of those famous Bus Trips! LOL.

kkdither said...

Welcome, BTH77. When I check the stats, I can always see that many are watching. Some visit everyday. A new comment, a new perspective, is very nice. Thank you for popping out of the shadows!

Beejay, I can't wait for you and biggie d to come back to town! yippee!