Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Mocking name for judge Weber

Submitted by legal stranger:

Needed !
Best mocking name for city judge Robert Weber.

realtor "Honest John" Dickert
mayor"Cory Coryuption" Mason
attorney Scott 'fast and loose" Letteney
city judge Robert "The RobberWeber
city judge Bob "    ?    " Weber
city judge Rob "     ?    " Weber
county judge Eugene "Gagthebitch" Gasiorkiewicz

1 comment:

Clint Teeters said...

How many times was that asshole Adulterer married and divorced? Like 4 times?

YEAH - the corrupt Criminals rule above us.

From unaccountable City Attorney to Unaccountable City Municipal Judge.

Here comes da Judge - "Bobby da Rich Witch" because in his own best
interest he will be laying down massive fines - and excusing Police
Brutality and Government crimes.