Saturday, November 9, 2019

The next side show

Submitted by legal stranger:

Recall Evers

Supports mandatory "gun buybacks":
Eliminated public records Web site:
Created new office to make the state "carbon-free":
Called for universal background checks:
Eliminated the "Back to School" sales tax holiday:
Shifted local road funds to the Milwaukee street car, etc.:
Signed new regulations (regarding scooters):
Vetoed several pro-life bills:
His lieutenant governor doesn't pay his taxes:
Orders a "Pride" flag be flown at the state capitol:
Supports a "Red Flag" gun confiscation law:
Is extremely pro-abortion:
Doesn’t support protecting infants after they’re born:
Wants to return funding to Planned Parenthood:
Removed Wisconsin from Obamacare Lawsuit:
Withdrew National Guard from southern border:
Wants to increase the gas tax:
Vetoed Tax Cut:
Wants to repeal Right to Work:
Gave gigantic raises to his cabinet secretaries:
Joined Paris Climate Alliance:
Appointed and defended a child abuser:
Proposed borrowing two billion dollars:
Proposed allowing illegal immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses:
Wants to eliminate drug testing requirement for unemployment benefits:
Wants to allow government to seize private property for recreational, non-essential purposes:
Supports forced vaccinations:

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