Thursday, March 22, 2012

Nieskes for Judge NOT



Toad said...

What's with the long face?

Clint Teeters said...

Because he has committed criminal acts in the presence of injustice against Harry Waits. Harry catches criminals trying to break into property and holds them at gunpoint. He's a big hero in the Journal Times. Nieskes lets the criminals go and goes after Harry. Big mistake, because Harry is an honest man. Proof has been preserved and collected concerning malfeasance and tampering with evidence, etc. Motions have been filed in higher courts.

Nieskes has always been on the side of the criminal. There is hard proof now and proceedings are taking place to address this source of corruption in Racine's courts. My God! Clean up our courts. Do we want the feds coming in here and telling us how to run things? Lots of stinkers and secrets here and this crap has to be ferreted out or our community will never recover from the criminals in office in Racine.

Clint Teeters said...

And what's with Judge Petak covering for Nieskes? All the dirty tricks are disgusting. THIS is our Criminal "Justice" System? These are the people we are supposed to "honor"? Liars and pompous asses?

legal stranger said...

Clint, The good news is a new D.A. is in Racine County. I see hopes for a better and more responsive D.A.'s office working for the citizens of Racine County. The past court of Judge Ptacek has had a reputation to be fair, so I hope this case is an aberration and not a reflection or reality of normal daily activities of our courts.
This case is an example of abuse of power by a select few individuals in government whose actions can reflect wrongly on the rest of the functioning government. I summit to you the following:
He who has no faith or hope has no reason to look to the future.
When you encounter injustice or evil, and you do not wish to assimulate, do as I have done, engage the Borg at all cost and force them to change.
Gene Sharp's list may inspire you to look to the future, my favorites are not listed, DO NOT FEED THE BEAST. Followed by DO NOT SUPPORT THE BEAST, followed by DO NOT ENCOURAGE THE BEAST. The power to positively change the future starts with the individual. One person can inspire the masses. Be that individual amongst the crowd.


Nieske is a arrogant , I was in small claim court's with this arrogant jerk he is not a good manner judge ! He really is not a good fit or a replacement of the late Honorable Judge Barry ! Nieske was appointed by Gov. Walker. If ur reading this Mike u will never be Honorable . I will do everything in my power to spread the word that u are by any mean's replacing Judge Barry as for now ur a tempoary misfit ! Vote For JUDGE PIONTEK I AM SURE THE JUDGE ABOVE WOULD AGREE!!!!!!