Friday, March 16, 2012

"Racine wolf man pickets RUSD to be responsible"


"Message of the Wolfman : Today I picketed in front of the RUSD Administration Building to remind the Administrative Staff that RUSD is to be responsive to the needs of Parents, who, through their property taxes, pay all the bills, and make RUSD possible.

"Neighborhood schools are very important for building and maintaining Communities. These schools are a focal point for families and students. RUSD Administrative Staff needs to keep neighborhood schools, and make the necessary adjustments in their $270 Million Budget to facilitate that. If cuts need to be made, it should be in the salaries, benefits, and staffing of the RUSD Administrative Staff.

"RUSD wants to say they don’t have money for neighborhood schools, but they have millions for administrative staff buildings, bloated staff salaries and benefits, laptops, lighting projects, and bussing thousands of students around. It is time for RUSD Staff to stop squandering taxpayer dollars, playing shell games with taxpayer money, and keep neighborhood schools."

Is the Wolfman making an appearance at the Saint Patrick's Day Parade and festivities?


kkdither said...

I would like real employment numbers and expenditures since RUSD moved to the new location. I believe the costs associated with RUSD administration has risen dramatically since their "restructuring." I'm tired of the fudged numbers and trumped claims.

The state lost 400 bodies from the schools (hands-on, direct child to adult assistant positions) this past year. 85 of those came from Racine alone. Those jobs are the lowest paid employee, while new admin jobs $$$ were being posted at Central Office.

They keep claiming they are saving money over there, and then out of the other side of their mouths come the millions of dollars they will be short in the coming years. I don't buy it. Something is amiss.

The threat now, is that if they don't get their way and close these schools, teacher jobs are on the line.

It is time we stop hating on the teachers. The class sizes are increasing, the number of student contact minutes per day has increased. Many teachers are working without adequate planning/paper correcting time. The number of special education inclusion students into regular classrooms has increased to 1/3 to 1/2 of the population in many classes which dramatically changes teaching capabilities. The learning environment has become a joke in some instances with out of control behavior.

Our kids, and the future of the quality of education is at a turning point... and I'm very concerned about it.

Thanks for lurking, wolfman. They need to be reminded that they are being watched. Continuing to cut on the low end only hurts the kids, and I'm tired of that approach.

OrbsCorbs said...

He makes me feel guilty by going out and doing things. I mean, what if everybody start going out and doing things? We might have participatory democracy. Who wants that?

kkdither said...

I went and did things until I ffound out how little those things did. I am doing THE most important thing.. I am being informed, and making sure my opinion is counted by voting.