Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Spring!



drewzepmeister said...

Spring? More like summer....

SER said...

In the 70's again today!!!

OKIE said...

For the 2nd day in a row, it will be warmer up there than down here. HOWEVER, by the end of the week we will be in the 80's. With 3 inches of rain yesterday everything is green. I LOVE SPRING!

TSE said...

The Weather certainly has been awesome, but the major change is a cause for concern.

Been to any of the Patch sites? Do you notice a bias/slant, or a certain group of posters who only act to shut people down - tell them they are wrong - make "facts" up - and are generally annoying?

WELL, you are NOT imagining things. Patch is a major money losing operation, funded by a major Corporation, designed to implement the ideas of the Left.


"Patch Is A Huge Waste Of Money, And It Has Us Worried About Tim Armstrong's Ability To Run AOL"

Read more: http://articles.businessinsider.com/2011-01-26/tech/30047463_1_patch-aol-ceo-run-aol#ixzz1pfFIe2Vz

"The appointment of Parenting.com’s Rachel Fishman Feddersen comes at a high time when AOL CEO Tim Armstrong is promising impatient shareholders that Patch is “not a pet project” and that he will turn around the sites that reportedly lost $100 million last year.

While a turnaround strategy is clearly in order, there’s a big wild card here. Namely, what role will Arianna Huffington now play in the Patch properties?

Recall that Huffington talked up Patch when AOL bought her site last spring and that she later told Vogue that “going local” was one of two things that made up her “Zeitgeist” (who says things like that?).

Huffington has also taken a hands-on role by promoting a “Local Voices” opinion feature and by launching 33 new Patch sites in states at the center of the Republican primaries."


THOSE aren't LOCAL VOICES you're reading - you are reading the Huff-Po and professional posters sitting in a computer room in New York!

Patch - don't step in the Dog-Doo!

TSE said...

Since the JT banned me, and others, it seems - uh, perhaps for the reason of posting uncomfortable truths? I bring you this:

The former Porters of Racine’s owners Thursday announced a $5.5 million redevelopment of the building into 37 apartments and seven ground-floor retail spaces.

Read more: http://www.journaltimes.com/news/local/porters-of-racine-to-become-million-redevelopment/article_caec008c-5358-11e1-a2d1-001871e3ce6c.html#ixzz1pfakWz5G

Remember that, and all the excitement it generated?

Well, who is paying for it?

It's NOT Micah Waters - at least not completely, he owns the property, but hasn't brought anything else to the table. Of course, he may later, but then again, he may not.

WHY - the residents of Racine are paying for it! It's a gift of $1.1 M of your money with an assitional gift of $160,000 for the facade.

It's even been modified already, with MORE apartments at the expense of retail.

I'll link to the City Documents:


There will be 4 attachments on the document where you can get the TIF document, Resolution, TIF Term Sheet. Where is Micah's money mentioned?

OH - The MAYOR will enter into a double-top-secret agreement later that will be like the one here - which indicates NO Developers money - only tax dollars.

Be sure to read the small print- you've just handed John a blank check.

Be sure to ask the boss for overtime - you'll need it to pay your taxes.

TSE said...

AND THEN... immediately AFTER the Common Council approves giving away millions of your money, they violate one of their rules and will allow apartments on the ground floor:

"Subject: (Direct Referral) Request from Micah Waters, representing Porters of Racine Building, seeking a conditional use permit for up to eleven (11) ground-floor residential units as part of a mixed-use development containing additional upper level living units and ground
floor commercial space at 301 Sixth Street and 608 Wisconsin Ave.
(PC-12) (Res. 12-3042)
Recommendation of the City Plan Commission on 2-29-12: That the
request be approved subject to conditions."


WHERE has the JT been..... SHHHHH - KEEP IT QUIET - Don't wake the Sheep.

Residents of Racine - I hope the chains of your financial slavery rest lightly upon you.

kkdither said...

I noticed the JT blocked the word douching in a discussion post, but later allowed someone to say fellatio in the same story. Okay, then.....

Toad said...

I LOVE tulips.

Toad said...

KK, Perhaps they need a Dictionary? If they read your post they will look It up. I would guess the person watching, has a different word for this action, and has no idea, what It Is. As I told Paul Ryan's office this morning. The youth of this country will eventually figure out they are being screwed. It will just take awhile. In this ELECTRONIC age, they just don't learn as well as they used to. The computer has ALL the knowledge they need, until things go to hell.

OrbsCorbs said...

Happy happy spring!

The Journal Times bans people?
Say it ain't so!

As for lying John's handing our money to his crony, that's all the liar does. The people of Racine are too worried about crime and jobs to care. Criminals win, we lose, It's always been that way. This mayor is a lying criminal. The previous mayor was a lying criminal. The same is true for our alderman. The most corrupt city in Wisconsin. Ask any legislator or lawyer from Milwaukee or Madison about Racine: they roll their eyes and say get out of there while you can. Federal involvement in cleaning up our courts will be necessary. Probably for city government, too. Until then, we're screwed, blued, and tattooed by lying John.