Thursday, March 15, 2012

"Thieves rolling Tide detergent out of US stores"

From the Associated Press:

"By BEN NUCKOLS, Associated Press

"WASHINGTON (AP) — When police in suburban Washington raided the home of a suspected drug dealer last fall, they found the cocaine, all right, but also something unusual on the man's shelves: nearly 20 large bottles of liquid Tide laundry detergent.

"It turns out his customers were paying for drugs not with cash but with stolen Tide, police said.

"Tide has become a hot commodity among thieves at supermarkets and drugstores in at least some parts of the United States.

"For a variety of reasons, the detergent in the familiar flame-orange bottle is well-suited for resale on the black market: Everybody needs laundry detergent, and Tide is the nation's most popular brand. It's expensive, selling for up to $20 for a large bottle at stores. And it doesn't spoil.

"One Safeway supermarket in Prince George's County, Maryland, was losing thousands of dollars' worth of Tide a week before police made more than two dozen arrests. In West St. Paul, Minnesota, a man pleaded guilty to stealing more than $6,000 worth of the stuff from a Walmart and was sentenced to 90 days in jail. Police in Newport News, Virginia, and other cities around the country have reported a spike in thefts."

I don't believe this. Someone has trolled/spoofed the Associated Press or some other news source. It's ludicrous. Why not Comet or Windex or something else? How about toilet paper? Everyone needs that.

"Hey man, you got any Charmin I can score?"

"Regular or Ultra Strong, man?"


SER said...

that's insane, but then I'm sure it beats getting caught with drugs less time in jail

kkdither said...

White collar crime? Okay, sorry... bad joke.