Saturday, March 24, 2012

"Tide thief hits Racine"


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"1:57 p.m. – Racine police are responding to calls for a shoplifter that ran from Shopko. Callers state that a white male stole Tide laundry detergent and put it under his coat. Was last seen leaving the area in a vehicle. License plate was obtained and dispatched.
2:00 p.m. – Dispatch is stating that there has been a party that has been selling Tide to people outside the Blue Kangaroo Laundry Mat on Durand.
2:02 p.m. – Police are searching for the suspect and radio reports that he has a history of DC and shoplifting.
2:06 p.m. – So far no offender found. (media reports that Tide seems to becoming more of an item that people like to steal and then resell)
2:09 p.m. – Police are investigating.
2:12 p.m.- So far it appears that the suspect has made a clean get away"

A little over week ago, I posted a blog about Tide thefts in the US:
I still don't believe that Tide has become a replacement for currency in the drug market. It's stupid. You can put $100,000 in cash in your pocket. Where would you put $100,000 worth of Tide?

I believe that a thief took a bottle of Tide from Shopko. He probably needed laundry detergent. Unless you can use Tide to make crack or meth or some other drug, though, I don't believe that it's drug related.

Steppenwolf - "The Pusher"

A psychedelic flashback for your weekend late night/early morning edification:

Of course, it's the long version. There is no other.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Clue Number Six

Psst: the code is in the post times.

Four for Fridays

Friday already? Wow, the days sure did blend together didn't they? It's been a long week filled with a little too much excitement and work. Anyways, here are some questions for you...

1) Who is your favorite celebrity?

2) If you had lunch with your favorite celebrity, what you talk about?

3) Do you think working ethics and and attitudes have changed in recent years? If so, how?

4) What do you see in the future for technology?

Enjoy your weekend!

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Journal Times to Become a Pay Site?

It looks that way, sooner or later. From CNN Money:

"Lee Enterprises updates business outlook, plans more digital subscriptions"
"Also in remarks prepared for the annual meeting, Mary Junck, chairman and chief executive officer, said Lee plans to introduce digital subscriber programs in more Lee markets within the next three months and expects to have paid digital content in most Lee markets by the end of the year.

"She said reception of a digital subscriber program at six newspapers in Montana and Wyoming has been good. She said there has been no adverse effect on digital advertising revenue, that the number of unique visits has continued to grow, and that page views have remained strong.

"'We're excited about the opportunities we see for digital subscriptions,' she said. 'No other source can match the wealth of unique and indispensable local news and information that we provide around the clock, day in and day out. We see this development as an important part of our future.'"

Thanks to the Wolfman for a heads up on the above article.

If you subscribe, and they ban you, do you get your moeny back?

Nieskes for Judge NOT


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

"Walk With Me by the Water"

I hope this poem has the same effect on you as it did on me.

"Walk With Me by the Water"

well worth the read...


I forgot the words.

Judge to Dickert: Pay Your Own Legal Bills

A Kenosha judge ruled this afternoon that the City of Racine is not liable for any damages in Bill Bielefeldt's slander case against John Dickert. Mr. Bielefeldt has said from the very start that he is only interested in justice from John Dickert. He sued only Dickert, not the city. That's pretty simple. But the cronies on the City Council and in the City Attorneys office decided that the working people of Racine would have to pay for lying John's mouth. The judge had tried previously to separate city interests from the case, but our city attorney kept tying it back up. They have done everything they can to muddy a simple case and to ensnare innocent citizens into paying for a liar.

The last time I checked, the legal bills were already over $100,000 for Dickert. I wonder if he'll be so extravagant now that he is footing the bill.

And that, of course, begs the question, will he really pay? My advice: don't hold your breath.

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my sprung springsters! How are you? Are you enjoying the exhilarating weather? It’s just incredible. It’s just fantastic. It’s just awesome. It’s also a pain in the butt to some people: “Wisconsin maple producers endure worst year in memory,” The sap runs sweet until the buds show. Well, guess what the warm weather is doing? The maples are budding early and the sap is bitter. I’m sure this “wonderful” winter will have its economic effects upon us. For one, real maple syrup just went up in price. If any of the vegetables or fruit that are budding now get caught in a late season freeze, who knows what the damage will be? Oh my.

I hope everyone has recovered from their Saint Patrick’s Day revelry. One of the last things I remember is partying with Señor “O’Zanza” at a bar in Milwaukee when things got rowdy. They closed the bar down early and I don’t remember whose idea it was to astral project to Ireland, but it was a dumb one. There’s not much more that I remember, or want to talk about publicly, except to say to the mayor of Dublin, “‘International incident,’ my arse!” Oh dear. O’Dear.

I received an email this week from Mr. Tricky Dicky. He wrote:

Dear Madame Zoltar,

My friend Wayne is filming a movie called "Go-Go Girls vs. the Nazis! It's a tribute to Russ Meyer - and he could use additional actresses. He needs ladies with Big Gazongas! How do you look in a Bikini, and would you be willing to flash the camera?

Tricky Dicky

Dear Mr. Tricky Dicky, thank you for your interest in me regarding a role in a movie. Of course, this is hardly the first time I have been offered a part, usually a leading role. In any case, I don’t have any recent photos of me, but I do have the snapshot at right, taken a few years ago when I was out with Mr. OrbsCorbs, before I met Señor Zanza. I’ve probably put on a few pounds since then (as has Mr. OrbsCorbs), but I think I have a decent shape for a young-thinking late middle-aged girl.

This must be the movie you are talking about: Señor Zanza and I look forward to seeing it. Junior, of course, will stay home.

Finally, a big congratulation to Mr. Art Howell, the new Police Chief of Racine:
Good luck, Chief! You’re going to need it.

Thank you my dear, dear readers for taking the time to read my blog today. I look forward to our Wednesday get-togethers. Visitors (from all realms and planets) are welcome at “Dear Madame Zoltar.” I hope you enjoy yourselves and I look forward to seeing you again.

Still feeling green around the gills from last weekend? Antidotes, advice, and more:

Enjoy spring, Irregulars and regulars alike. Get outdoors and get going. If it’s this warm now, we may be complaining about the heat soon. It’s Wisconsin – enjoy what weather you can, while you can. Supraliminal!

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Monday, March 19, 2012


From the JTI email:


"On March 21, 2012, at the Kenosha County Courthouse, 912 56th. St, Kenosha, WI., starting at approx. 12:30p.m., there will be a Rally by Citizens United For Personal Responsibility and Government Accountability. The Racine Wolf Man will be there along with Wayne Clingman, who is producing a Russ Meyer Tribute film in Racine, Go Go Girls Vs the Nazis | Facebook which incorporates elements from 'actual events' involving current City of Racine elected officials.

"The Rally is to raise awareness that while John T. Dickert, current Mayor of the City of Racine, is being sued for an Intentional Tort by fired former City of Racine employee William Bielefeldt; it is the Taxpayers and Residents of Racine who are being forced to pay for John T. Dickerts Mouth. See Racine County Case No. 2011CV001078, William Bielefeldt vs. John T. Dickert et al.

"After the Rally, action will continue in Judge Bruce E. Schroeder’s Courtroom, Branch 3, Courtroom 203, for a Motion Hearing at 2:00p.m.

"Please join us and demand that Government Officials who act out on their personal time are forced to personally pay the price for their misdeeds, NOT the Taxpayers and Residents!"


Useless Information

Did you know:

The Unabomber got his name from the words universities and airplanes.

The FBI use the “UN” from university, “A” from airplanes and Bom from bomber.

All day...

sorry saw it on FB and thought I'd share it.. I love Hoops and Yoyo

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

"Индусы жрут лампы! О_оГг .mp4"

I received the above in an email from another friend today.  I get so much of this stuff that it reminds me of the workings of my brain. I consider myself a child of the Internet because it's just as nuts out here as it is between my ears. :-D

Btw, I didn't even watch the whole video.  Too long for my attention span.  I figured by the end, they must be shooting at each other.


From Timt49:

I don't have to search the net for this stuff, it comes to me.

Thanks, Tim.

"Vytautas Mineral Water! It's Earth's Juice!"

Vytautas Mineral Water comes from Lithuania. I'm 1/4 Lithuanian. Enough said.