Wednesday, September 25, 2013

"So if the vote was actually 8-6 for a 'NO' vote, why are we voting again?"

From Racine Community Media:

"Why was voting on the sale of the Indian Burial Mounds to the Maresh-Meredith Family such a big confusion, and why was voting done more than once? Why all of the confusion and problems? They just can’t seem to get the desired result. Judge for yourself and decide if something seems a bit out of order here. The vote was actually 8-6 AGAINST the sale of the indian burial ground!! But had to be changed to allow the Mayor to cast his deciding vote. (PART 5)"

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Racine Community Media has been covering the sordid affair of Dickert's dealings with the Racine Cemetery Commission and the Meredith family.  As the above video illustrates, lying John is bold as brass.  He doesn't care about the rules at all anymore and he doesn't care who knows it.  He didn't like the vote, so he just changed it to make it a tie, enabling him to vote the tie-breaker.  As I understand it, minutes from that Common Council meeting have been "revised."  Welcome to George Orwell's warning come true.


Anonymous said...

What can you buy in Downtown Racine?

ELECTIONS! and VOTES! That is what is actually bought and sold in Downtown Racine.

People with a social conscience need to consider avoiding Downtown Racine and not spending one penny down there. The Downtown Bar Owners have showed that they are no friends of the hard-working and large number of unemployed people in the City by supporting Mayor John DIckert and his wealth transfer schemes that have only resulted in friends and family receiving rigged and preferred contracts, taxpayer funds, Team Porters, etc. etc.

Please DO NOT PATRONIZE: MARESH-MEREDITH & ACKLAM Funeral Home, Any of Joey LeGath’s Bars (Joey’s), the Peg & Lou’s chain of bars, the McAuliffe bars in Downtown Racine and Georgetown, The bars of Doug Nicholson – ENVI, Ivanhoe and the Carriage House Liquor Co., Michigan Pub, Copacetic, or Osterman Granite and Marble.

There Comes A Time!

Neil Young

IF you have a social conscience, Please - do no business in Downtown Racine -


Tin soldiers and Dickert's coming,
We're finally on our own.
This summer I hear the drumming,
Jobs are dead in Racine -i-o-.

It's a matter of social conscience.

Please don't patronize MARESH-MEREDITH & ACKLAM Funeral Home.

Anonymous said...

Maybe its time to do no shopping in Downtown Racine

Anonymous said...

YES. It's time for people with good character and conscience to refuse to do business with the soul-sucking beast that is Downtown Racine and Mayor John Dickert.

It's self-preservation and natural.

Just say NO! to Downtown Racine.

Anonymous said...

This makes Racine look like a horrible place that is willing to sell its soul for a lousy $16,000.

This is insulting to the entire community. If Racine wasn't already cursed, it will be now.

These corrupt businesses should be ran out of town along with the people who voted for this.

How much did he get in campaign contributions for this?

Anonymous said...

There needs to be an outside investigation. Imagine what happens behind closed doors with this moron! This is really pathetic and the Merideths and Dickert should be ashamed and yes, they will be cursed.

Anonymous said...

CBS 58 aired the story:

Controversey over historic Racine cemetery

While Lying John hotly contests the $300,000 figure for the value of the land being sold for $16,000 - in the video interview he goes on to say, starting around the 1:47 mark: "If we were looking to build crypts all over the cemetery we could make millions of dollars. The problem is that we are not selling the ones we have."

Millions of dollars? The much-ballyhood developer and realtor Lying' John is going to pass up on a deal to make millions?

Diagnosis: Delusions of Grandeur and a pathological liar.

Understand what a pathological liar is. Basically, a pathological liar is someone who tells lies habitually, chronically and compulsively. It has simply become a way of life for this person, to make up things for a variety of reasons and eventually, the truth becomes uncomfortable while weaving whoppers feels right to them.

Anonymous said...

Is Mayor John Dickert a Pathological Liar?

Mayor John Dickert

kkdither said...

I turned up the volume to listen. DeHahn changed his vote. If he were my alderman, I'd wonder, and probably ask why that vote was changed. Peer pressure? Coersion?

Anonymous said...

KK Dither - Thank you for the enlightenment. I could not put the voice to a face.

We must wonder why. That is interesting and you bring up some important points for further consideration.

Anonymous said...

Ray DeHahn changed his vote because the Mayor and Greg Helding were so adamant about pushing this through that they bullied him into changing his vote.

DeHahn has never voted against the Mayor. He believes that the Mayor is his boss, not the people he represents.

This is like cheating at poker where players tip their hand, and then scam the table by working together.

The community should be outraged, and Dickert, Helding and DeHahn should all be removed from office and held accountable for their corrupt actions.