Saturday, September 28, 2013

Open Blog - Weekend



OrbsCorbs said...

"Eenie meenie chili beanie, the spirits are about to speak."

They say, "Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!"

lizardmom said...

ooo, can I make mean people disappear?? can I , can I, please?? :)

kkdither said...

I believe in Mary Worth.

OKIE said...

OMG, Thanks Orbs for a dinner idea for tonight. Chili. We started out at 75 and with the storms it is now 61. No complaints.

Have a great day everyone. Oops, I just read KK's. Haven't heard that one in a while.

Why Not? said...

It's been winter here for over a week.. It's too early.. According to the rönnbär on the trees it's going to be a hard winter.. Seriously if anyone has a few thousand dollars just lying around I could certainly use an all expenses paid sunny vacation.. I suppose the kids could come too..

We have at last all of the winter clothes purchased for the girls.. Now just to scrape the money together so toff and I don't freeze.. Maybe we can borrow some stuff from the girls..

My workplace has started up a walking campaign.. They gave each of us a pedometer and we are to record how many steps a day we take.. The last 3 days I have logged around 45 000 steps not too bad but I'm still being spanked by a few of my workmates.. Gotta step it up a notch..

Anyways.. Gotta get to bed here.. It's late and the girls still want us to wake up with the roosters..

BL Basketcase said...

Mary... I thought the same thing when I read kk's blog. It is sure a good thing she did not say it three times.

But then she is supposed to appear...not make others disappear,
like Jimmy Hoffa.

kkdither said...

Chili in the pan and smelling spicy and great! Oh, the limitless power of Irregular suggestion.

BLB: I knew better than to repeat it 3 times. I've been to enough slumber parties.

MinnesotaChick said...

Spent the last couple days in central WI. Beautiful drive this time of year. Had good weather, but rain Sat afternoon and night. Kinda killed my chance for a campfire with Dad.
We did hit a good perch dinner Friday night! So guess I am satisfied for awhile...
Hope everyone had a great weekend!