Sunday, September 29, 2013

"Subject: 1423 State St ( Former Cruise Inn)"

From Racine Communicator:

Subject: 1423 State St ( Former Cruise Inn) 

"The City is making 2 lots out of the former Cruise Inn. Which one of Dickert's buddys is going to get the Bar, Fully stocked I might add."

"(Direct Referral) Review of a Certified Survey Map for 1423 State Street.

"Assistant Director Sadowski presented the request for the certified survey map, indicating that this request was previously in front of the Plan Commission as part of a vacation of an alley for the State Street Train Station/Transit Center. An overview of the proposal was provided, including the general location, proposed boundaries, surrounding land uses, and the three parcels involved in the creation of the two-parcel certified survey map.

"Lot one of the proposal will encompass a building, formerly the Cruise Inn; and lot two takes into account the west platform area of the railroad station. There is also a cross-access easement proposed to provide access to parking. There are several small discrepancies that need to be addressed and will be prior to recording.

"A motion was made by Commissioner Sutton Ekes, seconded by Alderman Wiser, to recommend approval of the certified survey map for 1423 State Street, subject to Staff conditions. The motion PASSED by a Voice Vote."

I remember reading about Becker going to the Cruise Inn regularly and threatening the owner with non-renewal of his license.  The city wanted the property badly because this was when they thought KRM was going to save our butts by stopping at the old station.


Toad said...

I watched the video, but don't understand how the owner of the bar lost It? I kind of understand the 2 lot idea, but don't understand, what happened to the bar building, and who Is going to get It?

legal stranger said...

I agree Toad, the video doesn't tell the story. The video is ramblings.

legal stranger said...
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