Sunday, December 9, 2018

Dear Village Trustees,

Wisconsin Residents just don’t realize how badly they have been 
scammed by the Republicans and Fox-Scam, and they should be 
First, Foxconn said it would build a 10 Gen manufacturing facility – 
but when Corning Glass didn’t agree to build a plant next door – it is 
a requirement…. well, that plan got kicked to the curb. Note: Corning 
Glass IS building the required facility in China. 
Second, Foxconn admitted it didn’t realize that Wisconsin workers 
needed to be paid more than the $2.50 per day that they pay Chinese 
and Indian workers at their respective manufacturing facilities there. 
In addition, the workers work 12 hour shifts and sleep in dorms at 
those manufacturing facilities! 
Then Foxconn said it would produce 6.5 Gen screens in MTP – but would 
heavily rely on robots and Chinese H1B employees. Later on, in a 
meeting with the head of the Racine Water Utility, Keith Haas, Foxconn 
couldn’t even give an answer to what they would produce at the 
proposed manufacturing facility! 
Now – in Lame Duck session: 
WEDC would use audit spot checks, business owners’ word to verify job 
creation under lame-duck bill 
MADISON – The state’s jobs agency would rely on a business owner’s 
word and outside audits of a portion of businesses receiving taxpayer 
funds to confirm jobs are being created under the state’s tax credit 
programs, rather than independently verifying all promised jobs, under 
the lame-duck action by lawmakers this week. 
Tucked inside a bill passed early Wednesday as part of a legislative 
session called before Gov. Scott Walker leaves office is a provision 
repealing a requirement that the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. 
verify information submitted to the Department of Revenue and WEDC by 
companies before providing them tax credits in exchange for jobs. The 
bill was passed after an all-night session mainly out of the public’s 
The proposed change comes after the agency has sought to overcome past 
criticism over a poor track record in verifying the money businesses 
get is actually resulting in new jobs in Wisconsin. 
This is an incredible *OUTRAGE*! 
And don’t forget – that under Cap and Trade – Foxconn will be able to 
sell it’s pollution credits! Pollution credits with lax guidelines and 
little to no oversight given away by Cathy Stepp who is a former City 
of Racine Developer, and DNR head under Scott Walker! 
Cathy Stepp serves as the Regional Administrator for EPA Region 5. Her 
responsibilities include overseeing environmental protection efforts 
in the Great Lakes states of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, 
Ohio and Wisconsin, as well as 35 federally recognized tribal 
governments. One of her roles is manager of EPA Great Lakes National 
Program, in which she leads restoration and protection of the largest 
freshwater system in the world. Before joining Region 5, she was 
principal deputy regional administrator for EPA Region 7. 
Ms. Stepp served as the secretary of the Wisconsin Department of 
Natural Resources from 2011 to 2017. As state cabinet secretary, she 
led the third largest state agency with about 4,000 employees and was 
responsible for state enforcement and protection of wildlife, 
fisheries, state parks, trails, forests and environmental permitting. 
Ms. Stepp also served as a Wisconsin state senator from 2003 to 2007, 
where she represented nearly 160,000 constituents and authored and 
advanced legislation on regulatory reform, job creation and other 
issues. Prior to entering public service, Ms. Stepp owned a small 
business, a home-building company. 
The Walker/Vos whirlwind of lies and deception is about to destroy SE 
WI. Lax oversight of the multi-billion dollar give-away is just a 
another feature of the Fox-Scam. Foxconn will sell those pollution 
credits and let Beijing China choke in the smog! Better them than 
Better have that Plan "B" (as in Bankruptcy) ready when the Fox-Scam 
doesn't materialize to "Save the Day"! 
Tim & Cindy 
PS: Our congratulations to Foxconn CEO Terry Gou - who proved that 
Corporate Greed and endless devotion to Industrial Civilization would 
ultimately lead to collapse. 

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