Saturday, December 22, 2018

Harmon Settlement

Dear City of Racine Alderpersons - 
Yet another OUTRAGE! 
Approved by the Common Council.... 
 Reports have it the Harmons will receive a pittance amount for the 
wrongful death of their dog while the two law firms representing the 
plaintiff and the city will cash in on a sweet Sugar coated deal, each 
netting around $200,000.00 (two hundred thousand dollars each). 
Estimates exceeding $400.000.00 (four hundred thousand dollars) to 
settle the claim has been discussed and is in the works. 
The pitance amount the Harmons will receive will be less than 
$12,000.00 (twelve thousand dollars) for the wrongful death of their 
dog, that amount includes pain, suffering, humiliation and civil 
rights violations they endured. 
+$400,000.00 dollars to the flea bag attorneys 
for processing paper. 
- $12,000.00 to the victims of the crime. 
This is how injustice* is rammed up the ass of 
 citizens in Racine county. 
We ask  the following of 
City Attorney Scott Letteney; 
Is this your sick sense of justice, 
$400,00.00 dollars to the attorneys? 
From the Racine Journal Times: 
"It is far better to put this case behind us all, in return for this 
fair settlement, than to allow the case to be a distraction."...Scott 
Let's see how this settlement works out: 
Approximately 97.5 % of the payout goes to the attorneys and 2.5% goes 
to the victims of the crime. Letteney has the audacity to call this a 
fair settlement. 
You may read more here: 
One outrage after another! 
When will it end? 
Tim & Cindy 

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sounds about right.