Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Fox Scam

Dear City of Racine Alderpersons, 
When Mayor Cory Mason (D) - who has expanded the Mayor's office to 5 - 
which the Common Council recently approved - in spite of my 
objection.... acts in lock-step with out going and lame duck Governor 
Scott Walker and Robin Vos -  to approve the questionably legal 
Foxconn legislation and actions - "for the better good" he threw his 
cards in with Robin Vos, Scott Walker and the R's. 
Then retired RPD Police Officers  - double dippers every one of 'em  - 
show up in governing bodies of one sort of another. 
Wahlen and Wangaard come immediately to mind. 
A Better Mount Pleasant sends: 
So much to unpack in this article about how a prepackaged Foxconn deal 
was rammed through Mount Pleasant headed by David DeGroot for Village 
President with only days on the job and a massive crush on both Scott 
Walker and Donald Trump. Not only did he not know enough to even ask 
questions - he wouldn't have dared to upset his political idols. 
On a personal level, however... 
This is a guy who sent out a press release which alleged I egged his 
house - and even though the police report identifies the suspects as 
four teenagers - he still maintains it could have been a political 
attack. A single egg on his driveway. 
This is a guy who said I used a profanity - repeatedly - during public 
comments at a village meeting, which he admits he didn't hear. The 
reason? Because I didn't. That didn't stop him from trying to ban me 
from speaking ever again until I submitted a written and oral apology 
to him first. Yes, Ew. 
This is a guy who after he was censured for his actions against me (as 
well as another resident and a village trustee whom he both threatened 
to have removed by the police) began wildly ramping up the rhetoric on 
the abusive hate website created to intimidate, humiliate and sexually 
harass me and other trustees. 
This website tried to have me removed from a community board of 
directors, insinuated I was having extramarital affairs, announced a 
fake meeting using my home address, and then someone associated with 
it followed me to a restaurant and wrote about what I ate and where I 
Because I have the audacity to ask questions and expect accountability 
from my local government. Because - every so often - I am right and 
people agree with me. Because I had the nerve to support candidates 
for election David DeGroot and his friends opposed. 
This isn't about the intrigues of local government and personality 
clashes. It's about shutting me up and shutting down any effort to 
question or criticize our local officials - by anyone. 
This effort continues still by Village Hall staff who quietly solicit 
my friends for assistance. 
There has been, and still is, little disagreement that these actions 
are disgusting, and at times, have been very frightening to me. 
However, what it more frightening is that our village could be facing 
two more years of this kind of embarrassment, incompetence and 
For people who have tried to appeal for help from their village, who 
are facing eminent domain actions, who feel they have been mistreated, 
who are concerned about their property taxes, about flooding and host 
of other issues - my personal complaints are trivial and utterly 
However, when the right to voice your opinion is intentionally 
subverted through the means we have seen employed by our Village 
President - unfettered and unchecked by his colleagues - we are all in 
a lot of trouble. 
See also: https://journaltimes.com/news/local/national-podcast-dives-into-foxconn-debate/article_593715f7-d2df-5616-874d-270781c7cd5b.html#comments
Cindy and I agree with the conclusion - that we are all in trouble.... 
as Foxconn - in a recent meeting with City of Racine Water Utility 
Manager Keith Haas - could not identify any products which it intended 
to produce at the Mount Pleasant, WI facility currently under 
Its all a lie. 
Time to stop committing financial crimes against the hard working 
people of the City. 
Time to Stop. PERIOD. 
And stop bowing down to the demands of Property Tax Cheat Mayor Elect 
(or NOT!) Cory Mason... 
Tim & Cindy 

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TSE said...

The taxpayers will be bled white - and then the corpses will be beaten!

We're back to the days of Vlad the Impaler......