Tuesday, December 11, 2018

A Better Mount Pleasant Sends:

No surprise here: 
Pinnamaneni’s interview with economist Swenson reveals his view that 
the village is “betting the future of the town with money they don’t 
have, assuming technology that they don’t understand and benefits that 
are going to be distributed widely but not necessarily in their 
community. That’s a fool’s bet.” 
By contrast, in the interview with David DeGroot, the Village 
President offers a childlike exuberance for the deal, offering little 
understanding of the impact on residents or potential financial 
Regarding his local delegation trip to Osaka, Japan, DeGroot says, 
“I’ve seen the future, and it’s coming to Mount Pleasant.” DeGroot 
describes the Japanese factory by saying, “It was big. It was massive. 
There’s, there’s robots that are absolutely ginormous.” 

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TSE said...

MTP President David DeGroot displays the IQ of a TWO year old child!

"It's ginormous"