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Caelan MacIntyre says:  
12/08/2018 at 8:46 pm  
KunstlerCast 310 — With Shaun Chamberlain, Editor of the Late David 
Fleming’s Book “Lean Logic” 
    “Shaun Chamb: ‘If you take our present society and you plugged 
into it some perfect energy source– you know– cold fusion or whatever– 
and it’s got no pollution concerns and… no limitations on supply, you 
absolutely don’t get a sustainable society, you get a great economy 
that can then grow even faster and cause all the destruction that it’s 
causing even faster… 
    JHK: ‘Ya, it’s like pouring sugar into a yeast jar…’ 
    SC: ‘So… the key to the energy issue was demand reduction… We need 
to stop looking at the supply side and squeezing ever more out of the 
planet, ultimately… We need to learn how to adjust our energy needs to 
our energy availability and that was why he… came up with this idea of 
essentially energy rationing…’ “ 
Death of a Resumé 
    Financial markets are closed today for Bush’s funeral, which Trump 
will attend. 
    Everyone who is anyone in the Deep State, Military, Intelligence, 
Corporatocracy, Entertainment, Academia, and extortion racket known as 
Politics and Government will be there. Only a country that’s 
completely corrupted by the scourge of all-powerful government would 
put up with this farce. What does it say about a country that not just 
puts up with it, but embraces it? 
    Power is what George Herbert Walker Bush and the entire Bush clan 
craved, sought, and attained. It requires only one episode in Bush’s 
“illustrious” career to demonstrate what that pursuit did to the man, 
and what it’s done to his country… 
    Taxes are everywhere and always the key issue in the political 
firmament. Ask Emmanuel Macron, the first in what will be a long line 
of politicians dealing with tax revolts. 
    When a government has first claim on income and those who earned 
it are entitled only to a residual—or nothing at all—politics becomes 
a scabrous scrum, divvying up the loot. There is no middle ground on 
taxes. You either own your own life and what you produce or the 
government does. Any ‘compromise’ is the government taking a little 
less than it wants to take, which is everything. 
    To allay the suspicions, Bush said, ‘Read my lips, no new taxes.’. 
Bush had no principled objection to the income tax—nobody in 
Washington does—but saying he wouldn’t raise them helped him get 
elected. Bush was pragmatic, Washington-speak for unprincipled. 
Washington is the world capital of pragmatic. You go nowhere in that 
cesspool if you’re not pragmatic. Coercive power, its stock in trade, 
is always unprincipled. When coercion and violence are your means, 
your announced ends are only mendacious cover for your essential 
    Bush reneged on his promise… 
    As the deaths of McCain and Bush sickeningly demonstrate, the 
devotion to power wins Washington’s highest honors and accolades. It 
is the root of evil and it has led the US down the path of debt, 
destruction, death, and ruin. There is no middle ground between 
freedom and voluntary interaction on the one hand and coercion and 
violence on the other. To seek the middle ground is to choose the 
    That is the most important lesson from the life of George Herbert 
Walker Bush, and the most important thing that can be said upon his 

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