Sunday, December 9, 2018

No More Secret Courts

Dear City of Racine Alderpersons, 
It is time to end the lies and deception which City of Racine bathes in.... 
From the Journal Sentinel: 
The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, other news media and open government 
groups have won the right to challenge a Racine County judge's 
decision to seal the entire file of an alderman's public records case. 
A three-judge panel of the District II Court of Appeals this week 
ordered Racine County Circuit Judge Eugene Gasiorkiewicz to "determine 
which specific documents" from the record, "if any," should remain 
blocked from public view, including the docket listing pleadings, 
orders and hearings. 
The appellate court order notes that Gasiorkiewicz had sealed the 
whole court record before deciding some documents in the underlying 
action were privileged and some were not. 
"It appears to this court that the circuit court's order sealing the 
entire record is, at the very least, broader than necessary to protect 
the interests at stake, given the presumption of openness in public 
Once the case returns to the Court of Appeals, the City of Racine, the 
original plaintiff Sandra Weidner, an alderman there, and the news 
media will have 30 days to file briefs. 
Secret court proceedings, connected Insiders deciding what is public 
and private - it is WRONG!  Especially when it involves taxpayer money 
- aka co-mingled funds - ALL OF US TOGETHER - THIS PRACTICE MUST END! 
Today - Insider, Bankster, and well connected  French President Macron 
got the Revolution he predicted: 
Update3: As the evening wore on, French officials said that 125,000 
protesters took to the streets during "Act IV" of the Yellow Vest 
anti-government demonstrations, with 10,000 protesting in Paris. In 
total, 1,385 people were arrested amid an incredibly heavy police 
17 members of French law enforcement and over 100 protesters were 
injured, including a man whose hand was blown off after reportedly 
picking up a grenade fired by police. 
Arab Spring - European Winter - American Awakening! 
It is a TRAVESTY that the Common Council locked steps with property 
tax cheat Cory Mason - and now there are 5 "Administrators" in the 
Mayor's office at Taxpayers expense. 
Just say NO! to Corporate Fascism and the Blue Fist Looting of the Belle City! 
And ... *FIRE* City of Racine Attorney Scott Letteney and his entire staff! 
It is time to clean house! 
Tim & Cindy 
No more Tyrants 

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