Saturday, December 15, 2018

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Vive La France!

Bare-Breasted 'Mariannes' Face Off With French Police; Tear Gas, 
Pepper Spray Used On Protesting Yellow Vests 
Week five of Yellow Vest demonstrations turned violent after 
protesters in Paris began to scuffle with police. 
Just under 70,000 police have been mobilized across France in an 
effort to contain some 33,500 estimated protesters - a much lower 
turnout than in previous weeks, while the Yellow Vest movement itself 
has spread to several countries across Europe, as well as Iraq, Israel 
and even Canada. 
Meanwhile, in stark contrast to the bright yellow vests worn by most 
protesters - a groupd of half-naked women posing as Marianne, the 
Goddess of Liberty and a symbol of French patriotism, have faced off 
with police in Paris. 
Donning blood-red hoodies and coated in silver paint, the women paid 
homage to the French revolutionary hero on Champs-Élysées avenue on 
Saturday in a silent demonstration. 
Seven people in total have died during the Yellow Vest demonstrations, 
which has gone from a fuel tax protest to an anti-government movement. 
    "Last time, we were here for taxes," said 28-year-old called 
Jeremy told the AFP news agency. 
    "This is for the institutions - we want more direct democracy," he 
said, adding that people needed to "shout to make themselves heard".

Damn the Torpedos - FULL SPEED AHEAD!

Slash thinks rock music has been "dull and boring" for the last decade.

The Guns n' Roses guitarist believes commercial forces had a negative 
impact on the genre as bands were pressured into making their songs 
radio friendly rather than doing something new and exciting, prompting 
fans to find what they're looking for in other genres such as rap and 
He told Billboard Radio China: "When Velvet Revolver came out, there 
was definitely a movement that started in the early to mid-'90s that 
held up all the way through the end of that decade and went into the 
millennium. And so we came out and there was tons of new rock and roll 
bands. And they weren't 'nu metal' and they weren't indie bands, but 
there was definitely this kind of indie-esque feel to them. 
"And I think one of the reasons that Velvet Revolver was as successful 
as it was had a lot to do with [singer] Scott Weiland, because he was 
still a holdover from that kind of thing, with Stone Temple Pilots, 
that came from the '90s and blah blah blah. Anyway, but it was all 
"And then, as we got down the line, it seemed that rock sort of got... 
More than anything, the commercial approach to rock and roll that the 
industry forces on bands, or forces people to think that this is how 
they have to go about it to succeed, and it just turns into this 
generic mishmosh that manages to get on the radio but doesn't really 
turn anybody on, and it's just dull and boring and people start 
looking elsewhere."

Boss Vos is a Threat to Democracy and Must be Tossed Next Election!

The Republithugs Act Out to Knee-Cap Incoming Governor Tony Evers! It 
is Another OUTRAGE! 
From the JT: 
Local legislators split upon party lines regarding reaction’s to 
outgoing Gov. Scott Walker signing the controversial 
extraordinary-session bills in Green Bay on Friday, less than a month 
before he leaves office. 
The bills were passed in an extraordinary session in which Democrats 
argued that the legislation reduces powers of the governor and 
attorney general. In November, Democrat Tony Evers defeated Republican 
Walker, and Democrat Josh Kaul defeated incumbent Republican Attorney 
General Brad Schimel. 
Republicans have argued that the legislation does not reduce the power 
of the governor but rather makes the State Legislature a more equal 
branch of government.

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Then I end up in jail.

Friday, December 14, 2018

Four for Fridays!

Good morning everyone I hope your week is going good. I am here finishing my Christmas cookies so I can get them delivered to everyone. I have about seven for batches to get done. Here are your questions.

1) Have you finished your Christmas shopping?

2) Do you do your shopping online or in the stores?

3) Have you been out to Candy Cane Lane to look at the Christmas lights?

4) Do you dress up for Christmas?

Have a great weekend and enjoy the weather!

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Glug, glug, glug.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Pearls Before Swine

News media wins right to challenge open records case seal

  • Racine County Circuit Court Judge Eugene Gasiorkiewicz presides over the initial hearing for Alderman Sandy Weidner's contempt of court case at the Racine County Courthouse on Sept. 25. On Dec. 5, the Court of Appeals ruled that Gasiorkiewicz must decide which documents should remain sealed and which should be opened to the pubic after news media brought about a challenge to the decision to seal the case and triumphed.

    RACINE — The Wisconsin Court of Appeals recently made a decision that could at least partially lift the veil of secrecy regarding an open-records case filed by Racine Alderman Sandy Weidner that was completely sealed to the public.
    On Wednesday, Dec. 5, the Court of Appeals ruled that Racine County Circuit Court Judge Eugene Gasiorkiewicz should determine which specific documents involving the case, if any, should remain sealed.
    The motion to challenge the case’s seal was brought by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, USA Today Network-Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Freedom of Information Council, the Wisconsin Newspaper Association and the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association.
    “The reasoning behind the seal orders and open-records decision remains unknown to the public. Indeed, all pleadings are under seal, and even the docket is unavailable for viewing by order of Judge Gasiorkiewicz,” the motion stated.
    The City of Racine opposed the motion. However, the Court of Appeals agreed that news media had the right to challenge the seal.

    Read more:

    What a waste of resources.  Eugene and the bearded lady must go!

    Dear Madame Zoltar

    Hello to all you Christmas elves!  How are you?   Well, I'd say we have a good chance of a white Christmas considering we had a white Thanksgiving.  When winters begin this early, they never pay off in the end.  Instead of stopping early, winter just drags on and on  I hate winter!

    What the heck is going on with the Packers?  Firing Mike McCarthy is one of the stupidest things that they could do.  Did Aaron Rodgers can him?  If the Packers played better this past weekend than the previous one, it's because they have the fear of God in them now.  If McCarthy can be sacked, anybody could go.  So everyone plays a little harder.When you're up against a team like the Atlanta Falcons, it shows.  Let's see what the Chicago Bears do with such sn attitudr.  I predict another loss in Soldier Field.

    The Irregular Football League is already in playoffs.  Here's this week's standings:

     My team and Mr. OrbsCorbs' team were eliminated in the quarterfinal.  Boo!  Hiss!  However, we face each other in a fifth place game.  Watch out, Mr. OrbsCorbs, I'll cloud your mind.

    Foxconn fever continues to grip the area.  All the empty buildings in downtown and vivinity have been bought, with the idea of transforming them into housing.  And then, of course, is the development on the old Walker Mfg. site.  It will be very intereting to see how all of this plays out.  Is it, "build it and they will come," or do you wait for possible tenants?    I have no idea.  I just don't feel sure in Foxconn's commitment to the area.  They've burned others. . .

    How about them dirty rats moving to the legislature most of powers Governor Walker enjoyed?  What obvious corruption.  Everyone involved should be punished, starting with the Gov himself.  It's difficult to believe how nasty politics has become.  If you have the slightest blemish on your record, forget running for anything.

    Señor Zanza and Junior have decorted our home.  It's beautiful.  Either Zanza or Junior has an artistic bent to him.  Check Junior's room if you think it's him. My boys spoil me by decorating the house and shoveling the sidewalk.

    I hope that you have someone to share this special time with.  I love all of my readers and I love you.

    Try to enjoy this time of year.  Ignore the hassles with others and live Christmas in your heart. Remember what Christmas is all about.  The decorations and all are very pretty, but they're not what Jesus saw when born in a manger.  Give love for Christmas.  Give of yourself.
    Please donate: 
    If you don't like PayPal, send me a note at and I'll send you my street address so you can send a check or money order.  Thank you.

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    Halfway there.

    Tuesday, December 11, 2018

    A Better Mount Pleasant Sends:

    No surprise here: 
    Pinnamaneni’s interview with economist Swenson reveals his view that 
    the village is “betting the future of the town with money they don’t 
    have, assuming technology that they don’t understand and benefits that 
    are going to be distributed widely but not necessarily in their 
    community. That’s a fool’s bet.” 
    By contrast, in the interview with David DeGroot, the Village 
    President offers a childlike exuberance for the deal, offering little 
    understanding of the impact on residents or potential financial 
    Regarding his local delegation trip to Osaka, Japan, DeGroot says, 
    “I’ve seen the future, and it’s coming to Mount Pleasant.” DeGroot 
    describes the Japanese factory by saying, “It was big. It was massive. 
    There’s, there’s robots that are absolutely ginormous.” 

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    Have a good one.

    Monday, December 10, 2018


    A battery made of molten metals

    New battery may offer low-cost, long-lasting storage for the grid.

    A novel rechargeable battery developed at MIT could one day play a critical role in the massive expansion of solar generation needed to mitigate climate change by midcentury. Designed to store energy on the electric grid, the high-capacity battery consists of molten metals that naturally separate to form two electrodes in layers on either side of the molten salt electrolyte between them. Tests with cells made of low-cost, Earth-abundant materials confirm that the liquid battery operates efficiently without losing significant capacity or mechanically degrading — common problems in today’s batteries with solid electrodes. The MIT researchers have already demonstrated a simple, low-cost process for manufacturing prototypes of their battery, and future plans call for field tests on small-scale power grids that include intermittent generating sources such as solar and wind.

    Read more:

    Open Blog - Monday

    Oh yeah.

    Sunday, December 9, 2018

    No More Secret Courts

    Dear City of Racine Alderpersons, 
    It is time to end the lies and deception which City of Racine bathes in.... 
    From the Journal Sentinel: 
    The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, other news media and open government 
    groups have won the right to challenge a Racine County judge's 
    decision to seal the entire file of an alderman's public records case. 
    A three-judge panel of the District II Court of Appeals this week 
    ordered Racine County Circuit Judge Eugene Gasiorkiewicz to "determine 
    which specific documents" from the record, "if any," should remain 
    blocked from public view, including the docket listing pleadings, 
    orders and hearings. 
    The appellate court order notes that Gasiorkiewicz had sealed the 
    whole court record before deciding some documents in the underlying 
    action were privileged and some were not. 
    "It appears to this court that the circuit court's order sealing the 
    entire record is, at the very least, broader than necessary to protect 
    the interests at stake, given the presumption of openness in public 
    Once the case returns to the Court of Appeals, the City of Racine, the 
    original plaintiff Sandra Weidner, an alderman there, and the news 
    media will have 30 days to file briefs. 
    Secret court proceedings, connected Insiders deciding what is public 
    and private - it is WRONG!  Especially when it involves taxpayer money 
    - aka co-mingled funds - ALL OF US TOGETHER - THIS PRACTICE MUST END! 
    Today - Insider, Bankster, and well connected  French President Macron 
    got the Revolution he predicted: 
    Update3: As the evening wore on, French officials said that 125,000 
    protesters took to the streets during "Act IV" of the Yellow Vest 
    anti-government demonstrations, with 10,000 protesting in Paris. In 
    total, 1,385 people were arrested amid an incredibly heavy police 
    17 members of French law enforcement and over 100 protesters were 
    injured, including a man whose hand was blown off after reportedly 
    picking up a grenade fired by police. 
    Arab Spring - European Winter - American Awakening! 
    It is a TRAVESTY that the Common Council locked steps with property 
    tax cheat Cory Mason - and now there are 5 "Administrators" in the 
    Mayor's office at Taxpayers expense. 
    Just say NO! to Corporate Fascism and the Blue Fist Looting of the Belle City! 
    And ... *FIRE* City of Racine Attorney Scott Letteney and his entire staff! 
    It is time to clean house! 
    Tim & Cindy 
    No more Tyrants 

    News media win the right to challenge secret Racine County case, appeals court rules

    From JSOnline:

    Dear Village Trustees,

    Wisconsin Residents just don’t realize how badly they have been 
    scammed by the Republicans and Fox-Scam, and they should be 
    First, Foxconn said it would build a 10 Gen manufacturing facility – 
    but when Corning Glass didn’t agree to build a plant next door – it is 
    a requirement…. well, that plan got kicked to the curb. Note: Corning 
    Glass IS building the required facility in China. 
    Second, Foxconn admitted it didn’t realize that Wisconsin workers 
    needed to be paid more than the $2.50 per day that they pay Chinese 
    and Indian workers at their respective manufacturing facilities there. 
    In addition, the workers work 12 hour shifts and sleep in dorms at 
    those manufacturing facilities! 
    Then Foxconn said it would produce 6.5 Gen screens in MTP – but would 
    heavily rely on robots and Chinese H1B employees. Later on, in a 
    meeting with the head of the Racine Water Utility, Keith Haas, Foxconn 
    couldn’t even give an answer to what they would produce at the 
    proposed manufacturing facility! 
    Now – in Lame Duck session: 
    WEDC would use audit spot checks, business owners’ word to verify job 
    creation under lame-duck bill 
    MADISON – The state’s jobs agency would rely on a business owner’s 
    word and outside audits of a portion of businesses receiving taxpayer 
    funds to confirm jobs are being created under the state’s tax credit 
    programs, rather than independently verifying all promised jobs, under 
    the lame-duck action by lawmakers this week. 
    Tucked inside a bill passed early Wednesday as part of a legislative 
    session called before Gov. Scott Walker leaves office is a provision 
    repealing a requirement that the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. 
    verify information submitted to the Department of Revenue and WEDC by 
    companies before providing them tax credits in exchange for jobs. The 
    bill was passed after an all-night session mainly out of the public’s 
    The proposed change comes after the agency has sought to overcome past 
    criticism over a poor track record in verifying the money businesses 
    get is actually resulting in new jobs in Wisconsin. 
    This is an incredible *OUTRAGE*! 
    And don’t forget – that under Cap and Trade – Foxconn will be able to 
    sell it’s pollution credits! Pollution credits with lax guidelines and 
    little to no oversight given away by Cathy Stepp who is a former City 
    of Racine Developer, and DNR head under Scott Walker! 
    Cathy Stepp serves as the Regional Administrator for EPA Region 5. Her 
    responsibilities include overseeing environmental protection efforts 
    in the Great Lakes states of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, 
    Ohio and Wisconsin, as well as 35 federally recognized tribal 
    governments. One of her roles is manager of EPA Great Lakes National 
    Program, in which she leads restoration and protection of the largest 
    freshwater system in the world. Before joining Region 5, she was 
    principal deputy regional administrator for EPA Region 7. 
    Ms. Stepp served as the secretary of the Wisconsin Department of 
    Natural Resources from 2011 to 2017. As state cabinet secretary, she 
    led the third largest state agency with about 4,000 employees and was 
    responsible for state enforcement and protection of wildlife, 
    fisheries, state parks, trails, forests and environmental permitting. 
    Ms. Stepp also served as a Wisconsin state senator from 2003 to 2007, 
    where she represented nearly 160,000 constituents and authored and 
    advanced legislation on regulatory reform, job creation and other 
    issues. Prior to entering public service, Ms. Stepp owned a small 
    business, a home-building company. 
    The Walker/Vos whirlwind of lies and deception is about to destroy SE 
    WI. Lax oversight of the multi-billion dollar give-away is just a 
    another feature of the Fox-Scam. Foxconn will sell those pollution 
    credits and let Beijing China choke in the smog! Better them than 
    Better have that Plan "B" (as in Bankruptcy) ready when the Fox-Scam 
    doesn't materialize to "Save the Day"! 
    Tim & Cindy 
    PS: Our congratulations to Foxconn CEO Terry Gou - who proved that 
    Corporate Greed and endless devotion to Industrial Civilization would 
    ultimately lead to collapse. 

    A Better Mount Pleasant sends:

    Foxconn will receive refundable tax credits for the jobs they create - 
    actual cash from the state which is estimated to be at least $200,000 
    per job. 
    Under this new provision, WEDC will perform "spot-checks" to determine 
    if they and other companies are actually creating the jobs they 
    promised to create. 
    One Republican State Senator voted no, saying: "How can we know 
    whether the (job-creation programs) work or not?" he added. "Where the 
    contract (between the state and company) says there will be 10 jobs or 
    20 jobs or whatever it might be, well, we ought to know." 
    Another Republican State Senator who voted yes on the bill, said he 
    didn't know this provision was included in the bill and was never 
    discussed in committee. 
    What could possibly go wrong? 


    Wake the Fuk Up America!

    Update3: As the evening wore on, French officials said that 125,000 
    protesters took to the streets during "Act IV" of the Yellow Vest 
    anti-government demonstrations, with 10,000 protesting in Paris. In 
    total, 1,385 people were arrested amid an incredibly heavy police 
    17 members of French law enforcement and over 100 protesters were 
    injured, including a man whose hand was blown off after reportedly 
    picking up a grenade fired by police. 


    Caelan MacIntyre says:  
    12/08/2018 at 8:46 pm  
    KunstlerCast 310 — With Shaun Chamberlain, Editor of the Late David 
    Fleming’s Book “Lean Logic” 
        “Shaun Chamb: ‘If you take our present society and you plugged 
    into it some perfect energy source– you know– cold fusion or whatever– 
    and it’s got no pollution concerns and… no limitations on supply, you 
    absolutely don’t get a sustainable society, you get a great economy 
    that can then grow even faster and cause all the destruction that it’s 
    causing even faster… 
        JHK: ‘Ya, it’s like pouring sugar into a yeast jar…’ 
        SC: ‘So… the key to the energy issue was demand reduction… We need 
    to stop looking at the supply side and squeezing ever more out of the 
    planet, ultimately… We need to learn how to adjust our energy needs to 
    our energy availability and that was why he… came up with this idea of 
    essentially energy rationing…’ “ 
    Death of a Resumé 
        Financial markets are closed today for Bush’s funeral, which Trump 
    will attend. 
        Everyone who is anyone in the Deep State, Military, Intelligence, 
    Corporatocracy, Entertainment, Academia, and extortion racket known as 
    Politics and Government will be there. Only a country that’s 
    completely corrupted by the scourge of all-powerful government would 
    put up with this farce. What does it say about a country that not just 
    puts up with it, but embraces it? 
        Power is what George Herbert Walker Bush and the entire Bush clan 
    craved, sought, and attained. It requires only one episode in Bush’s 
    “illustrious” career to demonstrate what that pursuit did to the man, 
    and what it’s done to his country… 
        Taxes are everywhere and always the key issue in the political 
    firmament. Ask Emmanuel Macron, the first in what will be a long line 
    of politicians dealing with tax revolts. 
        When a government has first claim on income and those who earned 
    it are entitled only to a residual—or nothing at all—politics becomes 
    a scabrous scrum, divvying up the loot. There is no middle ground on 
    taxes. You either own your own life and what you produce or the 
    government does. Any ‘compromise’ is the government taking a little 
    less than it wants to take, which is everything. 
        To allay the suspicions, Bush said, ‘Read my lips, no new taxes.’. 
    Bush had no principled objection to the income tax—nobody in 
    Washington does—but saying he wouldn’t raise them helped him get 
    elected. Bush was pragmatic, Washington-speak for unprincipled. 
    Washington is the world capital of pragmatic. You go nowhere in that 
    cesspool if you’re not pragmatic. Coercive power, its stock in trade, 
    is always unprincipled. When coercion and violence are your means, 
    your announced ends are only mendacious cover for your essential 
        Bush reneged on his promise… 
        As the deaths of McCain and Bush sickeningly demonstrate, the 
    devotion to power wins Washington’s highest honors and accolades. It 
    is the root of evil and it has led the US down the path of debt, 
    destruction, death, and ruin. There is no middle ground between 
    freedom and voluntary interaction on the one hand and coercion and 
    violence on the other. To seek the middle ground is to choose the 
        That is the most important lesson from the life of George Herbert 
    Walker Bush, and the most important thing that can be said upon his 

    Mary Chapin Carpernter - I Feel Lucky

    Scott Walker’s Parting Gift to Wisconsin

    A shrinking economy.