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Eyewitness walks through an alleged OWI hit-and-run caused by a Racine police officer

Dear Village Board,

Let's do the math! 
OK - please check my figures.... 
So according to MTP Village President, along with many other SE 
Wisconsin and Racine County Residents – Foxconn will employ 13,000 
people being paid an average of $53,000 per year. 
13,000 employees times $53,000 = $689,000,000 – per year! 
So what is the price point which Foxconn must sell those LCD TV’s at 
to at least break even? (This does not take into consideration WI tax 
credits or Pollution credits) Foxconn’s  actual cost to produce LCD 
TV’s is not able to be determined at this time – so we will have to 
deal with raw numbers – based upon projections provided by MTP Village 
President David DeGroot….. 
Let us assume a price point of $250 per LCD TV – does that sound reasonable? 
So we have 13,000 employees times $53,000 = $689,000,000 – per year 
divided by $250 LCD TV’s sold annually. Remember that this amount does 
not allow for profit – or consider what is the actual price point at 
which Consumers can afford to purchase the LCD TV’s in the quantity 
required to be produced….. 
Which comes to: 2,756,000 TV’s which must be sold annually. But we 
still haven’t actually determined the cost to manufacture the LCD TV’s 
due to the cost of raw materials and production. Along with 
distribution and handling. 
While producing 2,756,000 TV’s in 12 months = 645 LCD TV’s per day – 
if the factory is operating 7 days a week. Working anything less only 
increases demands for increased productivity per hour/day . At what 
point is the Worker – “over worked”? What happens when a bathroom 
break interferes with production? 
Raising the price point only increases the demand for less wages to be 
paid with hopes for increased efficiency and less cost for 
In Asia, workers usually labor 12 hours a day, 7 days a week – so 
$53,000 per year comes to 365 X 12 divided by $53,000 =  $12.10 per 
hour. Which is way far more than Foxconn pays it’s Chinese and Indian 
Workers! And Foxconn has already stated that it didn’t take into 
account the higher US wage requirements, which it won’t pay…. 
Workers in Asia and India sleep in shifts at Company owned dorms – 
often only earning $2.50 day Compare that with taxpayer subsidized 
section 8 housing in Racine – which starts at $460/month. Who says 
Republicans hate state sponsored welfare – they are it’s biggest 
In addition, every Consumer of the Foxconn manufactured product must 
be able to afford the cost of the (usually) subscribed TV service. 
While in areas where subscribed TV service is unavailable – the LCD TV 
will be….. worthless 
Perhaps I am wrong - but it seems that SE WI is doomed to an 
increasing deflationary spiral which means that taxpayer funded 
expenses must be curtailed. Or - at least, so we think. 
Tim & Cindy 

Let’s Do the Math

From a Better Mount Pleasant:


Seasons Greetings!

This year, we’ve continued our work to move the transformational Foxconn project forward and have celebrated numerous milestones. Site preparation and utility and road work is underway, as is vertical construction on the first of many buildings on what is becoming the Wisconn Valley Science and Technology Park. We are already seeing the positive results of Foxconn’s investment in our community, including new jobs and business for local companies, increased opportunities for area residents who have been connected with employment and training and the announcement of significant new developments right here in Mount Pleasant.

Read more: 

Four for Fridays!

Good morning everyone I hope you had a good week and I hope you also enjoyed your Christmas. We really enjoyed being with our families for Christmas. Here are your questions.

1) Do you have plans for New Year's Eve?

2) If your plans are to go out for New Year's Eve how far will you travel?

3) If you are going out for New Year's Eve do you have a safe way to get home?

4) If you plan on staying home for New Year's Eve are you having friends or family over?

Have a great weekend!

Open Blog - Friday

Have a delicious day.

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Redd Foxx - The True Hollywood Story (1999)

Happy Solstice to ALL!

Good Ol' George...

Britain bans puppy and kitten sales by pet shops

Britain is forbidding puppies and kittens from being sold by pet shops 
in a bid to crack down on animal exploitation and abuse. 
The government said it will roll out the legislation next year after 
holding public consultations that showed 95-percent support for the 
"This will mean that anyone looking to buy or adopt a puppy or kitten 
under six months must either deal directly with the breeder or with an 
animal re-homing centre," the Department of Environment Food and Rural 
Affairs (Defra) said on Sunday as part of its Christmas animal welfare 
Britain is forbidding puppies and kittens from being sold by pet shops 
in a bid to crack down on animal exploitation and abuse. 
The government said it will roll out the legislation next year after 
holding public consultations that showed 95-percent support for the 
"This will mean that anyone looking to buy or adopt a puppy or kitten 
under six months must either deal directly with the breeder or with an 
animal re-homing centre," the Department of Environment Food and Rural 
Affairs (Defra) said on Sunday as part of its Christmas animal welfare 

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hi, my friends, and enemies!  How are you?  I had a wonderful Christmas at home with my boys.  I expect the same on New Year's Eve, though I figure Junior will take off later.  He's going to usher in the New Year with a babe on his arm.  Or elsewhere.

The weather has fallen into that pattern of gray, winter days.  I hate that.  Three months of this, if we're lucky.  We had some snow but that's long gone.

The Packers did something.  I think they won.  Hurrah.  Rodgers is earning his keep.  Ha!

Here are the final standings from the Irregular Football League:

Oh well, there's always next year.  Next year I'll cheat.

SeƱor Zanza and Junior are lobbying hard for a New Year's Party.  They said that they'd take care of everything, from start to finish.  Everything, that is, except me.  I'm not interested in a party, so I suppose I'll have to hide upstairs.  Better stock up on goodies.

Instead of my usual rant at the corruption in Racine politics, I thought I'd wish everyone a great Christmas, even if it is a day late.

"Ho!  Ho!  Ho!"

I hope uou got what you wanted.  Be grateful whatever you get.  You've seen so much.

I'm sorry, but I'm beat from Christmas cleanups.  Even with the boys doing the majority of the work, it's still a pain in the butt.

It was wonderful to see everyone.  That's the best part of Christmas: the people (and dogs).  I love you all and wish you good luck on the rest of your vacation.

I hope to see you when you're not so preoccupied with money.
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Open Blog - Wednesday

Happy Kwanzaa.

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Poor Mans Speedball

Alcohol and coffee can help you live past 90, study says 
Readers, we are honored and privileged to bring you the single 
greatest piece of news you've heard in your entire life. 
A study out of the University of California-Irvine has revealed that 
consumption of moderate amounts of alcohol and coffee is linked to 
living a longer life. 
Re-read that last sentence. There are no typos. There are no jokes. 
The key word is "moderate," of course. The study, called "The 90+ 
Study," started in 2003 and examined "the oldest-old" age group - 
about 1,700 nonagenarians - to determine what is key to living to your 
90th birthday and beyond. 
Fuk that - I've gone foot first! 

How can the NY Times celebrate so many atrocities?

Should Be Forgot, Again

From The Shepherd Express:

Dec. 24, 2018
10:47 a.m.

I’m Art Kumbalek and man oh manischewitz what a world, ain’a? So listen, I know the hub-and-bub of the holiday season is always a big deal this time of year for the people. But for a guy like me, hey, every day is just another focking holiday, each and every day of the year. Oh yeah, nothing but seashells, balloons, topped with a generous dollop of you got to be jerking my beefaroni. I kid you not.
And this old year, this time 2018, is practically expired and again I’m thinking the less said about it the better.
But I will tell you’s I recall that at the beginning of this dying year I looked back at 2017 and said it had sucked, and my crystal ball told me to say that the future-2018 would also suck, but even more. Cripes, I should’ve put my money where my mouth was ’cause if I had, I’d be living the luxury life on Easy Street and lighting my Pall Malls with $20-dollar bills, what the fock.
So yeah, the less said about 2018 the better and I’m sticking to it, this week anyways. But before I go, I got to say once again that if you’re out and about New Year’s Eve so’s to kick 2018 out the door, maybe I’ll see you over by the North Shore American Legion Post #331 up there in Shorewood on Wilson Drive just north of Capitol, 9 p.m. to midnight with the John Schneider Orchestra, Claire Morkin and MRS. FUN, ring-a-ding-ding. It’s a suggested donation of $15, but as always, if you’d rather drop a couple, three grand at the door, there’d be no complaints.
So to the limit of my optimism, it bears repeating that I wish you all a happy focking New Year, and good luck with that, what the fock, ’cause I’m Art Kumbalek and I told you so.


Open Blog - Christmas Day

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 24, 2018

Who Gives a Fuk Anyways.

Venezuelan Women "As Young As 14" Escape Socialism By Selling Sex, 
Hair And Breastmilk 
Women fleeing socialist Venezuela have taken to capitalism in order to 
survive; selling sex, hair and breastmilk as they make the perilous 
journey into neighboring Colombia in search of a better life. 
As Fox News' Hollie McKay reports, the Colombian border city of Cucuta 
is virtual chaos - as "Rail-thin women cradle their tiny babies, and 
beg along the trash-strewn gutters. Teens hawk everything from 
cigarettes to sweets and water for small change." 
Men buying hair approach groups of women with their young children, 
offering them enough to feed their families for a short while. Local 
wigmakers in Colombia will pay between $10 - $30, depending on length 
and quality. 
Other Venezuelan women - including girls as young as 14, resort to sex 
work on the streets of Cucuta - earning around seven dollars per john. 
Back home in Venezuela, the situation is dire - as the socialist 
country suffers from starvation, disease, a lack of healthcare and 
extreme violence. Children have been dying from hepatitis and malaria. 
"There is a human catastrophe in Venezuela. There is a resurgence of 
illnesses that were eradicated decades ago. Hundreds have died from 
measles and diphtheria. Last year, more than 400,000 Venezuelans 
presented malaria symptoms. Up to now, there are over 10,000 sick 
people from tuberculosis," said Caracas mayor and former political 
prisoner Antonio Ledezma, adding: "People have been doomed to death. 
More than 55,000 cancer patients don’t have access to chemotherapy. 
Every three hours a woman dies due to breast cancer." 
    Caterine Martinez, an attorney, and director of the Prepara 
Familias (Ready Families) organization in Venezuela – which endeavors 
to support hospitalized children and their families and caregivers – 
concurred that the public health care issue in the country is nothing 
short of “severe.” 
    “Currently there are no broad-spectrum antibiotics, not even basic 
antibiotics to treat basic pathogens from children and present chronic 
illnesses,” she said. “We don’t have x-rays working, they haven’t for 
a long time. We don’t have a CAT scanner or an MRI scanner. Many other 
vital medical instruments don’t work. The municipal blood banks don’t 
have reagents, therefore we have kids who are getting blood 
transfusions and are getting infected with hepatitis C and could even 
be injected with HIV.” -Fox News 
Suicide rates have also skyrocketed according to Fox - even among 
children. A Venezuelan children's rights group, CECODAP, has estimated 
an 18% rise in teens killing themselves over the last year. 
Martinez estimates that over 55 percent of healthcare professionals - 
including doctors and nurses, have left Venezuela, while resident 
doctors who have remained make a scant $24 per month. Specialists can 
make $30. 
"We also have a severe problem with nutrition. There is no supply of 
baby formula, nor nutritional supplements. Therefore, we have a lot of 
malnourished children and the situation is then even more 
complicated," said Martinez.

White House Christmas Message Featuring Melania Trump

Why Is Everyone Getting So Offended?

The Beatles-Here comes the Sun.

THIS DAY IN HISTORY – The execution of Eddie Slovik is authorized – 1944

On this day, Gen. Dwight Eisenhower endorses the finding of a 
court-martial in the case of Eddie Slovik, who was tried for 
desertion, and authorizes his execution, the first such sentence 
against a U.S. Army soldier since the Civil War, and the only man so 
punished during World War II. 
Private Eddie Slovik was a draftee. Originally classified 4-F because 
of a prison record (grand theft auto), he was bumped up to a 1-A 
classification when draft standards were lowered to meet growing 
personnel needs. In January 1944, he was trained to be a rifleman, 
which was not to his liking, as he hated guns. 
In August of the same year, Slovik was shipped to France to fight with 
the 28th Infantry Division, which had already suffered massive 
casualties in the fighting there and in Germany. Slovik was a 
replacement, a class of soldier not particular respected by officers. 
As he and a companion were on the way to the front lines, they became 
lost in the chaos of battle, only to stumble upon a Canadian unit that 
took them in. 
Slovik stayed on with the Canadians until October 5, when they turned 
him and his buddy over to the American military police, who reunited 
them with the 28th Division, now in Elsenborn, Belgium. No charges 
were brought; replacements getting lost early on in their tours of 
duty were not unusual. But exactly one day after Slovik returned to 
his unit, he claimed he was “too scared and too nervous” to be a 
rifleman and threatened to run away if forced into combat. His 
admission was ignored-and Slovik took off. One day after that he 
returned, and Slovik signed a confession of desertion, claiming he 
would run away again if forced to fight, and submitted it to an 
officer of the 28th. The officer advised Slovik to take the confession 
back, as the consequences would be serious. Slovik refused, and he was 
confined to the stockade. 
The 28th Division had seen many cases of soldiers wounding themselves 
or deserting in the hopes of a prison sentence that would at least 
protect them from the perils of combat. So a legal officer of the 28th 
offered Slovik a deal: Dive into combat immediately and avoid the 
court-martial. Slovik refused. He was tried on November 11 for 
desertion and was convicted in less than two hours. The nine-officer 
court-martial panel passed a unanimous sentence: execution-“to be shot 
to death with musketry.” 
Slovik’s appeal failed. It was held that he “directly challenged the 
authority” of the United States and that “future discipline depends 
upon a resolute reply to this challenge.” Slovik was to pay for his 
recalcitrant attitude-and he was to be made an example. One last 
appeal was made-to General Dwight D. Eisenhower, the Supreme Allied 
Commander. The timing was bad for mercy. The Battle of the Bulge in 
the Ardennes forest was issuing in literally thousands of American 
casualties, not to mention the second largest surrender of an American 
Army unit during the war. Eisenhower upheld the sentence. 
Slovik would be shot to death by a 12-man firing squad in eastern 
France in January of 1945. None of the rifleman so much as flinched, 
believing Slovik had gotten what he deserved.

Good Stuff

Back In The Good Ol’ Days…..

A Better Mount Pleasant Sends:

“The government you elect is the government you deserve.” 
Thomas Jefferson 
“Take a sad song and make it better.” 
The Beatles 
Time to BOOT DEGROOT! (added) 
Together - ABMP readers and contributors worked to make the Village 
more accountable and more transparent. It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t 
always fun, but we made things better. 
In no particular order: 
1. LIVE VIDEO OF VILLAGE MEETINGS: The Village now broadcasts live 
Village meetings and Foxconn informational sessions - because we did 
it first. Oh sure, they say they were going to do it - just like we 
all say we're going to the gym this week. 
Videos of Village meetings mean that more people can participate. 
Folks at home don’t have get out to village hall to see what’s 
happening, you can watch from home...or watch later. Preferably with 
We credit the Village for doing a good job in setting up the recording 
- certainly better than Kelly did with her iphone - now if we can just 
get the audio and video synced up correctly. 
2. MAKING EXECUTIVE PACKETS PUBLIC: For years, residents were 
strangely prohibited from seeing and reading the executive packets of 
information given to Trustees before meetings - even though it is 
public information. ABMP filed an open records request for all Village 
executive packets - as a result the Village now posts them before 
Village meetings. 
Residents can now see the same information trustees see at meetings. 
Go to the Village website and click on Agendas and Minutes, then go 
down to Village Board Packets. 
official record of actions taken by the Village. The approval and 
publishing of minutes as soon as reasonably possible is required by 
law. The purpose is for residents to be appropriately apprised of 
actions taken on their behalf. 
Over the last two years, minutes weren’t approved for weeks, even 
months after votes were taken. It wasn’t just bad government - it was 
lazy, disrespectful government. 
ABMP made an issue of it in meetings, posts and in a letter to the 
Journal Times. These actions got attention and action. For much of the 
last year, minutes have been approved regularly. Guess it wasn’t so 
hard after all. 
4. FOXCONN STORM WATER FAILURE: In late summer, residents began 
remarking on flood water runoff problems at the Foxconn construction 
site. Even a casual observer could see that barriers to protect from 
silt runoff into the Pike River were ridiculously lame. 
Sure enough, after a few days of heavy rain, mud and silt began 
pouring into Lamparek Creek leading directly to the Pike River 
watershed. ABMP videotaped the flooding and filed a complaint with the 
The DNR said Foxconn contractors had failed to do their job and the 
Village failed to provide the oversight residents were promised. The 
episode didn’t cost Foxconn much money - but it was embarrassing. 
In the end, they did a good job correcting their mistake and hopefully 
it won’t happen again - thanks to sharp-eyed readers who alerted us. 
5. FOXCONN TRANSPARENCY: Early on in the Foxconn process, the Village 
Project team didn’t seem to think breaking down the bills for various 
contractors was very important. Hundreds of thousands of dollars 
listed as “Foxconn Bills” was supposed to be good enough for you. 
ABMP filed an open records request asking for the bills and published 
them right here so residents could see where their money was going. 
As a direct result, the Village started including more detailed 
information in the Village Board meetings and on the agendas when it 
came time to approve invoices and make purchases. 
6. FREEDOM OF SPEECH: The Village has always had a very odd 
relationship with residents speaking their mind. No example was ever 
more stunning than when the Village CDA tried to keep residents from 
speaking on items listed on the agenda during public comments last 
spring - not once, but twice. 
ABMP filed a complaint with the Attorney General’s office who came 
back and gave the Village a clear message they were treading in some 
funky water that wasn’t likely to hold up in court. 
So what did our Village leaders do? Apologize? No, they doubled down 
and tried to get the Attorney General to change their written 
guidance. The Attorney General said “nyet.” 
That’s your Village, fighting hard (and paying lawyers) to keep you 
from speaking. It didn’t work and we will make sure they never do it 
public town hall meeting last June - after residents were promised 
meetings would be scheduled and never were. Close to eighty people 
showed up and many more watched live on Facebook. 
Coincidentally, Village Project Manager Claude Lois announced the 
Village’s first town hall at our town hall...yup, totally going to the 
gym this week. The Village has continued to hold meetings each month - 
that's a good thing. 
8. FOLLOWING THE MONEY: Our readers and contributors are tireless 
researchers with handy calculators. ABMP has brought residents real, 
useful information about Village spending. 
Whether it’s the more than 100% over-budget EMS palace or the insane 
rise in costs for the Village Assessor - our readers get the 
information they deserve to know. 
It’s your money - and while the majority of the Village Board is still 
on a spending bender, we’re going to keep bringing you the facts. 
9. THE PEOPLE’S VOICE: Over the last year, ABMP has gone from being a 
small town Facebook page to being a legitimate counterpoint to the 
public relations firm hired by the Village to dispatch talking points 
and write press releases for Dave DeGroot. 
We’ve been featured not just in Wisconsin print press, radio and TV, 
but in the Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, New Yorker, the Guardian, 
the Verge, and of course the Reply All podcast. 
Outside the Wisconn Valley “cone of silence,” there is fact-based 
criticism by respected financial experts and investigative journalists 
that the Foxconn deal was too rushed, too generous, and Mt. Pleasant 
was too damn eager to even bother asking questions. 
You aren’t going to read those views in the Journal Times - not as 
long as Publisher Mark Lewis sits on the RAMAC Board. You will read 
them here. 
Why? Because we hate Foxconn? No. Because you deserve better than to 
be spoon-fed rainbows, pixie dust and “faith-based economics.” Foxconn 
has real life implications for our residents. For some it may be 
great, but for those who have sacrificed, or been treated unfairly, 
they deserve a voice too. 
10. APPLYING PRESSURE: We didn’t get everything we were promised. We 
didn’t get annual reports for Police and Fire which were promised. 
Since they make up more than 70% of Village spending you deserve some 
data and some responsible planning. We aren’t giving up on that. 
If we have to file open records requests for the information and give 
you the reports ourselves - we will. We’ve already started compiling 
A government who doesn’t fear its own people, is a government who 
takes them for granted. Village officials read this page everyday. 
Good. We’re going to keep doing us. 
Thank you for reading. Thank you for contributing. Have a great 
holiday and we will see you next year! 
A Special Thanks to Kelli for continuing to hold MTP Government accountable! 

Open Blog - Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas Eve.

Sunday, December 23, 2018

The New Green Deal

If the recent report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate 
Change is to be believed, humanity has just over a decade to get 
carbon emissions under control before catastrophic climate change 
impacts become unavoidable. 
The Republican Party generally ignores or denies that problem. But the 
Democratic Party claims to accept and understand it. 
It is odd, then, that Democrats do not have a plan to address climate change. 
Their last big plan — the American Clean Energy and Security Act — 
passed the House in 2009 but went on to die an unceremonious death 
before reaching the Senate floor. Since then, there’s been nothing to 
replace it. 
Plenty of Democratic politicians support policies that would reduce 
climate pollution — renewable energy tax credits, fuel economy 
standards, and the like — but those policies do not add up to a 
comprehensive solution, certainly nothing like what the 
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) suggests is 
Young activists, who will be forced to live with the ravages of 
climate change, find this upsetting. So they have proposed a plan of 
their own. It’s called the Green New Deal (GND) — a term purposefully 
reminiscent of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s original New Deal in the 
1930s —