Saturday, February 19, 2022

Wisconsin child dies from condition associated with COVID-19 | FOX6 News Milwaukee

Russia Threatens US With Military Action Over Ukraine As Putin Readies To Oversee Nuclear Drills

Hong Kong hospital swamped as mass testing starts

Mayor, governor unveil plan to help homelessness on NYC subways

19 Austin police officers indicted following 2020 racial injustice protests

Family that died in California mountains over summer tried to text for help I ABC7

Federal Judge: Trump Had A ‘Tacit Agreement’ With Capitol Attackers

Elie Mystal: Judge Chu Cried Out For Sympathy For Daunte Wright’s Killer In Front Of His Mother

Police arrest dozens blockading Canada's capital

President Biden urges Russia to back down, believing invasion of Ukraine is imminent

Snow squall hits southeastern Wisconsin

From Fox6Now:

snow squall raced through southeastern Wisconsin on Friday evening, Feb. 18 – bringing with that made roads treacherous within minutes.

Also associated with the system blowing were powerful winds gusting up to 50 miles per hour. A wind advisory was also issued for all of southeastern Wisconsin until 4 a.m. on Saturday.

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Open Blog - Weekend

 Oh yeah.

Friday, February 18, 2022

New model estimates 73% of Americans immune to omicron variant

CDC recommends vaccines and boosters for pregnant women

COVID-19 patients see 35% increase in risk for anxiety disorder and 39% for depression: BMJ

Tesla, Musk attack SEC, claiming 'unrelenting' harassment

Brazilian Mudslide Death Toll Rises As Rescue Efforts Ramp Up

California moves from the pandemic phase to endemic | What is the difference?

Tributes for British diving instructor killed by shark in Sydney | ITV News

19 Austin police officers have been indicted due to their handling of protestors

Outrage over Black teen handcuffed in mall fight

Masks will no longer be required in Washington schools as of March 21 | FOX 13 Seattle

Only on KRON4: Recalled San Francisco school board commissioners speak out

More than 100 million in path of major winter storm

Elvis - Official Trailer (2022) Austin Butler, Tom Hanks

Ottawa police say 'action is imminent' in clearing protesters

CSU Chancellor Joseph Castro Resigns Amidst Allegations of Mishandling Past Harassment Case

U.S. Congress passes, sends Biden stop-gap funding bill to avoid gov't shutdown | ANC

Why Trump and his kids must testify in New York investigation

Biden warns Russia could attack Ukraine within days

Racine quintuple shooting victim shares story: 'I was a target'

From Fox6Now:

A woman injured in a shooting at Racine's 509 Social Lounge was released from the hospital Thursday, Feb. 17.

Nakreisha McFarland was one of five people shot and wounded at the lounge just after bar close on Sunday.

It was a night of chaos and terror. Several people, McFarland among them, ran for their lives as shot rang out.

McFarland was shot three times – once in the arm and twice in the leg – and is in good spirits.

"I was like damn – excuse my French – I’ve been hit," McFarland said. "The next thing you know I got hit right here. The second hit, so I’m still running I see nothing but blackness around me."

Nakreisha McFarland shows bandaged wounds

Police said the gunman, identified as 50-year-old John Brown, then turned the gun on himself. McFarland said Brown is the father of her two kids. 

"I truly believe I was a target of it because I suffered the most hits, but everyone else was just in the way trying to run for their life, too," said McFarland.

She wants to share her story to prevent what happened to her from happening to anyone else: "Don’t look past the red flags. Get out. Get out so you don’t end up in a situation like me."

Nakreisha McFarland leaves hospital

As McFarland reunites with family, she feels lucky to be alive.

"I know, although he shot me – but something in my body and my spirit calmed me and, and I’m not mad," McFarland said. "I feel free, but I’m not mad."

McFarland said she plans on spending time with her family and hopes she will recover soon, so she can get back into one of her favorite hobbies – roller skating.

As for the other victims of the shooting, none sustained life-threatening injuries.


A typical piece of Racine shit.

Open Blog - Friday

 All day.

Thursday, February 17, 2022

'The biggest risk to your pregnancy in 2022 is COVID'

Swimmer Killed In Shark Attack At A Sydney Beach

Voters recalled 3 school board members in San Francisco

Racist texts, posts presented in hate crimes trial for Ahmaud Arbery's killers

2nd Ex-Officer Takes The Stand In Federal Trial

Is the Ukraine crisis ending? NATO doesn't think so

Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley calling off engagement: Reports

From TMJ4:

Photo by: TMJ4
Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley
Posted at 1:03 PM, Feb 16, 2022
and last updated 1:20 PM, Feb 16, 2022

MILWAUKEE — Engaged couple Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley are breaking up after almost two years together, according to reports from TMZ and originally reported by the website In Touch Weekly.

In Touch cited multiple unnamed sources. Rodgers and Woodley have not confirmed anything so far.

Actress Woodley and Packers quarterback Rodgers announced they were engaged in February of 2021 on the Tonight Show.

In November the couple made headlines when Rodgers tested positive for COVID-19 and confirmed he was not vaccinated for COVID-19. Despite some heat towards Rodgers, Woodley defended him, writing on Instagram people "need to calm the f..k down."

In Touch reports a source told them, “While Shailene is supportive of Aaron’s career, he put football first and they were barely spending any time together... She felt he neglected their relationship. Neither of them was happy.”

A second source told the website, “There were too many obstacles. They’re both adults and decided to part amicably.”

This is breaking news and will be updated shortly.


Open Blog - Thursday

Yes, "good vibes," indeed. 

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

COVID-19 booster effectiveness wanes over time: Study

Patient At Weill Cornell Medical Center Cured Of HIV Infection

CDC study shows effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccine on expectant moms, infants

Jared Isaacman to return to space for three new SpaceX missions

Experts say they misidentified the spent rocket stage set to hit the Moon

Dr. Fauci says delay of Covid-19 vaccine for kids under 5 is not setback

Putin Foe Navalny Faces Years More in Jail in New Fraud Trial

Ukraine reports cyberattacks amid fears Russia could use digital tactics

Louisville Mayoral Candidate Survives Targeted Shooting

Prince Andrew to make 'substantial donation' to Virginia Giuffre's charity in settlement deal

San Francisco Votes To Recall 3 School Board Members

4-year-old girl reported missing in 2019 found alive in ‘small’ space under stairs of N.Y. home

MASK MANDATE: "Mayor Lori Lightfoot continues to move the goal post on Chicagoans"

Russian attack on Ukraine still a possibility says Biden - BBC News

Let's go Brandon!

'Dirty, disgusted, afraid': Former Wis. police chief speaks about clergy abuse he faced as a child

From TMJ4:

 “If I can only help one person, it’s worth it to me to open up to the public about my situation.”

Posted: 5:48 AM, Feb 15, 2022
Updated: 6:34 PM, Feb 15, 2022
pjimage (1).jpg

Zipping up his sleeping bag, a Sheboygan teen was restless, worrying about what was to come.

“He’d go from sleeping bag to sleeping bag. I’d learn to flip over on my stomach so he couldn’t touch me.”

Click here to report clergy abuse.

Former Germantown Police Chief, Peter Hoell, is speaking out publicly for the first time about the sexual abuse he faced as a teenager in Sheboygan. More than four decades ago, Hoell says a Holy Name Parish Priest, William Effinger, sexually molested him several times, taking advantage of him and his friends by feeding them alcohol.

“Dirty, disgusted, afraid,” Hoell says of how he felt after the abuse. “I should have told my parents, but I didn’t. I was just too afraid. I didn’t know what was going to happen. Would they believe me?”

Chief Hoell quote dirty disgusted afraid
Chief Peter Hoell is speaking up about sexual abuse he faced as a child.

It was a strategy Effinger used over and over again, according to documents on the Archdiocese of Milwaukee (AOM) website. In 1993, Effinger’s abuse was publicly addressed; a family brought forward accusations of him molesting their 13-year-old son. Effinger went to trial and pleaded guilty. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison, but only served three after passing away from colon cancer behind bars in 1996.

“I’m sorry to say, but I was very happy,” Hoell said. “I was very happy that he died in jail, where he belonged. What made me smile is that he has to meet his maker. What’s he going to say? How is he going to explain all the people he’s damaged?”

Chief Hoell reacting to Effinger's death
Chief Hoell shares a harsh truth when he learned William Effinger died in jail.

 Read and see more:

Open Blog - Wednesday

 Hot damn.

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

New study shows increased risk of heart problems after COVID-19

Bird Flu Reaches More States, Raising Prospect of New Curbs

Billionaire Jared Isaacman To Lead Three New SpaceX Missions

District Attorney, Police Chief Denounce Misuse Of DNA From Rape Victims

Final Push Before San Francisco School Board Recall Vote

LMPD identify suspected gunman who opened fire in mayoral candidate's campaign headquarters

Federal Hate Crimes Trial Begins In Ahmaud Arbery’s Murder

Mass stabbing suspect has long criminal history

Judge To Dismiss Sarah Palin’s Defamation Lawsuit Against The New York Times

US closes Kyiv embassy and moves staff to western Ukraine

Canada's Trudeau invokes emergency powers in response to trucker protests | Al Jazeera Newsfeed

Accounting Firm Cuts Ties With Trump Organization, Retracts Financial Statements

Man who shot 5 in Racine before taking his life identified by police

From Fox6Now:

Racine police identified John Brown, 50, of Racine, as the man who shot and wounded five people in downtown Racine over the weekend before taking his own life.

It happened just before bar close Sunday morning outside 509 Social Lounge. Witnesses described the chaos and panic. 

Officers arrived and saw people running. After a brief chase, police say officers attempted to negotiate with Brown before he turned the gun on himself after shooting one woman and four men. Authorities say the quintuple shooting was domestic-related.


Victims helped inside 509 Social Lounge

The co-owner of the 509 Social Lounge said his staff helped some gunshot victims, and he's proud of the way his employees responded. 

"He was shooting at them," said Billy Smith.

Chaos and fear filled the club.

"I ran in and told staff and everyone that we have an active shooter. Everyone get down," said Smith. "It was pretty sad. I don’t wish this on any business."

Smith, the co-owner of 509 Social Lounge, said he stopped the suspect from coming inside.


"I think that by not letting him get back in – I think there was some lives saved with that because three people got shot," said Smith. "No telling what he would have did."

Several bullet holes outside the back of the club serve as a scary reminder to staff shootings can happen anywhere. Smith said in those tense moments, employees stepped up, calling 911 and helping treat three of the gunshot victims who ran back inside the club.

"We helped, applying pressure to the wounds, getting towels, things like that," said Smith.

While none of the victims had life-threatening injuries, people who live nearby said it was unnerving to wake up to.

"It puts a black mark on Racine again," said Marty McGee. "Racine is always getting down for having so much drama and things like that, but it really isn’t like that at all. This is an awesome area."