Thursday, September 6, 2018

A Better Mount Pleasant Sends:

Oh, look who’s out today fixing the thing that wasn’t really a problem? Hmmm. Maybe it was a problem after all.
After days of concern regarding storm water flooding, it took an 18 second video to wake them up. It shouldn’t have.
These companies are being paid millions of dollars to follow the rules. They are paid for their expertise - and it took residents standing in ditches with cell phones to prove they weren’t. Why wasn’t the village out there looking?
Claude Lois, Tony Beyer, Sonny Havn and David DeGroot for Village President told the community all the required elements of storm water management would be strictly followed.
Instead, a barrier that looks like it was built by children was constructed to prevent habitat killing silt from spilling into the Pike River - and when it didn’t work their response was to have the administrator forward a memo.
Not good enough. Not even close.

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