Saturday, September 29, 2018

MTP Attorney Alan Marcuvitz

Dear County Board,

Since it is now established fact, per the video, that Attorney Alan Marcuvitz, who is being retained by Village of  Mount Pleasant, appeared to, in a Village meeting, refer to Residents as  A "Bunch Of A**holes"- does this mean that the gloves are off - and anything goes?

Is Village President David DeGroot - kind of a D*ck?

Nah - Village President David DeGroot is actually a frustrated Tea- Tard - another angry old White Man - but a Tea- Tard in name only - or a TINO - because he wants BIGGER government, MORE control, RAISES taxes, LIES to Residents, STEALS property which isn't his to take, and MILKS and BILKS residents like TRASH to be thrown away. While confused and ignorant Village Board members don't even understand what the "award of damages" implies - while they blindly follow Dear Leaders direction to vote "YEA". Perhaps this is the model World in which Mr. Terry Gou, CEO of Foxconn, normally operates under - and which the Village of Mount Pleasant, in it's quest to become a Third World Banana Republic, has adopted.

I'm guessing that a night at the David DeGroot residence is kinda like a night at the (now retiring) Police Chief Timmy Zarzecki's house:

Flying Doritos - broken drawers, things scattered about, a terrified Daughter, and yet another frustrated, angry White Man saying it's everybody else's fault..... ending in an arrest and a Police Chief claiming his wife is a Cra-zee B*tch off her meds. Kinda sounds like a Village Board meeting.

This sort of behavior needs to be censored and not tolerated at any and all levels of government - at least in a Democratic Republic.

I'm asking that the County Board investigates the claim by Attorney Alan Marcuvitz that MTP Residents are A**holes and act accordingly. It is time for this sort of behavior to end and those who are guilty of such to be fined and imprisoned.


Tim & Cindy

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