Thursday, September 20, 2018

Judge Gasiorkiewicz,

Are you fukking nuts? 

In the past I have documented that the Racine County court system is a corrupt cesspool of scheming and complicit judges, a corrupt district attorney (Michael Nieskes) who engaged in the criminal act of filing a false affidavit into court records and a dirty judge (Gerald Ptacek) who protected the piece of shit Michael Nieskes from being subpoenaed into court to impeach his testimony of his false affidavit.

But - Never in my wildest of dreams would I have expected to see the day where a circuit court case is completely remove from the court dockets to avoid public scrutiny.

To further add insult, a complicit court of Appeals  is also engaged in the egregious conduct  of not docketing the court case. These acts are against the public's right to oversee our courts (however derelict and corrupt they may be).

You judge Gasiorkiewicz have reach another new low - even for the ever corrupt 2nd district circuit court.

How proud 2nd. district circuit court Chief Judge Jason Rossell must be overseeing such contemptible acts upon the public.

I request the assigned court docket case # of your sealed court case involving Sandy Weidner and I want the docket # immediately.

Please see Open Records Request attachment.

Respectfully submitted,
Legal Stranger

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