Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my little chickadees!  How are you?  Tomorrow's weather is supposed to be downright chilly.  Here comes autumn.  Ugh! Actually, I like autumn.  It's winter I hate.

Our Irregular Football League already has standings, even though we haven't played a game:

Who's on top?  The Mighty Bears. Nice going, Ms. Tender Heart Bear.  We'll see how things stand after a game or two.

Does anyone really know all the ramifications of the Foxconn installation?  Sometimes I feel as it' some sort of Frankenstein monster with mismatched parts is what will happen out there.  Meantime, when can we expect the project to be completely up and running?  When do we see 13,000
 employees? When does some of the billions of dollars that we've invested start showing a return?

I know some ladies of the evening, working under the auspices of Madame Massa'ge, who are already planning to build a "love ranch" out there.  Too bad prostitution isn't legal.  The state is missing out on a huge tax income, just like with cannabis.  While these tax monies would solve many of our problems, don't hold your breath.  The powers-that-be are dumb as rocks.  All they care about is re-election.

Mr. Trump hasn't been too loud this week.  Maybe he's learning.  More likely, someone turned down the volume on his bullhorn.  He'll figure it out eventually.

Junior cracked up his car again.  I don;t know how many times this makes it.  When the whole driver's license  thing started up, I gave it all to Señor Zanza.  I told him that I want nothing illegal done and that Junior must have insurance.  How he keeps driving, I don't know, but I suspect Señor Zanza is supplying most of the $.

Downtown Racine wants arches.  How about collaborating with McDonald's and put up golden arches?  Of course, we'll need a McDonald's downtown somewhere.  Or how about fallen arches from walking too much?

Thank you for reading my blog today.  I appreciate it, just like I appreciate everyone who reads my blog.  Thank you.  Readers are my best friends.  I love you all.

Enjoy the beginning of the end.  Maybe winter won't be too bad.  Ha!
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