Thursday, September 20, 2018

No Surprise Here!

Dear City of Racine Alderpersons,

It appears that the corrupt Courts and Judges of Racine County are just there to provide cover for the criminal misdeeds of Public Officials and the wealthy – it happens again, and again, and again. Anything goes for those with the right political connections.

Past outrages include:

Racine County Circuit Judge Gerald Ptacek ruling that John Dickert was acting in his official capacity as Mayor while he was campaigning during a radio interview at WRJN. Thus forcing City of Racine taxpayers to pay John Dickert’s S100,000 legal bills? A ruling which any competent Judge or conscious public would know was – at best – LAUGHABLE, and downright contrary to the laws of State of Wisconsin!  Because IF John Dickert was campaigning while Mayor, it would be a criminal act!

Racine County Circuit Judge Eugene Gasiorkiewicz sentencing convicted child molester Curt Johnson, worth $2.7 billion, to 4 months is the County Jail, and a  $6,000 fine as part of his punishment for two misdemeanor charges of fourth-degree sexual assault and disorderly conduct. He pleaded guilty to both back in June.He didn't even have to register as a SEX OFFENDER!
Both charges were drastically amended; Johnson was initially charged with repeated sexual assault of a child, which is a felony.
And now the latest outrage, from Racine County Circuit Judge Eugene Gasiorkiewicz:
...after meeting with lawyers in his chambers (concerning Sandy Weidner’s Open Records lawsuit) , telling others there for the hearing that they had to leave because he was sealing the case.
The judge said recently he sealed the case “because of the nature of the action. It’s one that shouldn’t be open. I made a public policy determination.”
But wasn’t it an open records case? “I’m sorry, I can’t tell you. It’s sealed,” Gasiorkiewicz said.
As for City of Racine Attorney Scott Letteney - it's amazing that he finds for such harassing nonsense since he must also perform his duties as Town of Geneva Municipal Judge. At least City of Racine's part time City Attorney/Town of Geneva Municipal Judge has good connections with the corrupt Courts and Judges of Racine County.
Tim & Cindy

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Anonymous said...

The more I read about this case, the more it needs to be exposed.
Thanks JT irregulars for post these stories