Saturday, September 22, 2018

Dear Mr. Gou

Dear Mr. Gou,

CEO of Foxconn -

What is the price point at which you can manufacture LCD TV's and still make an acceptable profit?

Those of us who live in this region already know that you have  grossly miscalculated the labor costs - and that Owens Corning - without massive subsidies will not build a local glass manufacturing plant for your company to produce large LCD TV's.

And with the ever increasing cost of Government - and the costs associated with subsidizing your proposed operation - how can workers afford to live and work in the proposed WI Silicon Valley?

All that futuristic artwork and hype is just that - an Artist's rendition.

Your factories in China have - in reality - nets to save Workers from committing suicide.

Jack Ma has already told President Trump - NO!  Alibaba's Jack Ma says it can't create 1 million jobs in U.S. due to Trump's China tariffs

When will you tell WI Governor Scott Walker and MTP President - NO!

What you have done here - and been allowed to get away with - is wrong - and contrary to the long term health of the Human species and Planet Earth.

I "killed" my TV a long time ago - and certainly won't be buying one produced in MTP by Foxconn -

Which totally ignores the question if you can actually manufacture LCD TV's at a profit in MTP.

Instead, 'm betting that:

1. You - Mr. Terry Gou - can't manufacture LCD TV's at a profit - sans massive government subsidizes - in WI - or the USA - PERIOD.

2. Industrial Civilization will spectacularly fail:


The Transient Pulse Theory of Industrial Civilization:

In 1989, I concluded that the life-expectancy of Industrial Civilization is horridly short. This hypothesis was defined in terms of a measurable index, world energy-use per person, and named the "transient-pulse theory of Industrial Civilization." I sketched its maximum point at 1990, followed by a persistent decline (see Note 1). Back then, however, I had no data to support this claim.
The ratio of world annual energy-use to world population gives a robust, testable profile of Industrial Civilization. Over the past six years, I devised a quantitative basis for the theory and gathered several sets of world energy and population data to test it (Note 2). In these pages, the name "Olduvai theory" means the same as "transient-pulse theory," used in previous papers (Note 3).
and that Depletion - on a finite Planet - is a problem....
Depletion is the inevitable consequence of resource extraction. As petroleum depletes it reaches a point where its ability to power the economy begins to decline; as the economy declines our ability to produce petroleum, and its products declines. The objective of this study is to determine when that point will be reached, and how the decline event will evolve.
So - Mr. Gou - can we build a sustainable (future) civilization with LCD TV's?
What if past was future - and we devolved back into Agrarian Society and invoked Contributisism?


A WORLD WITHOUT MONEYUBUNTU – Contribution System(The Natural Order of Things)

“Let each citizen contribute their natural talents or acquired skills to the greater benefit of all in the community.” Michael Tellinger.

Choose wisely,
Tim & Cindy

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