Saturday, September 29, 2018

Racine County Circuit Judge Eugene Gasiorkiewicz

Dear City of Racine Alderpersons,

It is very distressing, but not surprising, that a concerned citizen who is monitoring the activities under the direction of  Racine County Circuit Judge  Eugene Gasiorkiewicz Courtroom, in regards to the Sandy Weidner Open Records Lawsuit, finds such activities to potentially be outside the legal guidelines established by the State of Wisconsin under which Courtroom proceedings are to be conducted.

Below is the body of the letter, from the concerned citizen, which documents such findings:

"Judge Gasiorkiewicz,

As an advocate for open records and free speech
(1st. amendment), I try to be a vigilant watchdog of selected court cases and proceedings.

After recently sitting in your courtroom hearing on Sept. 25th, it came to my attention through your doubletalk you had violated a most basic court procedure - failing to publicly post notice of the Sept. 25thcontempt hearing. Further, the future contempt hearing scheduled for Oct. 3rd is not posted for public notice as well. To knowingly conduct such public hearings without proper public notice is a serious breach of judicial conduct. (Please see attached WCCA captions and day of court hearing posting). The present WCCA format does not provide proper notice of such hearings. It is your judicial duty to assure that proper notice of any public hearing involving your court is timely and properly posted for public view according to state law.

Since you do not exercise proper procedures that are used in a daily basis to conduct court, it begs one to question your judgment and conduct during sealed hearings.
I strongly suggest you adjourn the Oct. 3rd hearing until you can provide proper public notice of such hearing.

In the very short time of monitoring this case, I have noted many errors, omissions and acts of judicial misconduct. As a Judge, you now have serious credibility gaps being your words do not coincide with printed court documents. I do not believe I need to school you on Wisconsin Statutes 757.14 and other equally important statutes that protect public access to the courts. Nor should I have to remind you of Wis. SCR’s and Statutes that regulate judicial conduct. Since you are an (honorable?) Judge, please conduct all future hearings in full compliance of Wisconsin laws.

You have been put on notice."

Again and again, it appears that the written rule of law is routinely violated by Officials who preside over City of Racine, Racine County, and State of Wisconsin, at every level. This practice needs to end and Governor Scott Walker needs to have his Department of Justice root out the cancer of lawlessness which is destroying Racine County.

The City of Racine Common Council needs to seriously consider firing City Attorney Scott Letteney and cleaning house internally of the Public Officials, elected and appointed, who continue to routinely and openly violate the laws of the State of Wisconsin, the Rights of Citizens; and end the regular practice of persecuting and harassing those who point out the lawlessness of elected and appointed officials.


Tim & Cindy

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