Thursday, September 20, 2018

In Racine County, a court dispute over access to public records is fought in secrecy

From JSOnline:

The unusual case, now on appeal but also absent from the Court of Appeals web-based index, has only come to light because a maverick Racine Common Council member got tired of what she calls growing secrecy and concentrated power in her local government.
"To me, it’s a huge issue," said Sandy Weidner. "I’m willing to defy the judge's order that it’s sealed."
Advocates for open government are astounded and have never heard of a public records suit being sealed, or any kind of case without some record of who the parties are and why it was under seal.
"Everything I know about this case seems atrocious," said Bill Lueders, president of the Wisconsin Freedom of Information Council.
"These communications should never have been withheld. The trial court judge should never have allowed this matter to be adjudicated in secret. His decision should not have been sealed. The appellate court should not have allowed this secrecy to extend to the appeal."
"These are low-level communications from local residents about local issues, not the  Pentagon Papers," Lueders said.

Our "leaders" are lying pigs.

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Anonymous said...

Readers should consider they have to read about their corrupt city from a Milwaukee newspaper.
The Racine Journal times is a poorly managed newspaper who appears to be derelict of their free press responsibilities and complicit with the corrupt crowd.