Thursday, October 31, 2013

A List of Lying John's Accomplishments

Lying John gavelling down the truth.
The following is from a comment by "City Hall Monitor" on the Journal Times site. 

"Back by popular demand!

"Who needs streetlights when you can give millions in corrupt back room deals to friends and family for marble bathrooms, the roundabout, CAR25, failed projects like Porters and Delta Hawk, or even grave sites on sacred Indian burial grounds?

"Here is Racine's List of Accomplishments under the current administration:

"- Poverty level has increased to make Racine one of the most impoverished cities in America while the mayor assumes no responsibility
- Substantial increase in local burglaries in both residential and commercial areas
- Creating new ordinances to specifically deter public comments and feedback
- Allowing friends to get another backdoor deal for half price grave sites on sacred Indian Burial Grounds (despite the cemetery commission saying no)
- Giving those same friends a real estate deal on a building downtown when a minority-owned business was discriminated against when they tried to buy it
- Competing as a city, connected to mayor's best friend's business no doubt, in headstone sales against long-standing local businesses
- Highest unemployment in the state for years running with no change in sight
- Bid rigging, discrimination and unfair business practices
- Unfair property taxes and assessments (and resulting lawsuits)
- Removing streetlights (still going through despite all the opposition)
- Cutting bus schedules and services to an absolute minimum
- Increased recycling and service fees (still going up despite promising it would not)
- Unnecessary cuts to essential services like Police & Fire (despite all the opposition)
- Porters $1.2 Million Giveaway (nothing to show for it)
- Giving more money to Porters without informing the community
- Delta Hawk Giveaway (nothing to show for it)
- CAR25 Giveaway and increased spending (see bid rigging)
- Giving friends that run CAR25 even more money than promised (another 30k)
- Uptown demolition and wasteful spending (more bid rigging)
- Unnecessary City Hall Bathrooms & Renovation (paying friends)
- Excessive Zoo subsidies while still increasing fees (paying more friends)
- Unnecessary City Hall roundabout (paying friends yet again)
- Excessive charges to residents for streets, sidewalks, and landscaping
- Failing school system (and failing school board)
- Suing local nonprofit organization Project New Life for issues created by the city
- Changing the rules for zoning and blight to rig real estate deals
- Unnecessary cuts to public transportation (where are bus ad revenues going?)
- Mass exodus of residents and businesses (with outdated population signs)
- Elitism and special rules to favor Aldermen (including guns in Council Chambers)
- Censorship, slander and libel against community members
- Suing our own city to cover personal legal expenses for the mayor
- Begging local churches and nonprofits to donate money to the city
- Excessive cronyism, favoritism, and back room deals
- No real plan for recovery (see bond rating downgrade)
- Hiring consultants for jobs that should be done by staff
- Incompetent City Administrator and Finance Director
- Pushed through union contracts (plus legal fees) without waiting for Act 10
- Lost potential contracts for water service due to arrogance
- Unnecessary hurdles for local businesses
- Violation of open meeting laws
- Violation of city ordinances and state statutes
- Complete lack of ethics, even by the Ethics Board itself
- Overpaid positions and benefits for City Staff, Mayor & Aldermen
- Continuous and excessive debt service (over 25 cents of every dollar)
- Excessive tax rates to deter any new residents and businesses
- No new development (besides liquor stores and discount shops)
- Massive amounts of foreclosures and pending foreclosures
- Free fall of home and property values toward ZERO for those that remain
- Rampant corruption and disregard for the community
- Lies

"Vote for your favorites (or add to the list)!"

Party on, lying John!


hale-bopp said...

Believe it or not, I think there are more corrupt cities than Racine. However, they are all much larger metro areas so I think in corruption per capita, Racine might take them.

And it really pains me to see that. Racine has a prime location and so much potential to be a great little city. To see it continually derailed by it's leaders is awful.

Last time I visited, I went back to the neighborhood where I used to live. The house I owned was in foreclosure, vacant and looked awful, as did several others on the block. The neighborhood looked very different than when I lived there. Lots of things aren't going the right direction.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is a pretty good list.

The scary part is that there are so many more examples that could be added to this.

Plus I can't seem to think of ANY positive accomplishments they have achieved.

What a disaster Racine has become under the past and current Mayor. They are both morally corrupt, and the Aldermen just allow it all to happen. They have even pushed it to a new low.

OrbsCorbs said...

Don't worry, lying John has the Ten Year Plan in his head.

Sad mews that SC Johnson is restructuring and jobs will be lost in Racine:

Of course, it's not all lying John's fault. But his continued looting of Racine in favor of his friends has crippled our ability to respond to the global economy.

Just down the road in Kenosha, they do it better, cleaner, and cheaper.

Anonymous said...




Midwest Street Ryders

Anonymous said...

Note to JT Reporter Michael Burke -

Please check your facts. According to the Racine County Economic Development Corporation SCJ has only 2,600 employees.

So, if 100 people get laid off that's 3.8% of the SCJ's workforce. If 200 people get laid off that's 7.7% of SCJ's workforce.

Please check your facts and figures!

John Hanner said...

These are just the ones we know of.

Anonymous said...

The yellow tie is quite fitting for Dictator John.

I see the JT must have banned your screen name again, Orbs. I give you credit, you dont quit, just create a new one.

OrbsCorbs said...

Lying John favors pastel yellow, and occasionally blue.

I've been banned from the Journal Times site for over five years.

To the Journal Times: