Monday, October 14, 2013

"Wisconsin State Legislature : When Law Enforcement Takes a Life, Should they Judge Themselves?"


"Please support Wisconsin Representatives Garey Bies (R) and Chris Taylor (D) in their efforts to protect civilians and law officers from unfair investigations. Their co-sponsored legislation is titled the 'Citizens and Law Enforcement Safety Act.'  Bill #AB 409 .
"This is the first bill in the nation to ask for statewide, independent, and professional review of police-involved deaths.
"Both legislators have extensive backgrounds in law or law enforcement and together they have drafted a bill that requires an independent professional review of police-related fatalities. 
"Whether a citizen perishes in a corrections facility, a police-related automobile accident or by use of deadly force, all aspects of police-related deaths would be reviewed by a panel of experienced law 'professionals' (not just police officers associated with the department involved).  The panel would be appointed by a high-ranking elected official and possess the same level of objectivity as a grand jury.

"Nothing harms an officer's psyche more than a shooting death followed by a cloud of suspicion surrounding that officer's judgment or the integrity of the investigation.  This Bill would help ensure that once cleared by an impartial investigation, an officer could move quickly beyond the incident."

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Toad said...

HONEST OPINION? FUCK NO!!!!! I'm all for the Police, and their departments, but I believe too many MEN In particular get really big balls when they carry a gun, and the authority to seize the moment. It has always been said, "Who are you going to believe, the black (In many cases) guy or the cop? The department should have NO input into the investigation other than witness testimony. I find It particularly horrific when they kill someone that won't put a knife down.

legal stranger said...

I signed the petition earlier in the week.

The petition plea4change has had marquis posting on Milwaukee County Corruption for the last 5 days.

The story of the death of Michael Bell is indeed disturbing.

This proposed law will bring an unbiased eye into the investigations of civilian deaths at the hands of law enforcement.

Please consider signing the online petition.

Sheriff, thanks for posting this.

OrbsCorbs said...

I posted it, not the Sheriff. We decided long ago that JT Irregulars shouldn't take any political stance. As an individual, though, I can post whatever I want. I will post material contrary to my personal beliefs/value system if it contains worthwhile information.

kkdither said...

Self policing is never a good idea, in ANY organization. The police are not exempt from corruption. CPA's watch over the money bottom line in business, and there needs to be a neutral, non-affiliated governance for our public servants.

I support the men and women who put their life on the line, enforcing laws to make our life more civilized and safer. I could never do what they do. I know many police officers as friends and coworkers. When the shit hits the fan, you can see the focus and professional side come into action. We should be very thankful for their service.

Toad said...

Back In the 60s, I worked at St. Luke's Hosp. 3rd shift. I knew MANY officers. I also knew which ones were GOOD cops, and which ones loved having the power. It was always kind of funny, because even the cops themselves knew who the jerks were, and couldn't stand them.

BL Basketcase said...

I am friends with many of the sheriff and police, thus knowing there are many good people within.

As in any organization,the
bullies come out and exhibit a propensity for adhering to the philosophy that they possess
the highest powers awarded to members of the human race. They believe they are God-like in their actions and thoughts. I believe that the case of the Michael Bell
shooting is highly exemplary of this. The police are given the power of the use of deadly force.
I am sure many of them desire the label of having had to use it.

Kinda like the shooting of Giggles the Fawn... be the one to shoot your gun. It is a notch in your belt! They should be proud that they shot a kid in handcuffs that was not even armed. WTF.

I lost a kid around that age....a horrible loss for yet another reason of injustice. I AM GOING TO SIGN THE PETITION.