Thursday, October 17, 2013

Some Halloween Pictures!

While I was out taking fall and bird pictures I thought I would get some Halloween pictures to share with you also. I always like to take pictures of the different holidays and share them with my friends that are like family to me. I hope everyone enjoys the pictures.

                                        This picture was taken on Ohio St. Mount Pleasant Wi.

                                        This picture was taken on Ohio St. Mount Pleasant Wi.

This was taken on 4 Mile Rd Caledonia Wi.. It is Freddy in the tree with a spider crawling on him.

                                                 This was taken on 4 Mile Rd. Caledonia Wi.

                                                 This was taken on 4 Mile Rd. Caledonia Wi.

I do have more Halloween pictures to share. This weekend we are going up north for our Grandson's first birthday so I am going to see what kind of Halloween and Fall pictures I can take up there to share with you.


Why Not? said...

Looks like so much fun!! I do miss Halloween.. We bought some Halloween decorations but it seems like we wont be able to have them.. we have a couple of neighborhood kids that don't seem to understand that it is not acceptable to go and take things from other peoples yards.. we have a fake foot that we always put out under our steps we have picked it up from around our neighborhood and today we got to fish it off of our roof.. nice.. little turds

kkdither said...

Like the pictures! Thanks for sharing. I've stopped decorating. We have very few children in the direct neighborhood, it is mostly older adults. I got so tired of the ungrateful teenagers, some holding their own babies, being dropped off by the carload, that I no longer put on the light.

OrbsCorbs said...

I've seen some really decked out houses at night. Soon Halloween decorations will equal Christmas. Thanks for the pics, THB.

legal stranger said...

great, funny pics, thanks

Tender Heart Bear said...

Thank you for all your comments and I love going out and getting the pictures to share with you.

Why Not- I am so sorry for the about what the kids out there did. That is just not right.

Daddy Orbs- I do plan on going out and getting Christmas pictures again too!