Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my extraordinary friends!  How are you?  More and more leaves fall to the ground (or your gutters).  Some trees are already bare.  More and more homes are decorated for Halloween.  Some will be decorated for Christmas shortly thereafter.  The seasons march on, immune to the will of man.  So do the retailers.

Our bombastic and monumental Green Bay Packers defeated the Minnesota Vikings last Sunday.  Somehow, even with all those injuries, the men in green and gold get the job done.  Next Monday night, the Packers take on the hated Chicago Bears.  May the peerless and transcendent Green Bay Packers mutilate da Bears.

In the Irregular Football League, my Screaming Psychics dropped to fourth place.  The Half-Astrophysicists are in first place, the Orbliterators are in second, and the Racine Irregulars are in third.  Oh my.

I was psychic channel surfing the other night when I came across some mumblings and rumblings concerning the behavior of a current Racine alderman in past employment. Someone wake up the Ethics Board again and broadcast the news to Racine’s leaders: the internet is here!  People are connecting in ways that you don’t even know exist.  You best be sure that the skeletons in your closet don’t rattle and tattle on you.  People love dirt on public servants.  It justifies their anger with our government, at all levels.

Our Mr. Governor Scott Walker says he will soon release his decision on the casino in Kenosha.  I’m sure that whichever side comes up with the most payola will win square and fair.

Here’s some good news from RacineUncovered: “Racine Police: 14 burglary arrests made in 48 hours,” “From Racine Police Department:14 Burglary Arrests Made in the past 48 Hours! THANK YOU CITIZENS!!! We couldn’t do it without you!”  On the contrary, we couldn’t do it without you.  Thank you, Racine Police Department! 

Finally, my dears, please take heed of this story from Reuters: “Psychic scammers find fertile haunting ground in Internet age,”
“(Reuters) - As pre-Halloween witches and ghouls sprout up on U.S. lawns, experts are warning people to be wary of modern occult scammers who have moved online to hawk virtual voodoo dolls, revenge spells and otherwise ‘haunted’ items.

“While the idea of spending money for a magic spell - to help with an endeavor or to inflict pain on an enemy - has been around for centuries, experts say the anonymity of online transactions can encourage people who would otherwise never think of visiting a storefront psychic to fall for a con.”

Always be sure that your psychic displays the American Psychic Association Seal of Approval.  It’s the only way to protect unwitting customers.

Thank you for reading my blog this week.  You are such a marvelous audience.  I love spending time with you.  Your presence is my present.

Report the misdeeds of our “superiors:”

I hope that you all have a Happy Halloween!  When you get your bag of goodies home, be sure to check the apples and popcorn balls for needles and razor blades.  And don’t eat anything that tastes like mothballs.  Baragouin!


legal stranger said...

Bless you Mdme. Zoltar

Anonymous said...

Interesting about the alderman.....whats that whole deal about?

SER said...

You look at all the surveys and 80 to 85% of the public want the casino. Why does he have the right to make the final decision?

Anonymous said...

Anytime anyone speaks in percentages nowadays, I call Bullshit right away... just saying, percentages are all bullshit,, especially when used by politicians.

kkdither said...

How can they say a percent? They didn't calculate my opinion! Who really answers these telephone surveys? Who is home during the day to give an opinion?