Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Open Blog - Tuesday

Have a good day.


OrbsCorbs said...

Charlie is going to the vet at noon today. He's never been there. This should be "fun."

A terrific Tuesday to all!

lizardmom said...

I hope you, Charlie and the vet all survive the visit. People don't like going to the doctor, I imagine animals are the same

OKIE said...

I had to take Harley to the vet last week. If there had been carpet in the exam room, he would have worn a path. In kind, he left them a nice present outside.

Have a good day everyone and good luck Orbs.

Beejay said...

Orbs, good luck at the vet.

The rest of you have a grand day! Still hot here. We are waiting for that cool front. Saturday brings us a wake up temp in the low 60s and a high about 83 or 84. Fall finally arrives!

legal stranger said...

Go get'em Charlie, and take the fifth with him.

kkdither said...

I saw a car in the parking lot this morning that had snow or heavy frost on it. Eek!

OrbsCorbs said...

One of my storm windows had frost because I left up the interior window for Charlie to look out.

Thanks for the well wishes, everybody. Poor Charlie. I felt so bad for him. Once I got him to the examining room, he refused to leave the carrier. The vet held the carrier upside down so that Charlie would fall out, but he hung on.

We finally pried him out. 12 lbs 15 oz. I wasn't going to update his vaccines (he's an indoor cat), but it was only $10 more to get them. (Some landlords require up to date vaccines.) He also got a steroid shot. She, the vet, said that that one would hurt, so she got an assistant to help hold Charlie down while she administered the shot in a muscle. He didn't even flinch. He was just hunkered down and freaked out by the entire experience. (I haven't had him to the vet, or anywhere, before.)

The steroids are supposed to help with some small sores and itching. She also gave me a supplement to put on his food that contains fatty acid oils and vitamins. That's supposed to help his cracked paws heal.

She also gave me a tube of flea treatment for free, but she found no evidence of fleas or mites.

Charlie survived, I survived, neither of us is the wiser, but the vet is richer at our expense. Charlie knows that something is up (moving), but he's not sure what. Pets are sensitive to our thoughts and emotions, I think.

OKIE said...

Oh that is good news Orbs. Thanks for sharing.