Saturday, October 19, 2013

Open Blog - Weekend

Please do.


BL Basketcase said...

I'm having a great fun filled time working and thinking how life cn really get screwed up for people...even worse than mine.

kkdither said...

Yes. Just start talking to people and you'll find out that, maybe, your lot in life isn't so bad.

Have a happy weekend. Baby holding is in my near future. That can make all troubles melt away.

lizardmom said...

people suck, well, except for us, of course! :)

BL Basketcase said...

Lions and tigers and bears....

Toad said...

Mary, "OH MY?' People are horrible. Mostly the ones younger, and not nearly as intelligent as us.

Toad said...

As a matter of fact. I'm sitting here In my "Death Recliner" looking at Winnie, and Mobe, and thinking, HOW can I become a DOG? I don't know where "bag of bones" Daisy Is? Probably In the other room. She Is really just a skeleton with a thin fur coat. I seems ok. Eats fine, and gets around just fine, but somehow I don't think she will be here for long. I think she will be joining Ret.

OrbsCorbs said...

The human race is filled with moral degenerates and ignorant thugs. Currently, they are in the ascendency. Party on!

kkdither said...

Update: excessive baby holding can put serious crinks in your neck.... but it is worth every bit of it. :)

OrbsCorbs said...

Beautiful, kk. I saw yesterday somewhere on the net that preemies do better when they are allowed to lay on the chest of a human being for extended periods.

BL Basketcase said...

My life is all screwed up...My son moved coming any time
in early November.... then daughter
ended her relationship and MOVED in
WITH ONE DAY NOTICE after I just moved all the stuff from my kitchen into the back bedrooms(where she moved in to with kid.) Because the kitchen cabinets are arriving on Halloween ,as I finally prepaid for them, (because people "borrowed" the money in the family last year when I was supposed to get them.) So we had to move all the stuff from the "eating area" back into another area of the house. What a mess! THEN to top it off, my shoulder blew to the point I went to the Orthopedic doctor and had and MRI and found I had the worst thing you can have without being deemed terminal...2 tears in rotater cuff, a bone spur, an impingement, edema under muscle, arthritis, and bursitis..... THEN my newly widowed mom is SEVERLY DEPRESSED upset I haven't come to visit her for a while way down south..... a tree fell on my shed
and no one showed up out of 3 people to get the damn thing off my shed !!! AND I CAN BARELY MOVE OR SLEEP FROM PAIN.

BL Basketcase said...



kkdither said...

BLB, hang in there.... Sometimes, doing nothing is the best thing. It will sort itself out. Take care of your pain. That is the first step. You can't think straight when you aren't feeling well. Maybe the daughter should go visit grandma? If all fails, make up a F this S prayer and say it over and over until YOU feel better.

BL Basketcase said...

You are very ingenious, kk! I like the F this S prayer idea! I think it would be funny as hell ( Is Hell really funny?)

In Cardiology we say a similar thing. We say "Every arrhythmia eventually straightens itself out." The meaning of that is...if a heart is beating atypically, the rhythm will flatten out, or FLAT LINE! We all know what that means! DEAD!

Maybe I will write a prayer to share...hehehehe

BL Basketcase said...

kk... are you up for a poem competition? For JTI cash?

Toad said...

I never thought of a F this S prayer before. My favorite has always been the "Serenity" prayer, but I think It's probably for dreamers? I REALLY need a new one, and think the F this S fits perfect.

BLB, I feel so bad for you, and know just how you feel. I often wonder, at what age do "children" become responsible adults? Actually my life has literally been turned upside down because of what I will call "Long term child care" As for the tree on you shed. Do what I'm doing about the tree on my garage/shed. NOTHING.

BL Basketcase said...

Thanks, TOAD.... but this tree is a big MOFO, with it's own MOJO.
One can get killed from moving it or cutting at it. The shed is big and holds all my important "JUNK"

I know the JTI understands these dilemmas, as many are in the same boat in some way or another. I often kid everyone about moving to a one bedroom shack in
Kentucky. This may actually happen
(but not set on Kentucky!) But one can bet it will not have relatives comforts in mind.

BL Basketcase said...

Maybe I will move somewhere way out there and become an herbalist/witch doctor or a Life Coach for Nomads.

kkdither said...

I dabbled at the occupation of life coach for nomads. The pay sucks and you don't want to know about the benefits package! How do you think I got stuck with those camels? ;>

BL Basketcase said...

I thought those camels were "demos".

That also made me think you may have touched upon that career a bit, but I did not want to ask, but I was dying to know. It is a geat thing, tho, for not paying much federal, state, or realestate

BL Basketcase said...

God grant me the strength
To maim the people I cannot change;
To brutally force a change on the things I can;
With a big can of whoop-ass for
those who are indifferent.
While being pissed off one day at a time.

kkdither said...

I'm working on a F this S prayer/ poem blog. I have a few stanzas in the works. Put your thinking caps on, Irregulars. All who enter what reasonably mimics poetry will be JTI Cash winners.

BL Basketcase said...

I love this! I will also start one for some real fun... GAME ON!

Anonymous said...

There once was a whiner named BL B

Who knew another whiner named kk D

Their mom was a lizard

Sister Mary an old gizzard

Now they all live unhappily

Now all the girls are squinting

To see who is printing

These tall tales of the girls on JT

As Toad is on the recliner

And Orbs gives someone a shiner

The fighting Iluminati are we.

Bless us.

BL Basketcase said...

The Lord is STILL my Shepard,
BUT for this I did not ask
To lie down in dirty pastures
and get a cow bite on my ass.

He guided me beside restful waters
till the sewage pond done broke.
Swept away in the valley of Death
and soon it made me choke.

I was caught with a reel and rod
and was mistaken for some cod.
in the presence of my foes
and my cups overflowed

My head was annointed with oil
I was cooked for the royal!

All I said "this is total f'ing shit"

legal stranger said...

I respectfully submit...

Blog Hogs......a poem

The End.....

Thank You for your consideration.

BL Basketcase said...

Anonie....guess no one liked our poetry!!! Ah...what the hey...we will do it anyways!