Saturday, October 5, 2013

Open Blog - Weekend

I'll get my crayons.


SER said...

Have a colorful weekend...Mushrooms will do that!

OrbsCorbs said...

That's pretty intense. I never did mushrooms, but I did acid a few times. I didn't like hallucinogens.

I downloaded and installed Chrome yesterday. Now I have three browsers on the computer. I had to do it because one of my favorite old movie and TV sites, Retrovision, mocked me when I logged in with Firefox or IE8. The videos won't play and you get messages like, "Log in with a real browser, Google Chrome."

Chrome was one of the quickest, cleanest installs I've experienced. It seems to be faster and more responsive than Firefox, kinda like back when Firefox was the alternative browser. It was fast and had "tabs"! Now it seems to be as bloated as IE.

I can see the videos now.

Happy weekend to all JTIs everywhere. Remember, the only requirement for membership in the JTIs is a desire to stop being regular.

OrbsCorbs said...

So now I go to Retrovision and they announce that they are reformatting all of their content and will be making it compatible with Firefox.

lizardmom said...

Orbs, kinda sounds like the usual, not fair but at least you have an alternative browser, hopefully it will be handy in other ways.
I had great hopes for sleeping in, except I passed out around 8:30 last night (ya, my night owl days are long gone unless you count when I get up and get to work by 3am?) I'm heading to surprise my new brother in law when he has a short lay over by Walmart. We had a surprise bday party for him this past Sunday. Tomorrow is his actual bday. I was worried it would be rather a let down as all the excitement already happened, He'll get his present today, whether he opens it today or tomorrow is up to him :)
Possible cookout 2 weeks from today or tomorrow, need to plan quickly, please let me know if you're all available and I'll get it in motion!

Beejay said...

Heading to Walhalla, SC. Temps in the mid to high 70s for the moving week. Nice...but the darn Tropical Storm Karen may dampen our spirits tomorrow afternoon.

BL Basketcase said...

If anyone here has ever been regular...please stand up!

Something in the name KAREN wreaks
havok.... : )

For me it is work, party, party, work ,work this weekend. Now all these stangers, even illegal, know my schedule. I have a very large aggressive bulldog who loves me deeply, BTW.

BL Basketcase said...

Copied from Friday Blog

LM..I work until 2 pm on the 19th but can make it at around 3:30 at the earliest. Or I'll be late and just stop in at the end to say "HI, Irregies!"

I will have a winter get-together
with only the JTI' one else allowed unless you are a guest of the JTI. Last year was different
because of The End of The World Party, and I was mad that the world did not end, because I had to clean up afterwards. I still have all that oxygen and burn cream sitting around. KK, please do not bring those stinky camels
OR wear that gawd awful yellow sweater.... but...maybe we can have steaks....camel! They taste like chicken!

We miss you, too Beejay. But what means "S if"?

kkdither said...

We are all early birds this morning. Woke up at 4 and noticed my alarm wasn't set, so set it. Alarm went off and I realized it was Saturday. Drat!

About time that name came up as a hurricaine. Will probably be more talk than action, don't you think?

As of now, my calendar is clear for that day, Liz. Will it be a pot luck? I'll whip something up. ^^(see above)

BLB: Aww, c'mon, I was saving that sweater for the winter get together; I figured the camel smell would be gone by then.

BL Basketcase said...

I heard you talk the talk and walk the walk. I smell that sweater here from your hous when the wind blows my way! It glows so much...that bile yellow color! Here I thought it was the northern lights!

kkdither said...

Orbs, give Chrome a chance. I reluctantly started using it because my game kept crashing on other browsers. I love it. Much cleaner, faster and lighter.

I still have the other two on my computer, too. It came in handy to have a backup browser when that virus hit me. Malware Bytes removed an infected file that killed Chrome.

Anonymous said...

All she is saying give CHROME a chance...lalalala

OKIE said...

We use Chrome and it seems okay to me.
It's freezing here (53) and I'm on my way out to get Once in Done as hubby is cleaning the grout on the tile floors. You don't realize how dirty it is until you clean it. I thought it was okay.

Have a great colorful Saturday everyone.

Tender Heart Bear said...

The 19th is not good for us because we will be up north for our grandson's 1st birthday!

Daddy Orb's- Our computer keeps trying to get us to use chrome and I just keep denying it so we can keep are firefox.

kkdither said...

BLB: Have you been talking to my police associates? I find that throughout my workday, I need to be scrappy, quick on my feet and always on top of my game. The bigger the are, the harder they fall. ;>

Toad said...

BLB, 19th. of December? BTW, I love Yellow. My grandpa had a Yellow V neck sweater, when he died, and I wore It out. I loved It. Still smelled like cigars.

About Karen, I wish my sister was still with us, so she could enjoy the storm In Florida. Looks like lots of rain for the Gulf area to me?

Back to BLB, Oxygen? I'm thinking of trying It. Like maybe 8-10 liters up the nose, to see If It gets rid of my headaches. It's only $600.00 a day at the Hospital, and I'm not kidding.

BL Basketcase said...

Come down to the JTI party....
besides... got you an important gift! But you have to show up!
Bring Mrs. Toad, too.

TOAD..Why do you have headaches? What type? Oxygen can dry out sinuses too much and make it worse

Lizardmom is planning something. I will do something around the holidays, just for JTI.

BL Basketcase said...

kk, I never disclose my sources...

OrbsCorbs said...

I should be available in a couple of weeks, but only my gut knows. It might be chilly for a cookout.

As I said, I found Chrome to be crisper than the other browsers. I'll hang onto it. Maybe I'll migrate from Firefox.

Apparently, there is no setting to make Chrome dump cookies and trackers when it shuts down? I checked online and found out how to clear and the cookies and cache manually, but I can't find an automatic setup to clear when the browser closes.

lizardmom said...

I'd hate for THB and Drew not to make it, and temps are going to be in question... oh the conundrum... we could meet somewhere and do it potluck style? Bowling? Meet at a restaurant somewhere? Ideas and alternative weekends to get everybody together? Let's look at Oct. 26th or Nov. 2nd? input? preferences?

kkdither said...

You are correct, orbs. It does not do that. If you figure something out, let me know. I occasionally run a custom scan with that SAS (super anti spyware) program on the cookie folder and really clean it up.

OrbsCorbs said...

Norton Utilities also cleans them. I run that numerous times per session.

LM, I'll probably have to move on Oct 31 - Nov. 1. I should know by Monday. A get-together might be a way to celebrate it?

OrbsCorbs said...

Wait, Mary said she's gonna be here on Nov. 9, right? We have to get together then for her. Better make sure Kewpee's is open that Saturday.

lizardmom said...

I didn't have that info on my calendar, it must have gotten past me. Mary, can you confirm? Yes, I will make sure Kewpies is open, we may need to meet at an obscure time because they are always so busy. Thoughts?

Tender Heart Bear said...

Any of those weekends is good for us and if you need any help with it let me know LM. You have our number just call and let me know.

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