Saturday, September 1, 2018

Yorgan For Congress!

From the Gazette Xtra:

The third candidate on the 1st Congressional District ballot says he also would hold town hall meetings if elected.

As reported earlier, Democrat Randy Bryce and Republican Bryan Steil both said they would sign a pledge to hold at least four town hall meetings per year.

Ken Yorgan, an independent who also is on the Nov. 6 ballot, said he would do the same.

“I find it rather amusing to see someone attempting to score political points by pledging to do the job that they are applying for, but I suppose that’s the world that we live in,” Yorgan said in an email. “I have no problem whatsoever with signing, if I am supplied a copy of some sort, but rest assured, meeting with and listening to constituents is simply something that I consider part of a congressman’s basic responsibilities.”


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