Saturday, January 26, 2013

"Dog acts like a car | Volkswagen Commercial"

That dog acts like I did when I was a kid.

Random Thoughts

Went out last night and got really wasted. I woke up in the middle of
the night next to some chick who was snoring and farting, so I knew I
made it home OK! 

I've accidentally swallowed some Scrabble tiles. My next bowel movement
could spell disaster.
I spent a couple of hours defrosting the fridge last night, or
"foreplay" as she likes to call it.  

 After both suffering from depression for a while, me and the wife were
going to commit suicide yesterday. But strangely enough, once she
killed herself, I started to feel a lot better. So I thought, “Screw
it, soldier on!”

I woke up this morning at 8, and could smell something was wrong. I got
downstairs and found the wife face down on the kitchen floor, not
breathing! I panicked. I didn’t know what to do. Then I remembered
McDonald’s serves breakfast until 11:30.

Bought the missus a hamster-skin coat last week. Took her to the fair
last night, and it took me 3 hours to get her off the Ferris wheel.

A Catholic boy in confession says, “Bless me Father, I have sinned, I
masturbated while thinking about my sister.” “That's a disgrace”, said
the priest, “especially when you have two gorgeous brothers.”

A government survey has shown that 91% of illegal immigrants come to
this country so that they can see their own doctor.

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Enjoy yourselves.

Friday, January 25, 2013

"Dude On Lead Horns Is Awesome!"

How do you discover that you have a talent for that?

"Sheriff's radio ad says 911 not best option, urges residents to take firearms classes"

From JSOnline:

"Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. set off alarm bells Friday with a radio spot some view as a call for citizens to arm themselves.

"In the radio ad, Clarke tells residents personal safety isn't a spectator sport anymore, and that 'I need you in the game.'

"'With officers laid off and furloughed, simply calling 911 and waiting is no longer your best option,' Clarke intones.

"'You could beg for mercy from a violent criminal, hide under the bed, or you can fight back.'
Clarke urges listeners to take a firearm safety course and handle a firearm 'so you can defend yourself until we get there.'

"'You have a duty to protect yourself and your family. We're partners now. Can I count on you?'"

Read more:

I know that occasionally the Racine Police Department is stretched thin and they call upon surrounding communities for backup.  I would not want to be a victim of a violent crime during one of those "thin" times.  But I haven't armed myself, yet.    

"Judge: Slander deal must be released"

From The Journal

"RACINE — The settlement agreement that ended a former city employee’s slander suit against Mayor John Dickert is a public record and must released to the public, Racine Circuit Court Judge Gerald Ptacek ruled Friday.

"William Bielefeldt sued Dickert in 2011 claiming the mayor defamed him in radio comments he made while campaigning for re-election. The parties reached a settlement in late April, just days before a scheduled jury trial. The lawsuit cost city taxpayers $100,000 in legal fees.

"In May The Journal Times filed a records request with the city and Dickert asking for a copy of the agreement. A confidentiality clause built into the agreement barred Dickert from releasing the agreement without Bielefeldt’s permission or a court order, so the city and Dickert filed a lawsuit against Bielefeldt in June, asking a judge for direction."

Read more:

I think that a Kenosha judge should have heard this case, too.

The Big Chill 2013!

Last weekend was The Big Chill in Racine Wi.. This is when the people make carvings out of the snow in downtown Racine. I didn't get down there over the weekend to watch them do make the statue's.

We had a lot going on here at the house my daughter was getting everything ready to go back to school. Drew and I did go downtown on Wednesday and we have gotten some really good pictures to share with everyone. I hope all of you will enjoy the pictures we froze taken the pictures.

That is all of the pictures that we have from The Big Chill in downtown Racine Wi. 2013. I hope everyone enjoys our pictures we a sharing.

Four for Fridays

Hello everyone! Welcome back to Four for Fridays after a long and interesting week filled with new experiences. Anyways, some questions for you....

1) If you were on a baseball team, what position would you play?

2) What is the farthest you have ever walked?

3) What bill do you think is the best value for your money?

4) What do think is beyond the stars?

Enjoy your weekend!

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Thank you, Betty.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

"Racine County Corruption - Special Edition"

Racine County Corruption has posted a Special Edition which highlights communication problems with our Sheriff's Dept., and also contains an affidavit that RCC says former Racine District Attorney Mike Nieskes falsely swore into court records.

There's always something brewing at:

Just doing a little shopping !!

There was a bit of confusion at a local Sporting goods store this

When I was ready to pay for my purchases of gun powder and bullets
the cashier said, "Strip down, facing me."

Making a mental note to complain about the gun registry people
running amok, I did just as she had instructed.

When the hysterical shrieking and alarms finally subsided, I found
out that she was referring to my credit card.

I have been asked to shop elsewhere in the future.

They need to make their instructions to us seniors a little clearer!

For BL Basketcase

I saw this on and immediately thought of you.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

"The People vs. Winter"

Unfortunately, I can relate to that video. You probably can, too.

American Tree Sparrow

Migrants from the north, the American Tree Sparrows are often found in weedy fields with the Dark Eyed Juncos.

Not to be confused with the over abundant, aggressive and invasive House Sparrow, the American Tree Sparrow are more of a rural bird than their Old World cousins. Wisconsin is home to 27 different sparrow species and I have documented 13 of them so far. I know that identifying sparrows can be difficult, so bear with me while I try to explain as we go along. The first thing noticeable thing about the American Tree Sparrow is the rusty red cap and rusty (not black) eye line on a gray head. They have a streaked brown back, and a smooth gray to buff breast in both male and female. American Tree Sparrows give an overall impression of reddish-brown and gray. A dark smudge in the center of the unstreaked breast is common. Plus they have a bicolored yellow and black bill.

Their closest relative of the American Tree Sparrow is the Chipping Sparrow. They also have rusty cap, but instead of a rusty eye line, they have a black and white one and NO markings on its chest. Chipping Sparrows also have a solid black bill. On top of that, the Chipping Sparrows are summer residents while the American Tree Sparrows are the winter birds. I hope this helps

Look for small flocks of American Tree Sparrows hopping along on the ground in winter in weedy fields with hedgerows or shrubs, along forest edges, or near marshes and roadsides. They readily visit backyards, especially if there's a seed feeder.

The top picture was taken at Cliffside Park on 12/1/2012. This little guy just happened to be on the trail I was on for an easy picture. The bottom picture was taken to Richard Bong State Recreational Area on 1/12/2013. This dude just happened to be on the roadside for another easy picture.

"Dolphin Rescue Hawaii"

Mary mentioned this video in today's Open Blog, so I thought I'd post it. Poor dolphin.

Huge Bear Surprises Camera

Click here to see bear invade campsite

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my noble savages!  How are you?  We finally got some real winter temperatures and I don’t like it.  Brrr.  When it gets this cold, I worry about my car starting and I worry about myself getting started in the morning.  I just want to stay in bed.  Tell me again why we live in Wisconsin.  I forgot.  Brain freeze.

Since our illustrious and magnificent Green Bay Packers are no longer involved in the postseason, I don’t much care who does or doesn’t win the Super Bowl.  The Packers’ season is over and so is my interest.  The commercials are the best part of the game.

This past Saturday, Señor Zanza, Junior, and I went to see the snow sculptures on Monument Square.  What a sight they were!  Simply gorgeous what they do with the snow.  There were ice sculptures, too, in front of businesses on Main and Sixth Streets.  They also were beautiful.  Because of our weather, I think most of the sculptures are still up and relatively unscathed.  Stop by and check them out.

I’ve been reading and hearing a lot about Mr. Mayor Dickert’s efforts to turn over the management of CAR25 to one of his buddies.  Tsk, tsk.  Why always the crooked way, Mr. Mayor?  Why always the con?  You and your cohorts should be ashamed of yourselves.  Bilking a city is not something to be proud of, Mr. Mayor.  Please stop lying to us, please.  Please be a man for once and speak the truth.

I use Mr. Mayor and his lies as a teaching tool for Junior.  Over and over, Mr. Mayor provides an example of what not to do.  Over and over, I point that out to Junior.  In fact, I’ve told Junior that he could live an honorable life simply by doing the opposite of whatever Mr. Mayor does.

Finally, my dears, here is a funny Mr. Jimmy Kimmel video on the cold weather:

Thank you, my sweethearts, for reading my blog this week.  It’s always a pleasure to have you visiting.  I look forward to it every week.

How cold is it?  Find out:

The temperatures are supposed to rise a little later this week, but it’s January and it’s Wisconsin, so make sure you dress appropriately for the weather.  Watch out for those darned icy spots.  Be careful out there.  Filipendulous!

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

"Sports Illustrated Kids 2012 SportsKids of the Year: Conner and Cayden Long"

That's a heartwarming and inspirational video.

Silverback Gorilla

Amazing Video.......SER


When hurricane Sandy struck the East Coast, even houses of worship were not spared.

A local television station interviewed a black woman from New Jersey and asked how the loss of churches in the area would affect their lives.

Without hesitation, the woman replied, "I don't know 'bout all those other people, but we ain't gone to Churches in years. We gets our chicken from Popeye's."

The look on the interviewer's face was priceless.

Crazy Marriage Proposal

"Audi's automatic driving for parking"

Impressive? I don't know. The video below impresses me more.

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Monday, January 21, 2013

A Couple of Birds For Drew

I was in Florida last week for my annual Disney Marathon trip. Thursday was a cool, windy day in and I went to Emerson Point Preserve near Palmetto. Lots of birds out that day and thought I would post a couple of pics for Drew and the other bird fans here. First, a pelican of some type (is there more than one type of pelican? Surely there must be).

Next, I know what this is. It is a roseate spoonbill. I love these guys, great color.


Here's another one where you can see the shape of the bill better.

See, I can take pictures of things that aren't in the sky too!

The Jupiter-Moon Conjunction Photos

Okay, I blogged about the close pairing of the Moon and Jupiter so here are some photos. The first one I got about 3:00 in the afternoon, but I prefer this one I took about 3:30pm.
Jupiter is to the lower left of the Moon. I went out for sunset as well. This is the first time I photographed sunset with my new Canon 60D. Wow! A bit different than my old camera! Shoots a lot faster and the sensitivity is different. Managed to get the differences sorted out in time to get a green flash. I am sure I will get better as I practice with this camera.
As soon as the Sun set, I turned to the Moon and Jupiter. 
About 8:00pm, I went back out and got this shot. The exposure was short to bring out details on the Moon. You can see the Montes Jura chain extending into the dark side of the Moon (upper left part of the Moon).
And I took one more with the Moon overexposed to bring out the Galilean Moons. Ganymede is to the left of Jupiter and Io and Callisto to the right. Europa was transiting in front of Jupiter at the time and not visible.
I hope you got to see the conjunction. Another one will happen on February 18th, but it won't be quite as close as this one.

Reprinted with permission from the Half-Astrophysicist Blog

Eagle Sightings

The above snapshot is a pair of Bald Eagles that I've seen on the break wall in Carre Hagel Park last November. Since then. I've been increasingly aware that a pair or more of Bald Eagles hanging around in the Racine County area. More than two dozen sighting have been reported....

To give an idea what is going on...

On November 4, I saw two eagles at Carre Hagel Park. Later on, in the SAME morning, I saw ANOTHER one by the lighthouse.

On November 10, I saw one perched in a tree at Smolenski Park. 

 Just after Thanksgiving, I saw another by the lighthouse with members of the Hoy Audubon.

Just before Christmas, Tender Heart and I saw fly over Hwy 100 in Oak Creek. It was heading east.

Two weeks ago, Tender Heart and I saw one fly over Carre Hagal Park.

Last Thursday, Tender Heart saw one fly over 4 Mile Rd. It was heading north.

Over the weekend, we again saw another near the Festival site.

That's just a few reported sightings....  I've heard of some being at the Pugh Marina, Carthage College, Echo Lake out in Burlington and other place around here.

A good way to find these eagles is to keep an eye the gulls and geese. If an eagle appears, they will manically fly up into the skies creating a chaotic confusion  Remember, a birds' eyesight is very keen.

I'm aware of that some readers may have never seen an eagle, now is a good time to keep an eye on the skies.... Good luck!

Useless Information

Did you know:

There were 6 presidents still alive at the same time twice recently in history.

One was at the time of Bill Clintons Inauguration in 1993 still alive were:
Richard Nixon
Gerald Ford
Jimmy Carter
Ronald Reagan
George H. W. Bush
Bill Clinton

Even more recently, George Bush Junior at the time of his inauguration:
Gerald Ford
Jimmy Carter
Ronald Reagan
George H. W. Bush
Bill Clinton
George W. Bush

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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dark Eyed Junco

Shifting gears here away from the rare and unusual to something more plain and common. Something we ALL may have seen.... the Dark Eyed Junco.

Dark-eyed Juncos are neat, even flashy little sparrows that flit about forest floors of the western mountains and Canada, then flood the rest of North America for winter. They’re easy to recognize by their crisp charcoal grey markings, white underbellies and the bright white tail feathers they habitually flash in flight. One of the most abundant forest birds of North America. Not only just found in forests, but in fields foraging for seeds with American Tree Sparrows, parks, backyards and even under feeders. They are everywhere...

Dark-eyed Juncos are birds of the ground. They hop around the bases of trees and shrubs in forests or venture out onto lawns looking for fallen seeds. You’ll often hear their high chip notes, given almost absent-mindedly while foraging, or intensifying as they take short, low flights through cover.

This picture was taken this afternoon at the nature center in the Richard Bong State Recreational Area. Tender Heart and I had been birding there for four hours with great success. I liked this picture especially the way it was looking up at me as if to say, hello.... The picture below was taken in my backyard on 10/19/2012. That's about the time of the year that they arrive in Wisconsin. They'll stay here until about April before heading back to the Great White North.


Lying John Writes Commentary for the Journal Times, Lies

Lying John has written a piece about CAR25 for the Journal Times in which he continues to lie: The lying mayor states that tax dollars are used for CAR25.  That's a lie. It's funded by fees from Time Warner Cable and AT&T.

Why does lying John feel that he can lie to us with impunity?  Look at the last time he tried to lie his way out of a situation - it costs us hundreds of thousands of tax dollars in legal fees.

Why doesn't the Journal Times call John on his lies?  Why do they knowingly publish his lies?

We're a fucked up city, lied to by our "leaders." The FBI can't get here soon enough. 

Look Up You First Car

This is really cool. Click here  to Find your first car or the one you drove to high school or college; hopefully your car brochure is available. This has to be one of the neatest web sites whether you have gasoline in your veins or not. This is a website featuring the original factory brochures for nearly every American car you have ever owned. Pick the manufacturer, the year and the model.