Friday, June 1, 2018

Four for Fridays!

Good morning everyone I think that Mother Nature is having a melt down today. The temperature is dropping instead of staying warm outside. On the news they are saying the waves can be from 3 feet to 5 feet high this is really crazy. Here are your questions!

1) Do you feel like when you go to the doctor they keep giving you more medicine?

2) How many meds do you have to take a day?

3) Are they all from one doctor?

4) Do you feel like that is to many meds to take?

Have a great weekend!

Implement the Sales Tax Now!

Dear County Board of Supervisors,

The words of a DESPERATE County Executive:

"We want everyone in Racine County to benefit from Foxconn’s historic investment in our community.
And to fully capitalize on that investment, we need everyone."

It's a call for the Blind to follow the blind.

Fair Enough. 

Let those who have eyes to see - SEE - and those wo have ears to hear - HEAR!


Tim & Cindy

Mirror Mirror On the Wall

Dear City of Racine Alderpersons,

Take a break from politics and enjoy a laugh.

Who's got the hardest look of all?



Tim & Cindy

John Mellencamp - Pink Houses

Open Blog - Friday

Summer already?

Thursday, May 31, 2018

"Good Evening Mr. & Mrs. America & All the Ships At Sea"

Not exactly my kind of music, but the cat plays sax.

"10 STRANGEST Discoveries Found In People's Backyards"

You've Been Punked!

Fagan sought more than $659,000 related to moving his business for the planned mixed-use redevelopment known as Machinery Row, north of Water Street and east of Marquette Street. Fagan’s lawsuit requested compensation for damages he said he incurred because of how the city handled the project.

Fagan, the sole plaintiff, and his attorney Todd Terry had asked for a default judgment in their favor.

The City Attorney’s Office sought dismissal, based on the contention that the city and its officials were never properly served with summonses.

In Racine County Circuit Court Judge David Paulson’s courtroom Tuesday, Terry put the woman on the stand who had prepared the documents to be served to the defendants, and then the process server who was used. He tried to establish that there was a careful process and unbroken chain of command.

City Attorney Scott Letteney then called nine city employees to testify, both about whether any of them had seen a summons come in with the complaint — none had — and their processes for handling court documents that are served at City Hall.

Paulson concluded the summonses were not served with the other documents. He denied Fagan default judgment and dismissed the lawsuit — but without prejudice, meaning Fagan can refile his suit.

Open Blog - Thursday

How does he taste, Snoopy?

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Nick Bryant - BBC News - Rosanne Barr

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my monsters and friends!  How are you?  Did you have a good Memorial Day weekend?  It was hot as hell.  It's supposed to get hot again tomorrow, but who knows?  No one has seen Mother Nature in over a year.  I wonder if climate change killed her?  Oh my.  Do the sudden shifts and extremes of weather annoy you?  We rack up some pretty wack temperatures during a year.  I like it warm in the summer, but not hot.  Of course, I rarely get my preference.  It's been a damp, cool spring.  I wonder what summer will bring.  The boys say the garden is still too wet to work in.  Let's hope that summer brings whatever is best for the farmers.

I believe a subtropical storm, Alberto, is touching down in Florida.  Ever notice how much weird stuff happens in Florida?  Every day there is some short news clip about Florida.  So, yeah, Floridians don't have to shovel snow or deal with the bitter cold.  However, we don't have to deal with hurricanes, or alligators overrunning the place, or the crème de la crème of idiot drivers concentrated in one spot, or all the other things you read about Florida in the paper or online.  Peace, Floridians.  Just pointing out the obvious.

Memorial Day traditionally signifies the beginning of summer.  I can't believe that it's here already.  Just yesterday it was January, wasn't it?  They say that time goes faster as you grow older.  That's certainly true for me.  By the time I adjust to summer, it will be fall.  What's everyone in such a hurry for?

How about this?

Racist Roseanne is off the air.  Her revived program was a big moneymaker for ABC.  It didn't matter - ABC did the right thing even though it hurt themselves.  Bravo!

Bravo to you for reading my blog!  I love you all.

Enjoy the weather to come.  Before you know it, the 4th of July will be here.  That's the day I avoid the parade and fireworks now.  Everyone goes crazy and drinks like a fish.  I'm better off watching the parade on TV.
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Open Blog - Wednesday

Omg, where's her legs?

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

"Foxconn water diversion fight: Groups challenge DNR ruling"

MOUNT PLEASANT — Midwest Environmental Advocates on Tuesday announced its filing of a legal action in opposition to a multimillion-gallon daily water diversion from Lake Michigan for Foxconn Technology Group.

On Friday, the last day an objection could be filed, MEA filed its petition under the Great Lakes Compact to challenge the state Department of Natural Resources’ April 25 approval of the City of Racine’s request to divert 7 million gallons per day of water outside the Great Lakes Basin.

“This legal challenge is essential, as Wisconsin’s approval of the Lake Michigan water diversion requested by Racine tests the integrity of the Great Lakes Compact by ignoring a key requirement of the historic agreement entered into by the eight Great Lakes states and enacted into federal law,” stated MEA attorney Jodi Habush Sinykin. “This mistake must be corrected to defend the Great Lakes Compact and to protect our magnificent Great Lakes in the near and distant future.”

Read more:

I wonder how quickly they can knock this down?

Say Goodbye and Say Hello

For the last two week Drew and I have been looking for a car. Yesterday we found a Ford Escape so we are saying goodbye to our Chevy HHR that is going to my daughter and saying hello to the Ford Escape.

"Louisiana televangelist seeks donations for $54M private jet: report - Latest News"

How much money is enough for these peckerwoods?

WILL Press Release | WILL and Brown County Taxpayers Association Respond to Lawsuit

WILL Press Release | WILL and Brown County Taxpayers Association Respond to Lawsuit

Question why county bothered to have original case dismissed

May 24, 2018 – Green Bay, Wisconsin – Yesterday, Brown County filed a lawsuit reopening a dispute over the legality of its new 0.5% sales tax.   A previous suit, brought by the Brown County Taxpayers Association (BCTA) and a Brown County resident, argued the tax was illegal because state law says a county can only create a sales tax “for the purpose of directly reducing the property tax levy.”  Brown County’s sales tax would not reduce the property tax levy and is intended to fund a slew of new projects.  The suit was dismissed on a procedural technicality.
Contrary to initial reports in the Green Bay Press Gazette, the County is not seeking to have the judge throw anything out (the first case was dismissed without prejudice and not appealed), and is not asking BCTA to pay its eyebrow-raising $125,000 legal tab from the first suit.  Instead, the County is doing exactly what BCTA tried to do in the first case – seeking a ruling on whether the sales tax is legal.
“Brown County says they want a judge to decide whether the sales tax is legal,” said Rich Heidel, President of BCTA.  “That’s all we asked for in our original lawsuit.  Why did the County waste everyone’s time and money getting the first case dismissed on a technicality?  We could’ve been done with this already.  The judge in the first case was going to hold a final hearing in April if the case hadn’t been dismissed.  We tried to get this done as quickly as possible.  They wanted to slow it down.”
The County’s focus on “saving” property taxpayers money by implementing a sales tax is beside the point.  “Whether the $147 million in new spending is a good idea or not is irrelevant,” said Heidel.  “What matters is whether the sales tax is legal.  And it isn’t, because it was used to pay for new spending instead of for reducing the property tax levy as required by state law.”
BCTA also objects to County Executive Troy Streckenbach’s absurd characterization of the group as somehow having limitless resources.  The small group has virtually no assets and could never have afforded to hire an attorney to protect their rights without the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty offering pro bono legal services.
“Selling the County as some poor David up against our Goliath is ludicrous on its face,” explained Rick Esenberg, President & General Counsel of WILL.  “The County went out and hired some of the best – and most expensive – lawyers in the state and can vote to spend effectively however much it wants on litigation.  We’re far more limited in our available resources.”
More information about the case is available here.

Bread - Guitar Man

Belt Magazine Article

Dear City of Racine Alderpersons,

Please be sure to read this excellent article from Belt Magazine about:
How Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Got Taken in the Foxconn Deal

Regardless, while the general assumption has been that the Wisconsin plant will produce large LCD panels, suitable for the biggest TV sets being sold, The China Post reported on August 12 that a Sharp official described the proposed U.S. plant as focused on making small LCD panels, primarily for the automotive market. Just more evidence that what Gov. Walker and his team have envisioned is unlikely to come to pass.

Regardless of the final nature of Foxconn’s development in Wisconsin, Gov. Walker’s conceit that an insular manufacturing site will somehow be the viral start of what he is calling “Foxconn Valley,” a Midwestern Silicon Valley, is the kind of magical thinking which would be comical if it didn’t involve decades of dipping into the wallets of Wisconsin taxpayers.

Further note that Corning has already REFUSED to come to Wis Valley unless the already beleaguered and overburdened Taxpayers of SE WI pay for their manufacturing facility:

"If Foxconn Technology Group is going to build a Gen 10.5 LCD fabrication facility in Mount Pleasant, then a manufacturer of glass substrates will have to locate on the same property. The head of the company expected to build the plant, however, made it clear this week his firm would not be carrying all of the cost to do so.

Wendell Weeks, Corning chairman and chief executive officer, said during an earnings call this week that the strategy the company has laid out makes it clear that “we weren’t going to put in new melting capacity for display unless we get two out of every three dollars from others and that we could keep 100 percent of the revenues and profits.”

The company’s first Gen 10.5 facility in Hefei, China was a $1.3 billion investment, but Corning contributed just $460 million after government and commercial incentives. Weeks was asked if Corning would require a similar financial split if it were building a facility in Wisconsin."

Good luck with your future EMPTY FIELD of DREAMS!
Tim & Cindy

Open Blog - Tuesday

Charlie doesn't like tacos.  Fool.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Alderman Jeff Coe

Dear City of Racine Alderpersons,

Alderman Jeff Coe is alleged to have made this remark, when denying Vapemeisters an alcohol permit:

Online records show that the committee recommended denial after First District Alderman Jeff Coe raised concerns about underage people being around alcohol and the possibility of setting “a precedent for approving other businesses within the city to sell alcohol so long as they serve some food.”

*WOW* Is Alderman Jeff Coe confused? Alcohol & Food are a staple in Racine, WI. So what's the problem? Has his hand not been greased?

I'd have to agree with the sentiment of the owners of the Establishment:

Last week, the Public Safety and Licensing Committee recommended denial of the shop’s application. The recommendation, given at a Tuesday committee meeting, left Jeff Kurth, the lounge’s general manager, in his words “confused and baffled.” It’s a recommendation he hopes the City Council will overturn at its meeting on June 5.

Does "Pay to Play" rule Racine?

And I personally refuse to believe that Alderman Jeff Coe is a Teetotaler. He appears to be a regular at many Downtown Bars which serve alcohol and food.

I guess that the SHAKEDOWN has now come into play - So what's the VIG? Jeff Coe drinks for free?


Tim & CIndy

Memorial Day

Legal Stranger
Today's Journal Times E-edition headlines on Memorial Day lacks any respect for those who gave so much for our freedom. Another RJTimes fail.

Beginning in 1868, after the Civil War, the holiday was established to honor the Americans who died fighting for the United States. Some 150 years later, the day lives on as a reminder to commemorate and honor the people who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of their country.

“Memorial Day" isn't just about honoring veterans, it's honoring those who lost their lives. Veterans had the fortune of coming home. For us, that's a reminder of when we come home we still have a responsibility to serve. It's a continuation of service that honors our country and those who fell defending it.” Pete Hegseth

From:  In the comments.

"Kim Jong Un impersonator poses for selfies in Singapore"

  • An impersonator of Kim Jong Un was spotted in Singapore over the weekend.
  • The man, who goes by the name Howard X, said he was in Singapore to wish for a successful summit between the actual Kim and U.S. President Donald Trump.
  • It's not yet clear if the summit will actually take place. Trump announced last week he had pulled out of the event, but then suggested it may still happen.

Kim Jong Un impersonator spotted posing for selfies in Singapore from CNBC.

Now we need a Trump impersonator.

"The Association - Windy - 1967"

"How Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Got Taken in the Foxconn Deal"

 "Regardless of the final nature of Foxconn’s development in Wisconsin, Gov. Walker’s conceit that an insular manufacturing site will somehow be the viral start of what he is calling 'Foxconn Valley,' a Midwestern Silicon Valley, is the kind of magical thinking which would be comical if it didn’t involve decades of dipping into the wallets of Wisconsin taxpayers"


Gov. Walker’s conceit that an insular manufacturing site will somehow be the viral start of a Midwestern Silicon Valley is magical thinking.

Open Blog - Memorial Day

Thank you, thank you, thank you.