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Who's The Boss? Alyssa Milano Calls For "Sex Strike" To Protest Pro-Life Bill, Gets Mocked

Former Who's The Boss star Alyssa Milano called for a "sex strike" on Friday to protest Georgia's new "heartbeat" bill that Gov. Brian Kemp recently signed into law - banning abortions in the state at six weeks into pregnancy.

Critics of the bill have argued that many women don't know they're pregnant in the first six weeks, which is roughly when a heartbeat can be detected.
In response, the feminist former actress turned activist tweeted: "Until women have legal control over our own bodies we just cannot risk pregnancy," adding "JOIN ME by not having sex until we get bodily autonomy back."

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A Collection of Bikes


Free Britney!

9+ 1:45 / 1:54 [884] Removing the Scammer’s Boot... FAST

Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. gave taxpayer funds to businesses that created jobs in other states, audit finds

MADISON - The state's economic development agency gave nearly half a million dollars to a company that cut more jobs than it created and handed out taxpayer funds to others for jobs in other states, according to a bruising audit released Friday. 
In addition, the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. didn't recover more than $400,000 in tax credits and more than $4 million in loans it could have when employers didn't meet the terms of their taxpayer-funded deals, auditors concluded.
The report by the nonpartisan Legislative Audit Bureau comes as the economic development corporation is tasked with overseeing up to $3 billion in state subsidies for Foxconn Technology Group. The Taiwanese electronics maker is eligible for about $1 billion in local incentives as well.
Skeptics for years have criticized the economic development corporation for not staying on top of its duties. 
“The inability of WEDC to comply with state statutes and guidelines has put taxpayer funds at risk," said a statement from Sen. Rob Cowles, an Allouez Republican and co-chairman of the Legislature's Joint Audit Committee.
"This isn’t just an issue of unaccountability, but shows the desired outcomes of these programs have not been consistently achieved." 
The economic development corporation in recent years gave $61,000 to one business for creating 261 jobs that were filled by people in 36 other states, none of them bordering Wisconsin, according to the review. 

Parents outraged after special needs student in Wisconsin 'severely bitten' on school bus

  • Updated
Lillian Waldron Special Needs Student -Wisconsin - from via Fox News

Lillian Waldron (image credit: Lynn Waldron-Moehle via Fox News).
(FOX NEWS) -- A Wisconsin 10-year-old girl with special needs was "brutally" bitten by another mentally disabled student while riding the school bus this week, leaving the girl in pain with severe bruising on her left arm, according to reports on Fox News.
Parents Lynn Waldron-Moehle and Chad Waldron claim another mentally disabled girl on the special-needs school bus gnawed into their daughter’s arm as she was constrained by a five-point-harness car seat and was unable to escape. The bus driver did not stop to intervene, they told Green Bay's WBAY-TV.
The couple said their daughter Lillian "Lilly" Waldron was sobbing inconsolably and clutching her arm when she got off the bus coming home from Langlade Elementary School in Green Bay.
Not initially realizing how badly her daughter was hurt, Waldron-Moehle brought Lilly home to take a bath and calm down. She said her daughter is developmentally delayed and, therefore, was unable to describe what had happened.
"She loves baths, and that's soothing to her. So, I brought her home, and I was getting her ready for the bath. I took her sweatshirt off, and that's when I noticed the major bruising on her upper arm," she said.
The parents said the school's principal -- who reviewed video surveillance from the bus ride -- described the scene as "gruesome and horrifying to look at." Waldron-Moehle said her daughter had no way to defend herself and no adult present willing to help her.

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Louisville pair arrested after police say 4 children found in 'horrendous' cockroach-infested home

Jessica Downs and Sean Landrey

Jessica Downs and Sean Landrey

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Two people have been arrested and charged with criminal abuse after police say three children were found in a "horrendous" home severely infested with bedbugs and cockroaches.
According to an arrest report, police were sent to the home in the 5400 block Tracy Way in the Hazelwood neighborhood Thursday night. Police say someone called a child abuse hotline with a tip, asking authorities to check on a 7-year-old girl after she showed up at school with a cut on her lip.

01:14 -00:21
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When officers arrived at the home and knocked on the door, 38-year-old Sean Landrey answered and let them in. Police say they found the home severely infested with cockroaches, cockroach feces and bedbugs.
Police say they could see cockroaches, alive and dead, along the baseboards of the home.
In one bedroom, police say they found a 4-year-old and 5-year-old sitting on a twin bed that was much too small for both of them. A 7-year-old girl was sitting on a twin bed next to them.
Police say the children were in dirty clothing and told the officers that when they sleep, "they have bugs crawl on them and bite them." Police say the mattresses were covered with filth as well as dead and alive cockroaches and cockroach feces.
In another bedroom, police say they found a crib with a 2-year-old inside it. Police say the 2-year-old was in dirty clothes and that there were "hundreds" of baby cockroaches in the crib with the child, along with cockroach feces.

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Dear Village Board

Dear Village Board, 
Since former Governor Scott Walker decided as late as May 1, 2018, to 
effectively KILL the Foxconn Project deal by denying Corning Glass a 
requested subsidy - 
Why was "The Project" allowed to continue? 
And why were the Taxpayers lied to? 
Learn more at: 
Please correct me if I am wrong in any of my claims. 
Tim & Cindy 

Did Scott Walker and the Republicans Throw the Governors Race to Avoid Dealing With The Foxconn WEDC Contract Default?

The race for WI Governor was nearly too close to call, and while LT. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch said a recount would be demanded, that demand never came.

Walker considers seeking recount as Evers wins governor’s race by thin margin

Gov. Scott Walker’s hopes for a third term were dashed early Wednesday when vote totals confirmed Democratic challenger Tony Evers won the race.
Evers, the state’s superintendent of schools, claimed 49.6 percent of the vote to Walker’s 48.4 percent, an advantage of just 1.2 percent, according to unofficial totals. Third party candidates received the remaining handful of votes.
Walker had not conceded as of early Wednesday. He is considering calling for a recount, his running mate, Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch, said. Final totals would have to show the race within 1 percentage point for the race to be eligible for a recount.
More than 2.6 million votes were cast in the race decided by about 30,000 votes.

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Friday, May 10, 2019

America Vs Poland: Vulvo Edition

This is interesting, in a Chinese curse sort of way.
Swedish car company Vulvo ran two different ads to be shown in America and Poland.

lmao. Do the swedecucks know their audience, or do they simply know that one audience is in the grip of a very special vise and the other audience is a nation of freemen?
In the comments, Volvo posted a message saying they’re deleting all negative comments which violate their “social media house rules.”
The rules won’t protect Globohomo much longer. You can very nearly see their edifice crumbling around them.
PS Aren’t Vulvos, like Subarus, the car of choice for the flannel and softball crowd?


Four for Fridays!

Good morning everyone I am so sorry about not posting the questions last week. I had a lot going on last week and I did forget about doing my Four for Fridays. Here are your questions for this week.

1) What are your plans for Mother's Day weekend?

2) Are you going to be traveling anywhere?

3) Will you be having family or friends come to your house?

4) Will you be cooking out for Mother's Day?

Have a great weekend!

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Me, too.

Thursday, May 9, 2019

I Value my FREEDOM –

RC County Executive Jonathon Delagrave sends:

The Message doesn’t fit his Corporate Master’s Agenda:

Dear Village Board,
From Sin City:
While Racine County Executive Jonathon Delagrave Spends $20,000 to
Promote a “Digital Era Compliant County” scheme, The “Smart City” of
Baltimore is Brought to a Standstill As “Baltimore City Hall Computer
Network Infected With Ransomware Virus, Officials Say”
Just when taxpayers thought it couldn’t get any worse, and Foxconn is
in DEFAULT of their WEDC contract and demanding to renegotiate, Racine
County Executive Jonathon Delagrave decides to waste $20,000 of
taxpayers dollars, coupled with a $10,000 grant from WI Counties
Association to fund ” a contract with My Strategy Source LLC, a
consulting service, to develop a long-term digital vision for the
Really? When taxpayer funded County Services should be brick and mortar.

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Women Are Anathema To Revolutionary Movements

Women Are Anathema To Revolutionary Movements

This is why it’s wise to keep women out of vanguard roles in a revolutionary movement:
(Zoomable link)

Perhaps the most important lesson here is that women are a weak point in any political movement, especially a dissident movement. There is something uniformly pathological about the ones who jump to the front lines of ideological battle.
I wasn’t aware of that sordid drama involving (Katie?} McHugh, but the theme of it strikes me as all too familiar. Women are poison pills dropped in the chalice of insurgencies fighting against the status quo.
Underneath all the rationalizations, men fight for beautiful, young women. Men don’t fight for land, or honors, or money, except insofar as those things earn them access to beautiful, young women.
Consciously, men will tell themselves otherwise and pen odes to loftier ideals, but the Darwinian primal impulse is the lure of fertile furrow.
As such, women should inspire, not aspire. Women, particularly young cuties in the bloom of their slender hourglass perfection, are inspirations to men to reach for the brass ring. An insurgency seeking to topple a corrupt establishment is best led by men, compelled by an unspoken and often unacknowledged desire to attract young cuties, intuitively grasping that a victory over the corrupt ruling class means more prime poon for those rebel men.
Women who aspire to leading roles in those insurgencies are suspect operatives, for they are purposefully abdicating their natural place in the cosmic order as inspirations to stronger, integrous men. Placing women at the ideological front lines is courting the disaster of gossipy in-fighting and betrayal; women are powerfully drawn to the glitter of social status, and a revolution in which they play a significant face time part puts them in close proximity to the enemy establishment tempting women with penumbras of reflected status. Women can’t resist the siren song of social elevation, attention whoring, and credentialism, however superficial and unearned. Presented with these irresistible offers, women will backstab allies to get at them.
There is also something to be said for distrusting women who have the same passionate drive as men to achieve in the world of men. Women who aspire to greatness in endeavors that are naturally and historically the domain of men are women who are, essentially, at war with their own femaleness. It would be the same distrustful reaction both men and women have to effeminate men who forsake manly pursuits to succeed in the natural domains of women. Identity crises in either sex provoke distrust in others. We are rightfully suspicious of men or women who choose to defy their sex’s norms and temperaments.
Some commenters mentioned that famous quote from 1984 as a counterfactual to the theme of this post.
It was always the women, and above all the young ones, who were the most bigoted adherents of the party, the swallowers of slogans, the amateur spies and nosers-out of unorthodoxy.
Ingsoc/Big Brother *was* the establishment in 1984. The young women were conformism police for the state apparatus. They weren’t amateur spies for a rebellious insurgency.
That’s the lesson which needs serious learning. Women, as a sex, are easily tempted by trinkets and baubles from the Globohomo establishment, so much so that they pose a risk if they are identifiable emissaries for revolutionary movements. Social status and conforming to the dominant culture are everything for women. Betrayal is baked into the distaff cake.
Commenter Greg mentions the “exception” of women who are loyal to cult leaders like Charles Manson (or, more recently, the Nxivm cult in which the dude running it had women recruiters bring in fresh meat for him). Obviously, cults are not the “establishment”.
But cults do something unique which assures loyalty from the women in the ranks: cult leaders isolate their followers from the larger society, sometimes even from civilization. Women caught up in cults have no access to an establishment which could pull them back; for cult members the cult IS the establishment. The world outside is just a purgatory of benighted fools.
By necessity, revolutions which aim to topple a political and cultural foe must interact with the larger establishment in order to win over followers. This interaction is where journo whores ply their weaselly trade, with promises of STARDOM to the weakest links (women and soyboys)

Wausau WI

STEVENS POINT, WI (WSAU-WAOW) -- Officials in Stevens Point are 
anticipating significant job losses at Donaldson Company, Inc. 
according to WAOW TV. 
Multiple employees with the company have contacted the Mayor of 
Stevens Point, North Central Workforce Development, and local about 
the possibility of more than 200 layoffs; with dozens let go as of 
Workforce Development and the Mayor of Stevens Point say company 
hasn’t filed a warning notice with the state yet. 
“We have not gotten an official notice at all from Donaldson, but the 
rumors have been that they’re anticipating some job losses there,” 
Stevens Point Mayor Mike Wiza said. “We’ve gotten a couple of calls 
here at city hall and I know other places have gotten calls too, from 
workers who found out things apparently through their employer 
Donaldson and they’re just kind of curious.” 
Some employees also told WAOW they’re concerned about their futures 
and the potential impact the loss of so many jobs could have on the 
“If there’s something we can do to help these potentially displaced 
workers, we want to be prepared to do so,” Mayor Wiza added. “We want 
to let them know that we’re doing what we can to make sure that they 
have some place to go, and that it doesn’t turn into a life changing 

Michael Rosen and Jeffrey Sommers: Wisconsin should renegotiate its Foxconn contract

President Donald Trump, along with Gov. Scott Walker, left, and Foxconn Chairman Terry Gou participate in a June 28, 2018, groundbreaking event for the new Foxconn facility in Mount Pleasant.
Gov. Tony Evers should renegotiate Wisconsin’s contract with Taiwan’s electronics giant, Foxconn. Foxconn has repeatedly changed the terms of the original deal. Our governor and legislative leaders have a responsibility to respond by protecting the interests of Wisconsin.
It has been more than two years since Gov. Scott Walker negotiated the largest taxpayer-funded state subsidy to a foreign corporation in U.S. history. While Wisconsin and Mount Pleasant have lived up to the terms of the agreement, investing close to $1 billion and evicting local homeowners, Foxconn has not.
Foxconn contracted to invest $10 billion in a massive liquid crystal display Gen 10.5 plant, employing 13,000 manufacturing workers at an average salary of $35,000.
Let’s review the firm's broken promises:
• Foxconn failed to meet its first-year employment target.
• Projected investment has plummeted from $10 billion to $2 or $3 billion.
• Instead of hiring manufacturing workers, Foxconn now claims most of the employees will be engineers.
• It now plans a much smaller Gen 6 plant, thus no vaunted multiplier effects from glass screens needed for the originally proposed Gen 10.5 facility.
None of this is surprising. Foxconn is notorious for promising massive job creation developments only to later renege on its promises. From Pennsylvania to Vietnam, from Brazil to Mount Pleasant, Foxconn hasn’t lived up to investment and employment promises.
It is clear that Walker’s rush to secure this deal was motivated by his failure to meet his first campaign’s failed promise to create 250,000 private-sector jobs by 2014. Following his short-lived presidential run, Walker needed something to revive his brand. “Wisconn Valley,” as he labeled it, was a politically expedient stunt, and one that President Donald Trump also championed in hopes of keeping Wisconsin in his electoral camp with a promise to bring back manufacturing.
Foxconn CEO Terry Gou's actions were also politically motivated. He was justifiably concerned about the impact of Trump’s trade war with China on his firm’s profits. Promising a massive U.S. investment appeared an effective way to appease Trump. It didn’t hurt that the president's then-chief of staff, Reince Priebus, and then-House Speaker Paul Ryan, had strong ties to Mount Pleasant. The bill for this Republican boondoggle was offloaded onto Wisconsin taxpayers, K-12 students, higher education students, the environment and Mount Pleasant-area homeowners.
Since Foxconn has changed its plans, it would be irresponsible to let the contract stand unchanged. No bank would loan you money to build a restaurant and then let you keep the cash to only open an ice cream push-cart instead.
What should the state ask for?
1. The state agreed to pay 17 cents on the dollar for job creation, 70 percent more than the 10 cents Wisconsin normally provides. This was presumably justified because of the scale of the Foxconn investment. Now that it is scaled back, so should the state’s commitment.

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Local law enforcement officers honored for their service

"Boeck is the asshole that shot Angel in its own yard and they are honoring this piece of shit."

Another View of Smart Cities

Dear County Board of Supervisors, 
Please note that: 
While Racine County Executive Jonathon Delagrave Spends $20,000 to 
Promote a “Digital Era Compliant County” scheme, The “Smart City” of 
Baltimore is Brought to a Standstill As “Baltimore City Hall Computer 
Network Infected With Ransomware Virus, Officials Say” 
Which should be of concern to each and every one of you.... while 
Just when taxpayers thought it couldn’t get any worse, and Foxconn is 
in DEFAULT of their WEDC contract and demanding to renegotiate, Racine 
County Executive Jonathon Delagrave decides to waste $20,000 of 
taxpayers dollars, coupled with a $10,000 grant from WI Counties 
Association to fund ” a contract with My Strategy Source LLC, a 
consulting service, to develop a long-term digital vision for the 
county. The contract costs about $30,000, however the county has 
received a $10,000 grant from the Wisconsin Counties Association to 
help offset the cost”. Well, wasting $20,000 for lobbying efforts to 
convince taxpayers that poison is good for them is still wasting 
taxpayer dollars. 
f the Non-profit and tax exempt taxpayer funded “Secret Government” 
Wisconsin Counties Association wants to chip in $10,000 – then CUI 
BONO? No one knows – nor can anyone even ask the question – because 
the quasi-governmental taxpayer funded Association is EXEMPT from Open 
Records Requests. 
Wisconsin Counties Association Not Subject to Open Records Law 
Joe Forward 
Legal Writer: 
Sept. 23, 2014 – A state appeals court has ruled that the Wisconsin 
Counties Association did not need to produce records requested by the 
Wisconsin Police Association because the Counties Association is not 
subject to public records law. 
Under Wis. Stat. section 19.32(1), certain “authorities” must produce 
records for inspection if requested to do so. Authorities include 
state or local offices, elected officials, agencies, boards, 
commissions, and other government-related entities. 
The Wisconsin Professional Police Association submitted two requests 
for records from the Counties Association – a nonprofit organization 
whose members are Wisconsin counties – which refused, arguing that it 
was not subject to public records law. 
In Wisconsin Professional Police Assoc. v. Wisconsin Counties Assoc., 
2014AP249 (Sept. 18, 2014), a three-judge panel for the District IV 
Court of Appeals agreed that the Counties Association does not qualify 
as an “authority” subject to public records law. 
The panel rejected the Police Association’s claim that the Counties 
Association is a “quasi-governmental corporation” that falls within 
the statutory definition of “authority.” 
Meanwhile in the Smart City of the Future – Baltimore: 
Baltimore City Hall Computer Network Infected With Ransomware Virus, 
Officials Say 
BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Baltimore City Hall government servers have been 
infected by a ransomware virus that government officials said is 
spreading throughout their network. 
Mayor Jack Young released a statement confirming the issue. 
    “Baltimore City core essential services (police, fire, EMS and 
311) are still operational but it has been determined that the city’s 
network has been infected with a ransomware virus. City employees are 
working diligently to determine the source and extent of the 
infection. At this time, we have seen no evidence that any personal 
data has left the system. Out of an abundance of precaution, the city 
has shut down the majority of its servers. We will provide updates as 
information becomes available.” 
He said at this time no personal data has left their system. 
Due to the current network issues, the Director of Public Works has 
suspended late water bill fees for City and County customers, DPW said 
in a tweet: 
They later said employees of the City’s Finance Department are out 
front of the Abel Wolman Municipal building saying due to the network 
outage, they cannot conduct business or pay bills Tuesday with cash. 
They added that check and money orders only will work. 
Newly sworn-in City Council president Brandon Scott tweeted a 
statement on the IT issues as well. 
Michael Greenberger, a homeland security expert, said that the 
culprits are usually after money. 
“Someone attacks the computer systems and encrypts all the data on it 
so that it’s unreadable and there you are stuck with your computer 
system and all your files,” Greenberger said. 
In 2016, hackers took over MedStar Health’s database. 
In March of last year, a similar attack compromised Baltimore’s 911 
operations for more than 17 hours. 
For this recent cyber take-over, one of the biggest inconvenience to 
residents has been not being able to pay bills. 
“I tried to pay a couple of tickets and they said this billing has 
been shut down ever since 7 o’clock this morning,” one resident said. 
Lest anyone think otherwise – Racine County Executive Jonathon 
Delagrave is also a Director at RCEDC and PROMISED that Foxconn would 
invest $10 Billion Dollars in a 10.5 Generation LCD Manufacturing 
Here is what Racine County Executive Jonathon Delagrave actually 
delivered, after committing Taxpayers of Racine County to 
$1,000,000,000 in taxpayer funded debt and expenses! 
See the post: 
It is time for Racine County to return to it's core value of 
delivering Taxpayer funded and needed services, and not Capitalist 
Cronyism expenses on wants which benefit a select few. 
Racine County Executive and RCEDC Board Member Jonathon Delagrave is 
OUT OF TOUCH with Resident Taxpayers. 
Tim & Cindy

While Racine County Executive Jonathon Delagrave Spends $20,000 to Promote a “Digital Era Compliant County” scheme, The “Smart City” of Baltimore is Brought to a Standstill As “Baltimore City Hall Computer Network Infected With Ransomware Virus, Officials Say”

Racine County Executive Jonathon Delagrave Is Completely Out of Touch With Taxpayer Needs

Just when taxpayers thought it couldn’t get any worse, and Foxconn is in DEFAULT of their WEDC contract and demanding to renegotiate, Racine County Executive Jonathon Delagrave decides to waste $20,000 of taxpayers dollars, coupled with a $10,000 grant from WI Counties Association to fund ” a contract with My Strategy Source LLC, a consulting service, to develop a long-term digital vision for the county. The contract costs about $30,000, however the county has received a $10,000 grant from the Wisconsin Counties Association to help offset the cost”. Well, wasting $20,000 for lobbying efforts to convince taxpayers that poison is good for them is still wasting taxpayer dollars.
If the Non-profit and tax exempt taxpayer funded “Secret Government” Wisconsin Counties Association wants to chip in $10,000 – then CUI BONO? No one knows – nor can anyone even ask the question – because the quasi-governmental taxpayer funded Association is EXEMPT from Open Records Requests.

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10 Creepiest Urban Legends From America

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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my friends!  How are you? I don't think it will ever warm up outside.  We had that beautiful Sunday, followed by a 30 degree temperature drop with rain.  We pay for every warm breeze we get.  It's called winter.  Apparently it now lasts nine months long.  Mother Nature is still MIA and everything's gone to hell.

I can't stand to watch those nature documentaries where a species is being forced out of its habitat.  I can't stand to watch as a jackal catches and eats a rabbit.  Puppies and teddy bears - that's my speed. 

Things are just happening all over Racine.  I hope Foxconn doesn't con us.  Some people say that that's already happened.  It would be nice to have a more concrete idea of their plans, but they seem to stay aloof.  The "inscrutable" Japanese.  All I can say is Remember Pearl Harbor!

The presence of Foxconn has driven the real estate market here insane.  Everything is being cleaned up, fixed up, and sold.  I hope someone takes on the old J I Case Clausen Works on the south side.  That's a huge area for development.  Put in a water park and a hotel and a restaurant and you've barely nicked the space available.  Is Case hanging onto this space for some reason?  Perhaps an alien technology center?

It's my understanding that UFOs can "fly" underwater as well as in open space.  Given that, Lake Michigan could be crawling with them and we'd never know. They could be responsible for a lot of shipwrecks and disappearances.  I say Nuke the Lake!  That'll show 'em.

It will be so nice to see our city prosper again, if Foxconn doesn't cheat.  So much is riding on Foxconn that I can barely take the suspense sometimes.  

I can't wait to see the workers' shanty towns.  And the Japanese spirit which consumes them.

Soon it will be permafrost around here.  Time to head out.  C'mon down to the land of bikinis and savage murders.  I love you all.

Happy Mothers Day.
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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

I'm In Your Wallet

From The Shepherd Express:
Hey, I’m as focking sick of it as you are and I wish I didn’t have to do it, but unless you’s start pledging plenty, I’ll be fiscally forced to cram my pitch down your throat ’til you finally cough it up, what the fock.
And so I ask you to fork it over, and I don’t want to hear any pissin’ and moanin’ about your economy low-wage as an excuse as to why you are unable to focking fork it over, thank you very kindly. Excuses are for losers, but if you flip me some dough at any time during my Feather the Nest Week, we can all come out of this as winners, you betcha.
Yeah, I know. Winner? Greasing the palm of some knob in a newspaper would make you, the reader, a winner? Wouldn’t “wiener” be more accurate? Could be. Some people are just natural-born wieners no matter what they do or don’t do, what the fock. Like this guy I knew who goes to see the doctor. He’s got a strawberry jammed up each nostril, a carrot sticking out each ear, and a wiener up his dupa. He says, “Doc, I think there’s something wrong with me.” Doctor says, “Well sir, offhand I’d say you weren’t eating properly.” Ba-ding!
The future success of this page depends on my ability to convince you readers to pony up and make a special gift. Please take a moment and reflect upon all that you derive from perusing my cram-packed essays week after week (mostly) throughout the year. Reflect upon how much an improved citizen of our country and native of the planet you become each time I explore the meaning of Truth, Justice and The American Way. Reflect upon how much better an understanding of the world around you and of its cultural grab bag you gain when I present you with informational tidbits I’ve gleaned over the years—such as for vacation, Irish families visit a different bar; and that the reason Disney has not built a park in communist China has nothing to do with politics but has everything to do with the height requirement to go on the rides. Ba-ding!
Reflect upon all that and more as you contemplate making a financial contribution that will go directly to increasing the comfortability of my lifestyle, which will translate directly to the ease with which I’m able to slap these important essays together for you’s. Ask yourself where else is it you can go but to this half-a-page to get acquainted with such a varied load of stuff, get the lowdown on everything from the theory of quantum gravity to the correlation between the population of Monkey Island and the price of a pepperoni pizza at the County Zoo? Yeah, the internet or an old-fashioned library, you might say. But hey, what good is that information if you don’t know what I think about it? Abso-focking-lutely nothing.
People in this age and day of the hectic style of fast-paced life don’t have time to think for themselves. Everybody needs a “God’s messenger,” and I can continue to be yours, with your generous financial support. So right now, how ’bout you whip out an envelope and address it this way: Shepherd Express, 207 E. Buffalo St., Ste. #410, Milwaukee WI, 53202, c/o Art Kumbalek. Then stuff the envelope with a couple, three Jacksons and maybe a Franklin or two, or perhaps a properly endorsed check made out to Art Kumbalek—and don’t forget to put a stamp on it, nitwit.
One last reminder: I’m way short of the financial goals needed to support these fine essays. If you’ve never contributed to anything before, now’s the time to get your lazy ass in gear and help me stay on the page. You already know where to send your dough, and listen: I don’t have any practical tote bags or useful coffee mugs to send in return, but I can promise that for the contribution of $50 bucks or more, I’ll find something laying around my dinky apartment I don’t need any more that you can have, ’cause I’m Art Kumbalek and I told you so.


Open Blog - Tuesday

Mmmm, yum yum.

Monday, May 6, 2019

While The JT Editorial Board Champions “Government in Sunshine”, JT Publisher Mark Lewis Sits on the Board of Racine County’s Secret Government

Racine County Economic Development Corporation is a Tax-exempt 501(c)(3) Organization which is funded by Taxpayers through solicited local Government Donations’ and brings together Private Corporate interests  and Elected Public Officials, to do in secret what might otherwise prove to be unlawful. By Judicial ruling, what happens at RCEDC stays at RCEDC and the public has no access to any of RCEDC’s official business, which goes on behind closed doors. This is Socialist Central Planning, and you can be sure that the Public Officials who are on the Board leave with an agenda to implement the plans with the least public knowledge possible, especially if resistance by the public is anticipated. Where else was the secret Highway V Sewer Plan hatched? The Fox-Conn land grab, the abrupt KR expansion plan, the deeply flawed Scott Walker Foxconn WEDC contract, and so many other sudden and abrupt taxpayer funded schemes hatched? The lair of the beast is the unaccountable taxpayer funded non-profit 501(c)(3)  RCEDC.

And if JT Publisher Mark Lewis is retired from the Board – you can bet he stays in touch, and (at least) listens to requests on how the News should be slanted to conform to the Agenda. As the paper of record for City of Racine, he is subject to being held on a leash.

Read more:

Letter to the Editor

As an advocate for honest, open and transparent government, (HOTGOVERNMENT).
I take issue of your recent claims of being fierce advocates for the concept of "government in sunshine":  
"Journal Times editorial: State's government bodies shouldn't circumvent the open meetings law"
 Your board has at best a spotty record of advocating  "government in sunshine" and a worse record of publicly holding local government officials accountable for misconduct in office. 

Your board and your newspaper has a dismissal record of pursuing the opening of government within Racine county and holding it accountable.

That being said, I will forward the email sent to Mayor Cory Mason and city council members for their consideration regarding the city of Racine operating an "open checkbook".

In part: where you can find the open checkbook to view individually written checks or sort by department expenses. The city of Johns Creek has even provided a tutorial video of how to navigate the checkbook.  

Harry Wait

Denver is set to vote on decriminalizing hallucinogenic psilocybin mushrooms


The movement to legalize or at least decriminalize marijuana has grown considerably in recent years in the United States. Denver has become one of the top cities for marijuana reform, and this week, voters in Colorado’s largest city will have a chance to vote on how another drug is regulated: hallucinogenic psilocybin mushrooms.

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Now that's nuts.  It's quite a jump from cannabis' high to the hallucinations of mushrooms.  I wouldn't want to be on the same highway as someone on mushrooms.

The Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye is a miraculous muscle car

Open Blog - Monday

Goodbye funday.

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Days of Broken Arrows On The Elites’ Miscalculation

In elitist circles, it’s not polite anymore to call people “stupid redneck,” “dumb wop,” or drunken mick.” So the rich folks have found a way to trash working class Americans by declaring whiteness an illness.
However, what this has done instead is brought all the rednecks, wops, micks, and others together against THEM. This is a fuse they should not have lit.
The pathologization of Whiteness is an EliteWhite workaround to continue to slur FreeWhites as the scope of socially acceptable slurs has narrowed, but the anti-Whiteness campaign has also been accelerated by the huge and growing surge of POCs for whom the urge to slur is more than a status signal to peers; it’s a bloodthirsty howl from their ids.
Elitist Whites, as DoBA wrote, have no idea the hunger and strength of the beast they uncaged. It was all fun and games when these haughty Whites could enjoy a slander or two while clinking their glasses of flavored water, but now that their imported pets have crashed the party it’s an all-nighter of forties, blunts, and gunfire.
Welcome to the jungle you fertilized, shitlibs. I hope you enjoy its…creature comforts.


Sunday Funnies

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The real-life Jaws: Cage diver captures terrifying image of a great white shark heading for the surface - just like the famous poster for Spielberg's 1975 classic

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Is Wisconsin 'behind the curve' on marijuana laws?

Posted: 2:26 PM, May 04, 2019
Updated: 2:26 PM, May 04, 2019

The Secret To Mind-Blowing Orgasms

Tantric sex may be the key to the best orgasm of your life. Here's how it's done. 

Why You Should Try Tantra Sex Tonight
Tantra is a Sanskrit word that means ‘woven together.’ Hindu and Buddhist meditation practitioners use the sexual union of tantra sexology as a metaphor for weaving together the physical and the spiritual: weaving man to woman, and humanity to the divine. The purpose is to become one with God. The Western form of this sacred sexuality called Tantra teaches slow, non-orgasmic sexual intercourse.
Couples in my practice who have tried tantric sex find that they cultivate great sensual pleasure and also a sense of ‘dissolving into each other’ that is profound and loving. The purpose is to become enlightened, not to win an Olympic medal for carnal gymnastics. Plus, there’s actually a scientific reason why you should have sex before you go to sleep.

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry to RETIRE from royal life - 'Other things he'd rather do'

MEGHAN MARKLE and Prince Harry will retreat from royal life to give the royal baby and any other future children the opportunity to decide their position within the Royal Family.

and are set to be welcoming their first child in the coming days and much speculation has arisen in regards to the role the Sussex tot will play within the . While as seventh in line to the throne the is not expected to inherit the throne, the child could indeed receive a princely title and join the ranks of other members of the family carrying out official duties. But royal commentator Robert Jobson suggested Meghan and Harry may reject offers of a title for their child and instead retire from royal life to give the royal baby the chance to choose their own path.

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Summertime- Will Smith