Saturday, October 29, 2016




"An underwhelming minority voted at the primaries for Michael Nieskes as the republican nominee.

"Nearly 2 out of 3 St. Croix County voters rejected the incumbent, professional politician Nieskes as their first choice.

"The truth cannot be muzzled by Nieskes or his political groupies.

"Facts are Nieskes talks pro second amendment but in reality is a RINO republican who is subversive to 2nd. amendment rights.

"The truth was told in Racine County and the Racine County voters responded by overwhelmingly rejecting his efforts to continue in office.

"Consider this, Mike Nieskes does have the unique resume as many claim, and has many years of experience as many say. Further he had a very short stint as a Scott Walker appointed judge in Racine County. 
"But come voting day in 2012, Racine County voters overwhelmingly rejected Michael Nieskes for what he really was..... A corrupt, subversive narcissist who abused his power while in office."

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Friday, October 28, 2016


From Racine Community Media:

"Racine- Sparking months of rumors of in-fighting, disagreements and questionable decision making, it’s now being reported that City Administrator Tom Friedel has abruptly resigned in the middle of the city’s 2017 budget presentation. It’s being reported that he has sent an email to all the Aldermen.

"A former Racine City Official commented, 'City officials don’t just resign if there isn’t a major problem (Re: former Mayor Gary Becker) Retirement by a civil servant is entirely normal, however a resignation in the middle of the 2017 city budget is shocking and abnormal, and is also abandoning the entire community.'

"Another city resident commented, 'Tom’s legacy of corruption began with the backroom deal with his cousin the Mayor, to get him this job without the experience, education or qualifications necessary. He then received a secret pay increase and more raises as he rubber stamped criminally corrupt insider deals involving local officials and their friends.' - City Of Racine Resident

"Rumors have been circulating that City Administrator Tom Friedel has been in opposition to both the city arena project, and has also been closely involved in the debacle of missing millions surrounding the mysteriously failed Machinery Row development. Racine City Hall has also been the subject of unfair treatment of employee’s, drug usage amongst city officials, lawsuits and widespread total disfunction within city hall during Friedel’s appointment. Stay tuned, more news to come."

Read more: 

Post Script: The Journal Times: "Friedel to Retire in Early 2017"

City of Racine vs. Osterman Inc.

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Like I promised you I do have more Halloween pictures to share with everyone. I hope everyone is enjoying the pictures that I am enjoying going out to take pictures of.

Theses pictures where taken up north last weekend while we  went to visit our family. 

                                       This picture was taken on Brewster St. in Appleton Wi.

                                          This picture was taken by my son's house in Cecil Wi.

                                         This picture was taken at my son's house in Cecil Wi.

                                            This picture was taken on Hwy 52 in Pickerel Wi.

                                            This picture was taken on Hwy 52 in Pickerel Wi.

                                           This picture was taken on Hwy 52 in Pickerel Wi.

Four for Fridays!

Hello everyone how are you doing? I can't believe it is the weekend for Halloween already. That just means that the nasty S word is coming our way. Here are your questions for this week.

1) Do you like seeing a movie in the theater or at your house?

2) Are you going to be handing out candy for the trick or treating this year for Halloween?

3) Do you like to see the new costumes that the kids pick out the wear to go trick or treating?

4) Does anyone still watch the Peanuts movie the Great Pumpkin still?

I hope everyone enjoys the weekend.

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Thursday, October 27, 2016


I am sorry I haven't posted to many pictures for Halloween. I do have a lot so I am going to try to get them all in by the end of the weekend. Here are some more these are from Perry St. in Caledonia Wi.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

2016 Presidential Election Summed Up In One Picture

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, boys and girls, moms and dads too!  We've finally hit some continuous cool weather.  It's November on the weekend after the next.  It's still just fall, though.  Nothing to get excited about.  Erp.  When the snow flies, I'll be pissed off.  Not the first few light (usually) snowgs, but when it starts to interfere with my life, regularly, then I know: it's winter.  The one season I wish would go to hell is winter.  I know it's needed by nature to sustain the cycle of growth.  Well, like Mr. OrbsCorbs say, "What will be, will be."  Also, "Give it your best shot and then relax."

Here's the current standings in the Irregular Football League:

Oh dear, I'm at the bottom of the list.  We'll have to fix that.

Our honorable Green Bay Packers kicked the asses of the Chicago Bears last week.  This Sunday, October 30, the Packers slam into the Atlanta Falcons in Atlanta, at 3:25 PM.  Bye-bye Birdies.

Mr. OrbsCorbs is recovering nicely from whatever it was that caused him to lose 2-1/2 weeks of his life.  He says he remembers bits and pieces, that's all.  When he came out of it, he says his apartment looked like a bomb had gone off.  I wonder if he wasn't under an evil spell?  It's hard to tell sometimes when he is speaking the truth or not.  But this seems to have rattled his cage good.  He's afraid of growing old.  So, what's the alternative?  He's more afraid of that.

Ms. Tender Heart Bear made sure he was fed and taken care of.  She's so sweet.  She's one of Mr. OrbsCorbs' angels.

Actually, we're all angels.  We just don't know it yet.  Or, some of us may be demons, which would explain a lot.  The same old fight for millennia: good vs. evil.  I grow tired of it.

Thank you all for stopping by to read my blog today.  I love all of my readers, Irregular or not.  We just may not know it.  I appreciate and thank God for you.

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Enjoy the cool weather.  Soon we'll be stuck inside for most of the time.  Arrgh.  I can't take it.  

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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

"Prick or Treat"

From Shepherd Express:

By Art Kumbalek 3 hours ago

I’m Art Kumbalek and man oh manischewitz what a world, ain’a? So listen, it’s been one heck of a couple weeks around the Kumbalek neck of woods, where every day seems to be Halloween, I kid you not.

Anyways, I got to tell you’s that I’ve run clean out of time to pony up a big-time essay this week, one that I’m sure would’ve been graciously particulate about how the world would be 10-times a better place if there were fewer focking idiots inhabiting said world. (See: Republican candidatial slate for elective office.)

Had an encouraging chat with my campaign manager Little Jimmy Iodine the other day. Here’s a little excerpt:

“I tell you Artie, if Hillary gets elected it’ll actually be a nice treat for you instead of that Trump prick. With Big Bill as her First-what-the-fock, you can use all the old Clinton jokes again and not have to think up anything new, ain’a? And don’t forget to use my favorite one.”

“Which one’s that, Jimmy?”

“OK, what’s the first thing Bill says to Hillary after sex?” 

“Jeez Jimmy, I forget.” 

“‘I’ll be home in twenty minutes.’ Ba-ding!”

And speaking of Halloween, reflection is my game today, remembrance of All Hallow’s Day past. Like the time just the other year when my buddy Little Jimmy Iodine was down with some kind of flu that had been making the rounds. Remember?

So I had to go over by his place and help him prepare the healthily free-farm green rain-barrel drenched treats he planned to offer the little trick-or-treater beggars come by to ring his bell with their costumes—mashed potatoes with organic gravy, and scrambled eggs with the diced holistic raw onion stuck in it. I was able to help Jimmy ’cause the kids don’t come by me for the Halloween ever since I put out the cubed head cheese and pickled chicken hearts for them the other year, god bless; they keep their distance from my door now.

Yeah yeah, Jimmy kept feeling worse and worse so I stuck around to pass out the goods to the little costumed ding-dongers. There was this one kid come by made up like the movie Rocky, with the boxing gloves and satin shorts. Kid even had colored in a black eye; at least, I think he colored it in. So I scoop a spoonful of mashed potatoes into his bag, and wouldn’t you know, short time later he’s back at the door. I said, “What the fock, weren’t you the same Rocky who was just here?” Kid says, “You bet, but now I’m Rocky II plus I'll be back three more times tonight, and if you don’t pony up something better than goddamn mashed potatoes, I’m going to kick your ass around the block and back, mister.”

Tough kids, these days. 

Then there was this other little guy come by the door who had one of those what-you-call speech predicaments. So I answer the door and he says, “Bick or beet.” So I says, “And what are you supposed to be for Halloween?” He says, “A birate.” I says, “Isn’t that sweet. A ‘birate.’ And where are your buccaneers?” And this kid says, “On the side of my buckin’ head, asshole.”

So, I got to run, to somewheres. But I ought to leave you with a little story appropriate to this festive time of year. You may have heard it before but now you’ll hear it again, so what the fock—and given the ways of the world for crying out loud, this could be the last time from me. You never know. So read up, all you people:

So this guy’s driving home late one night and starts feeling a little frisky. He’s passing by a pumpkin patch and thinks, “You know, the interior of a pumpkin is not altogether unlike a certain part of the female anatomy—in a sensual sense, that is. And what the fock, there’s no one around for miles.” So he slams on the brakes, jumps the fence, picks the juiciest-looking pumpkin he sees, carves an anatomically correct aperture, drops his drawers and commences to slake his burning desires. Reaching the heights of passion, he fails to notice the police car pulling over to the side of the road.

Cop walks over, shines a flashlight on the guy and says, “Hey buddy, did you know you were porking a pumpkin?” 

The guy looks at the cop, then down at the pumpkin between his hands and says, “Good lord, officer! Is it midnight already!?!”

Ba-ding! ’cause I’m Art Kumbalek you betcha, and I told you so.

"2015 New evidence that Paul McCartney died in 1966 in a car wreck and was replaced by Bill Shepherd"

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