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How long does protection from Covid-19 vaccines last?

Le Moyne College in Syracuse hosted a Covid-19 vaccine clinic earlier in April.N. Scott Trimble |

 How long does protection from Covid-19 vaccines last?

Experts don’t know yet because they’re still studying vaccinated people to see when protection might wear off. How well the vaccines work against emerging variants will also determine if, when and how often additional shots might be needed.

“We only have information for as long as the vaccines have been studied,” said Deborah Fuller, a vaccine researcher at the University of Washington. “We have to study the vaccinated population and start to see, at what point do people become vulnerable again to the virus?”

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Breakthrough infections: Fully vaccinated people who get COVID-19

I heard one doctor say that your chances of getting hit by lightning are better than a breakthrough Covid case.  Did you hear of 73 people being hit by lightning in Nevada?  Hmm, but still 73 people had breakthrough cases of Covid.  As usual, we are being lied to.

SpaceX crew welcomes new astronauts to ISS

We Drove a Tesla with No One in the Driver's Seat. That's Not a Good Thing. | Consumer Reports

The Latest Likely Changes In Biden's Tax Plan, And How To Cope

US resumes J&J vaccinations despite rare clot risk

Oak Creek showdown: Parade committee vs. Common Council over Fourth of July parade


The Fourth of July parade is a tradition in Oak Creek, but the committee that puts it on recommended it be canceled again, and some city leaders are pushing back.

COVID-19 canceled last year's parade, and many were hoping it would return this year.

"I think the community is anticipating it, looking forward and expecting it," Oak Creek Alderman Ken Gehl said.

"It is the recommendation of the Celebrations Commission that we not move forward again with the actual parade this year," Oak Creek Celebrations Commission Chair Carolyn Bukiewicz told the Common Council earlier this week.

Aldermen who pushed for the parade's return offered to start their own committee and asked the current group to hand over the work it had already completed.

"Would you, over the course of several days, be willing to start jotting down some of these things that need to be done, so we can put on a decent parade?" Alderman Steven Kurkowski asked.

"Probably not, because you've already discredited me and our decision about having this parade, so I probably wouldn't," Bukiewicz said.

"Wow. That's too bad," Kurkowski said.

That showdown, between the council and the committee chair left Oak Creek's mayor in a tough spot -- and not just over how to safely pull off a parade.

Mayor Daniel Bukiewicz said his wife, Carolyn, had volunteered as leader of that celebrations commission for years but not anymore.

"Quite frankly, she submitted her resignation," Mayor Daniel Bukiewicz said.

Now a new ad hoc committee will try to rebuild a parade in limited time.

"I don't think it will be the parade that people have become accustomed to. But in some fashion, it may suffice for what the people were asking for," Mayor Daniel Bukiewicz said.

Some council members suggested a longer parade route to spread people out, no throwing candy, no cookout or gathering afterward.

But one thing, that even the original committee agreed on, is that the fireworks show that is part of Oak Creek's Fourth of July celebration, should go on as planned.

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Family of Robert Delgado calls for special prosecutor in deadly shooting case

TRENDING: Governor Jenner?

Russia’s military drills in Crimea come to an end

How Ingenuity Talks to Us From Mars

GOP unveils its infrastructure plan

Mayor extends State of Emergency, talks tactics

India shatters global record for daily Covid-19 cases

Open Blog - Weekend

What a difference a day makes.

Friday, April 23, 2021

Indonesian navy detects ‘strong magnetic force’ in search for submarine | WNT

Woman Hits Police Squad; Charged With OWI

From Racine County Eye:

MOUNT PLEASANT – A Racine woman was charged with Operating a Motor Vehicle While Intoxicated (OWI)-third offense. This was after allegedly hitting a police squad here early Thursday.

Mount Pleasant Police Department officer was conducting a traffic stop in the 6900 block of Washington Avenue (Highway 20) at 2:23 a.m. That’s when Amy Tremmel, 50, of Racine struck the rear of his squad car with her 2005 Toyota. The police vehicle had its emergency lights activated.

The officer, who sustained minor injuries, checked on the Toyota’s driver and found she was not injured. He then determined that Tremmel showed signs of impairment. She was arrested for OWI-third offense. She was also placed on a probation hold and was charged with felony bail jumping. Further, she was issued several municipal citations.

The westbound lanes of Washington Avenue were temporarily closed until a tow truck could remove the damaged police squad and Toyota.

The incident remains under investigation by Mount Pleasant Police.


MP Police Investigating Auto Dealership Thefts

From Racine County Eye:

Multiple Vehicles Stolen from Palmen Motors, Frank Boucher Chevrolet, and McFarland Auto

MOUNT PLEASANT – The Mount Pleasant Police Department is investigating the theft of vehicles from three auto dealers here last Friday.

The dealerships are Palmen Motors, 8320 Washington Ave.; Frank Boucher Chevrolet, 8600 Washington Ave., and McFarland Auto, 7901 Washington Ave.

Mount Pleasant Police were called to Palmen last Friday to investigate a burglary. Officers found smashed out windows and heavy damage in the dealership and broken windows on “multiple vehicles” in the car lot, according to a department news release.

An inventory of the dealership’s vehicles revealed that three vehicles had been taken. Two of the vehicles were later recovered in Chicago, police said. Suspects were identified as four Black males, including one possibly armed with a handgun.

Mount Pleasant Police learned the same day that two vehicles were taken from Boucher and one was missing from McFarland. The vehicle taken from McFarland was later recovered in Chicago.

The incidents remain under investigation.

For more information, stay up to date by following the Racine County Eye on Facebook here and becoming a subscriber.


Second Flight a Success for NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter

Kenosha group calls for legislation, funding to prevent gun violence

From Fox6Now:

After Sunday's shooting at the Somers House tavern left three people dead, a group in Kenosha is calling for action on gun laws. 

"There’s one thing we need to remember. This is not normal," said Tyler Kelly, a Carthage College student.

The 80% Coalition gathered in Kenosha on Wednesday, April 21 to call for legislation and funding to prevent gun violence.

Specifically, the group is asking for the closing of background check loopholes when purchasing a gun -- and legislation to allow family members and law enforcement to petition a court when they know imminent danger is posed by someone with a gun.

Carthage College went on lockdown after Sunday's shooting. Several students spoke about that night -- and the healing they are going through now. 


After Putin's warning to West, Russia begins large-scale military exercises in and around Ukraine

Daunte Wright's mother: 'My son should be burying me'; Hundreds gather for funeral

Former Kentucky guard Terrence Clarke dies in LA car crash

Biden Saving Earth, Lie Witness News Oscars Edition & Bring Your Kid to Work Day

NASA converts carbon dioxide to oxygen on Mars

CDC, FDA could decide to resume use of Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine Friday

UC, CSU To Require COVID-19 Vaccinations For All Students, Faculty, Staff

N.C. sheriff: More than one deputy fired shots in killing of black man

Indonesia searching for missing submarine with 53 on board

President Biden pledges 50% cut in US carbon emissions at global climate summit - BBC News

Ohio shooting outrage

Wisconsin to launch statewide investigation of clergy sex abuse, attorney general document reveals

From JSOnline:

MADISON - Wisconsin authorities will launch an investigation into the state's Catholic dioceses and religious orders to determine how many clergy members have sexually assaulted children over the years.  

Attorney General Josh Kaul notified the state's five dioceses as well as separate orders of Catholic priests that his office will review sexual abuse allegations against clergy and other faith leaders, according to a letter obtained by USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin. Wisconsin is home to the Archdiocese of Milwaukee and dioceses in Madison, Green Bay, La Crosse and Superior.

"I agree with the many survivors of clergy abuse, and those who support and have advocated for them, that a review by our office is necessary to provide accountability and, ultimately, healing," Kaul wrote. "I hope you will welcome that review."

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Local voters submit election complaint alleging Racine Mayor violated the Constitution

From Racine County Eye:

Photographers lined up to record Thursday morning's news conference on Monument Square. Five Racine voters and an elections attorney announced that a formal complaint was being filed against Racine Mayor Cory Mason, Racine City Clerk Tara Coolidge and Wisconsin Elections Commission Administrator Meagan Wolfe.

RACINE – Thursday, a group of five Racine voters announced the filing of a formal complaint alleging that Racine Mayor Cory Mason was behind an election administration plan last year that violated the U.S. Constitution.

The 28-page complaint is against Mason, Racine City Clerk Tara Coolidge, and Wisconsin Elections Commissioner Meagan Wolfe. Those bringing the complaint are Martin and Mary Prujansky, Kenneth Brown, Brooke Hesse, and Dale Giles, all of Racine.

“Our view is you’ve got to follow state law and follow the Constitution, and that hasn’t been done,” Erick Kaardal, a Minneapolis attorney representing the voter group, said at a Thursday morning news conference held at Downtown Racine’s Monument Square.

In the complaint, Kaardal contends that $6.3 million in grant money from the Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL) went to the state’s five largest cities before the 2020 general election had strings attached to how the election was to be run. The CTCL is a nonpartisan 501-c-3 nonprofit organization that receives funding from major corporations and foundations, including Facebook, Google, the Center for Civic Design, the Knight Foundation, and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund.

The CTCL awarded more than 2,500 election grants, according to its website. That included 221 grants to local governments in Wisconsin.

“This is not partisan. We don’t accept private corporations being involved in the administration of elections,” said Kaardal.

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Chicago is about to *FAIL*

 Second City Cop Addresses Chicago

Administrators of popular Chicago blog emerge to deliver some great thoughts and observations

Two months. We could regale you with stories about what we’ve been doing the past sixty days, but rest assured, you’d be bored pretty darn quick. Suffice it to say we’ve been busy. Some good, some bad, some truly sad, but busy. Life goes on until it doesn’t.

We’ll get to the question everyone is asking shortly.

In the meantime, how about that Groot? Just when you think things couldn’t get any worse, Groot goes out, makes things infinitely worse, and then blames...the Police!

Two more suicides while we’re in limbo – nothing from the Groot and worse, a canned e-mail from Brownie. Did you know that after the suicide in 019, not a single member of the Command Staff showed up at Roll Calls for at least three days? Including the District Commander. But they care. Really. They tell us so in e-mails and e-learning videos.

Four cops shot in a matter of days – no condemnation from the political structure. Almost like they’re scared to show even the tiniest bit of support for the men and women in blue, lest the suspiciously dormant “rioters” notice them.

And now a dead 13-year-old gangbanger. How do we know he’s a gangbanger? Social media pictures of him flashing gang signs. Tattoos noted in the coroner report and the “eyebrow lines” shaved in. The announcement (that actually made the media) that the gang would be targeting unmarked squad cars and the cops riding within – would they do that for a non-gangbanger? (Hint: No.) Can anyone reading tell us exactly when a 13-year-old is allowed to be outside at 0230 hours with a firearm? We know the assorted caucuses in Springfield are busy rolling back all sorts of laws and passing new ones, but we don’t recall this one sneaking out of committee. Did Pritzker sign something the night before?

And there’s Groot, the f#$%ing “mayor” of Chicago, sympathizing with the “mother” who didn’t know her son was missing for two days, didn’t even report him missing for three, and identified the body in the morgue five days after the shooting. That’s “mother of the year” material right there.

Brownie was worse, posting an e-mail to everyone where he expressed exactly ZERO concern for the mental well-being of the Officer involved, who was placed into the unfortunate situation of responding to a “Shots Fired” call, and being quick enough to arrive on-scene in time to actually on-view someone with a gun. End result? Cops are wrong for engaging in....foot pursuits. That’s the message, loud and clear. They’ve already all but banned vehicle pursuits, so now chasing anyone on foot is to be regulated, monitored and banned.

Crimesha has relegated her entire office to being a criminal’s BFF. If you follow the CWB blog (still a daily read for us) a number of articles aren’t just about criminals out on “affordable bails” that are shooting and killing rivals along with a few innocent bystanders – it's about rapists who should be on electronic monitoring not even showing up to be lo-jacked, and then going out and raping again. Personally, there ought to be a bracelet of C-4 wrapped around their waist and detonated if they so much as approach a woman, but Crimesha seems happy to have them just out raping again.

You know what happens when cops can’t even foot chase? We’ve seen it on a daily basis with vehicle chases – you get a ton more of them because the criminal knows that (A) the cops aren’t chasing and (B) there’s no penalty for fleeing. No foot chases? Get ready for a massive upswing (or more massive upswing) in shoplifting, thefts, muggings and robberies.

Not only that, but they will almost all be armed. As in ready to visit violence on anyone who resists. As in bodies are going to stack up, because they know cops cannot engage in a foot pursuit. If you’re paying attention, you know it has already begun.

This part is darkly amusing – you know who is suffering quite a bit in Chicago? Minority mothers, whose kids are being raped, shot, mugged and murdered (check the stats page). And who’s in charge around these parts? Groot, Crimesha, Prickwrinkle – three minority mothers, whose “catch-and-release" policies, along with zero-bail initiatives, downgrading criminal acts (without legislative action) and anti-police support have led to the biggest shooting and killing tallies since 2016.

And a new crisis is on the horizon that the media hasn’t even touched on for some strange reason:

We still get e-mails from coppers with all sorts of info, hoping we will return and use it one day. Like the Academy. How many recruits are in the Academy right now? Many hundreds? One hundred? Try under 50.  

And how many are in the hiring pipeline? Supposedly, after scouring the last THREE hiring lists for any warm body that washed out of pre-testing, over one-thousand letters and e-mails were sent out to take the Power test. How many showed up? About 70. One-third failed.

The FOP has the retirement numbers for Jan/Feb/Mar and there are hundreds. Literally hundreds....and not even 100 in the pipeline.

Anyone know why the media isn’t covering this? After all, Groot is “saving” millions in salary costs. “Savings” that will be dwarfed by overtime costs during the killing season on tap. Any reporters out there looking to make some waves, or is that illegal now? Or “undocumented” in the parlance of the current administration.

In any event, the BIG the blog coming back? And again, we can only say, “Maybe.” We want to bring it (or something similar) back so that cops have somewhere to vent and participate in a “give-and-take" conversation. We don’t want to have the site reliant on the goodwill of the tech giants who have proven since the election that they have no qualms about attacking and silencing conservative thoughts, voices and anything that disrupts the current narrative. Our security is paramount in all of our calculations, and that means no obvious trail back to our people. Anonymizers and cut-outs are of limited use in the age of big tech. We are trying though.

Many thanks to the Contrarian for letting us camp out here and waste their electrons for a little while to touch base with everyone. In closing, from someone far wiser than we: “You aren’t here to save are here to document the downfall, one RD number at a time.” This is what they want...nay, demanded.

Stay safe,



Cheap Trick

From Tims Toy & More:


 Space is back in the news... or is it? P.T. sent along the following photographs from January of last year taken by NASA's Mars probe, and at first glance, you're looking at a bunch of rocks, lots and lots of them, and notably, there was no lamestream propatainment media coverage of the photo:

In fact, when one looks at this picture, one wonders why NASA would take a picture of a bunch of rocks. Before we get around to answering that question, there is one thing that struck me right out of the gate about this picture, and that is the colours in it. You'll note that gone are the days when any picture of Mars had to be heavily filtered through a red filter. Here the sky is a pale blue (as one might reasonably expect with Mars' thin atmosphere) and the ground is anything but unending red; it's pale brown, with brown and gray rocks scattered around.

But now, if the reader clicks on the "snapshots" button at the lower left of the picture, all sorts of stuff pops out. As you scroll through the "snapshots", all sorts of "regularities" begin to show up: square and rectangular indentations, holes and "crosshatching" in neat regular intervals, even, in the fifteenth snapshot, a "something" that appears to be peering out toward the camera, which "something" even appears to have its "left limb" hung over a rock; in the seventeenth "snapshot" what looks rather like a statue of a man with a crown on his head(!); rubble and debris again with odd rectilinearity, something that looks like a skeleton (or a machine part); another "something" that looks a bit like the head of a dog, or fox, or wolf, or "something."

And, in the sixth snapshot, even a "something" that looks a bit like a swastika, stamped or carved in raised relief on yet another "something."

There are three basic ways to interpret all of this: (1) all those "somethings" are not there, and have been cleverly photoshopped into the picture, and what we're looking at is fake. In that case, we can all have a good chuckle at my (and P.T.'s) expense, and "move on, nothing to see here folks."

Then there's possibility number (2): what we're all seeing as we scroll through the "snapshot" enlargements is a case of run-away pareidolia, that phenomenon by which we humans imagine we're seeing faces or other familiar forms in rocks, pancakes, clouds, and so on. The trouble is, in this case, I'll wager that most of you are seeing the same things I'm seeing, and that the compiler of the "snapshots" also saw (which is why they were highlighted to begin with). What we're seeing is a lot of "pareidolia" concentrated in one place, over and over again.

Which brings us to possibility number (3): what we're seeing is really there, and we're looking less at a "bunch of rocks" and more at a field of debris, and hence, we have a reason for why NASA might be interested in snapping a photo of the place.

I'm reminder of what alternative researcher Graham Hancock said about Mars: we're looking at "a murder victim," meaning the planet itself...

See you on the flip side...


Experts Say They Don’t Know How Long Protection from Coronavirus Vaccines Will Last

It’s SCIENCE time!

The Associated Press sometimes publishes articles answering questions about coronavirus and the alleged pandemic.

They have one up now explaining how long protection from one of these vaccines will last.


How long does protection from COVID-19 vaccines last?

Experts don’t know yet because they’re still studying vaccinated people to see when protection might wear off. How well the vaccines work against emerging variants will also determine if, when and how often additional shots might be needed.

We only have information for as long as the vaccines have been studied,” said Deborah Fuller, a vaccine researcher at the University of Washington. “We have to study the vaccinated population and start to see, at what point do people become vulnerable again to the virus?

So far, Pfizer’s ongoing trial indicates the company’s two-dose vaccine remains highly effective for at least six months, and likely longer. People who got Moderna’s vaccine also still had notable levels of virus-fighting antibodies six months after the second required shot.

While the current COVID-19 vaccines will likely last for at least about a year, they probably won’t offer lifelong protection, as with measles shots, said Dr. Kathleen Neuzil, a vaccine expert at the University of Maryland.

“It’s going to be somewhere in the middle of that very wide range,” she said.

Variants are another reason we might need an additional shot.

On the one hand, you have the awfully convenient situation these pharmaceutical companies find themselves in, where they can just keep claiming that new vaccines need to be developed whenever they want to get paid.

It’s like a cheat code for instant gold.

But on the other hand, the more interesting thing is that the experts cited openly state that they don’t know how long the protection will work because not enough time has passed.

This opens up the door for an even more interesting question: how do they know that vaccines are safe if not enough time has passed?

They can’t know what will happen to the health of people who took the vaccine one, two, or more years down the line, simply because not enough time has passed since the first person got vaccinated.

It’s an Early Access vaccine.


Studies require study. It's an ongoing experiment - dontcha understand?

Watch: Black Lesbian Shoots Black Ex-Girlfriend in the Head in Broad Daylight


Black lives only matter when someone who isn’t black takes them.

You know that’s true because black people never riot when another black kills a black, no matter how absurd the situation is.

New York Daily News:

A Brooklyn mother of two was executed in broad daylight on a Park Slope street Wednesday afternoon when an ex-girlfriend ran up to her from behind, pulled out a gun and shot her point-blank in the head, police and witnesses said.

Police late Wednesday charged Latisha Bell, 38, with murder and weapon possession, after she surrendered to investigators at the 78th Precinct. The gun was recovered, said police sources.

Horrifying surveillance video captures Nichelle Thomas’ last moments around 1 p.m. as she walked along Fourth Avenue in no apparent hurry to a deli at the corner of Fourth Ave. and St. Marks Place.

All the while, Thomas, the mother of an adult daughter and son, was stalked by her determined killer, video from the scene shows.

The shooter dashed from the street to the sidewalk, sprinted past an unsuspecting pedestrian and ran up to Thomas.

Just as Thomas opened the door to the deli, the killer raised a pistol to the back of her head and fired.
Thomas, 52, slumped in a heap to the ground.

They’re getting bolder by the day, these blacks.

"My People" - the People of God - need to abandon Racine and Ratcine County because it is going to burn for all the Abominations it has allowed. Leave before it is too late!

The Rorschach Test

From Vox Popoli:

A reader relates a time that he failed it. If you refuse to allow people to be held accountable to their own decisions and actions, they are never going to learn from their mistakes or change their behavior:

When I was in grad school, there was a female grad student who gave a presentation on “toxic, white masculinity” in the library. Well, it was extremely late at night, and I was leaving the library, when I saw her. This was in one of America’s most dangerous cities. It’s normal for us to walk female students and professors to their cars at this university. Especially for me, being 6’10”. Well, her car was a good bit away, and to get there, she would have had to cross two different groups of negroes, in darkness, aside from two, weak streetlights. She asked me to walk her to her car. I said, “you don’t need me too. I’m not seeing any toxic white males over there.” She looked confused, then shocked, then upset, because there were no other people nearby, and she knew instantly that I was angry at her treason. She would have to walk to her car alone, unless she was willing to wait an hour for the campus police to finish up arresting criminal negroes elsewhere. She asked “please,” a couple of times, and I agreed to walk her to her car, if she would listen to what I had to say, and I gave her an earful about how rotten and treasonous she was being, and how the real world is out there, waiting to chew us up. That she needed to bring white children into the world. I hope it had an impact. I doubt it. Not as much of one as letting her get assaulted and robbed would have had, but I lacked the strength and resolve to let that happen. I didn’t have the heart to standby while she got clocked and had her laptop stolen.

If you don't have the heart to permit people to experience the inevitable consequences of their choices, you are an enabler. You are, quite literally, part of the problem. You are helping destroy civilization.

Hence the importance of the Rorschach Test and accepting the teachable moment.

This city's afraid of me. I've seen its true face. The streets are extended gutters and the gutters are full of blood. When the drains finally scab over, all the vermin will drown. The accumulated filth of all their sex and murder will foam up around their waists and all the whores and politicians will look up and shout: 'save us.'

And I'll whisper, no.

There is a place for mercy and forgiveness, but only in response to genuine repentance, not momentary uncertainty and fear. In the absence of repentance, never stand between Justice and her lawful prey.


Open Blog - Friday

All day.

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Ed Gein: America’s Most Notorious Psychopath | World’s Most Evil Killers | Real Crime

Former Mayor Dickert Found Not Guilty of Disorderly Conduct

From Racine County Eye:

RACINE – Former Racine Mayor John Dickert was found not guilty of misdemeanor disorderly conduct by a Racine County District Court jury Wednesday. The charge was in connection with a fistfight between Dickert and another man in a Mount Pleasant grocery store parking lot in March 2020.

According to online court records, the jury was seated Tuesday morning. They heard the testimony throughout the afternoon before taking a break at 6:10 p.m. The jury began deliberation at 8:30 a.m. Wednesday and returned with the verdict shortly before noon.

Dickert, 58, and Christian Reynoso, now 20 of Racine, were charged by the Racine County District Attorney’s Office with disorderly conduct. As a result of a reported fight outside Malicki’s Piggly Wiggly, 5201 Washington Ave., on March 22, 2020. The Mount Pleasant Police investigated the report.

Misdemeanor disorderly conduct is punishable by a fine of up to $1,000 and 90 days in jail.

Reynoso’s Testimony

According to the criminal complaint, Mount Pleasant Police officers spoke with Reynoso. He stated that he was driving to work “in a hurry and driving fast” when he observed another man driving and videotaping him. The man was later identified as Dickert. Reynoso then pulled into the store parking lot and next to Dickert’s vehicle. Then, Reynoso said that he asked Dickert why he was recording him. Reynoso stated that Dickert got out of his car, approached Reynoso’s passenger side window, and leaned on the car. After Dickert walked around to the driver’s side, he stated, “something to the effect of ‘do you think you’re a tough guy?’” Reynoso then began to step out of his car, and Dickert grabbed him by the neck/throat area and pushed him. Reynoso said he responded by punching Dickert. He stated that Dickert also punched him.

Dickert’s Testimony

In speaking separately with police, Dickert said that he observed a vehicle behind him at and “high rate of speed” and pulled into the parking lot. He stated that Reynoso “pulled up next to him and gave him the finger” before both got out of their cars. “There was an exchange of words, and Reynoso threw the first punch,” the complaint stated.

The complaint also stated that police observed Reynoso have “bloody knuckles on his right hand and scratches/red marks on his neck.” Dickert was observed, “to have blood on his clothes and a laceration on the left side of his cheek.”

Police also observed surveillance video from the Piggly Wiggly and spoke with three witnesses.

Read more: