Saturday, June 13, 2009

Anyone See "Before Dawn" last night?

I have been negligent in blogging recently...very busy but hope to get back to normal soon. I totally forgot to blog that the band Before Dawn was playing at McAuliffe's in Racine last night. I wish I could have been there as the young woman in the band is a former student of mine. They play at Art Bar in Milwaukee tonight.

Did anyone see them? If so, how are they? As frequently happens with former students, I haven't seen her in years, but we are now facebook buds. I am waiting for their southwest tour.

Listening to the Police Scanner Again . . .

A rescue call at 11:15 AM for a pregnant inmate of the Racine County Jail with "possibly blocked fallopian tubes."

Are they talking about an ectopic pregnancy?

I don't even want to know . . .

Listen to the police scanner live at:

"Mayor attending two national conferences through next week"

Funeral Music

Okay, okay, so it isn't a whimsical subject. Still, I'm wondering what different people think is appropriate for their going out. My sister had Somewhere over the rainbow. Some folks use Highway to Hell, and in fact it is one of the more often played Rock songs at funerals. Some people stick with the old tried and true hymns with the hell fire and brimstone pastors warning all in attendance they don't have long to repent themselves. I'm kind of thinking Meat Loaf's Bat out of Hell, but it'd unseat my poor mom something fierce.

I'm wondering what different music people have thought of for their own going out party so to speak. Maybe even the "oh gosh, did they really pick that song???" moments too. Heh even unusual eulogies interest me. My best friend will be giving mine and the opening line is set in stone. "....... was an asshole, but he was our asshole." The rear of my marker is also going to be engraved, "Sometimes ya just gotta be an asshole" too. Those that know who I am are probably nodding their heads and grinning as they read that.

Sorry if funeral talk unnerves some. I figure we're all gonna die and never doubted my mortality, although I've had so many close calls some think I am immortal. As an atheist, funerals are just the final party. My ashes will be scattered in freefall. Loved skydiving and wish I still could, but oh well. Anyhow, no, I am not gonna die, nor thinking about doing something stupid. I'm just looking for something "interesting" to discuss and this interests me.

Friday, June 12, 2009

drank - the Anti-Energy Drink

There's an "Extreme Relaxation Beverage" on the market called drank:

"It’s been around since June 2008, taking the American Hip Hop south by storm. On their site (, 'drank' claims to 'calm and relax you', with zero side effects and ultimate effects. But how? Melatonin, valerian root and rose hips."

The above quote comes from an article entitled "Drank: the Anti-Red Bull?" in SoJones, an online magazine.

Then there's this news release:
Columbus, GA-based Anheuser-Busch Wholesaler, B & B Beverage Company, to Distribute One-of-a-Kind 'Extreme Relaxation'(TM) Beverage, drank(TM).

It looks like this stuff is gaining momentum, even though their slogan is "Slow Your Roll." They say it tastes like grape soda and goes well with vodka.

Officer: "Have you been drinking?"
Motorist: "I've only been drinking drank and I'm not drunk, sir."

"Man arrested for wrong crime, ordered released, then detained"

Above is the story, thus far, of the DeRango's dishwasher who was mistakenly identified as a wanted man, arrested, almost released, and then held, apparently on an immigration matter.

After reading about this, I'm thinking there has to be a better way to deal with these issues. Most of you know that I'm a staunch supporter of secure borders and enforcement of our immigration laws. I still am. But I keep thinking that this guy has been here since 2000 and he's been a dishwasher all that time. I once was a busboy in high school. I lasted for one weekend. The work is brutal.

I wonder how many of our unemployed citizens inquired about this man's job when it was announced that he'd been arrested? Do you think people lined up outside of DeRango's to fill out an application? What I'm getting at here is the idea that while I believe that we cannot allow just anyone and everyone to enter our country at will, perhaps we could be a little more selective about who we deport? Or, better yet, maybe we could deport some of our deadbeats instead of people who bust their ass on the job like this guy? It wouldn't bother me a whole lot if instead of chasing this guy out of the US, we sent a Dumpster Disciple or some other piece of human garbage to Mexico. I wonder how tough one of Racine's thugs would be in Mexico with no gun, no gang banger buddies, and no prospects?

A lot of our natural born citizens take their status to mean that they are entitled to a free ride for life. It would be great to say to them, "No, you have to earn your way, or you can just leave, NOW!"

Green Grass

Part I

Part II

Sometimes, I don't know,...

If ya don't laugh you'd cry. Time for a little levity.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Battle Hymn of the Baby Boomers

Brings a tear to my eye.

I like these Pictures

I don't know what type of art you call this, except cool.......






More cool pitures at Cebarre Art
These pictures where posted without permission...I'm bad!

Here we go again! BOHICA

Thanks to my favorite legislators (Please read my scarcasm here!!) Cory (The carpetbagger) Mason, the state legislature has re-inserted the KRM. Thanks for the

Rock and Roll Revival

Hello everybody! A lot is going on today:) But I'll leave you guys with a thought.... She is coming... She is on her way!

It's Your Birthday......

Happy birthday Drew
Happy Birthday Drew!
(Apologies to SER for busting in late with the cake... kk)

"The snakes are winning!"

"FREETOWN (Reuters) - Police in Sierra Leone have called in the army and fire brigade to try to take back control of a police station which has been overrun by hundreds of poisonous snakes.

"Snake charmers have tried in vain to lure the beasts, mostly cobras and vipers, out of Gerihun police station in the southern district of Bo. Attempts to smoke them out also failed.

"Officers and residents wanting to report crimes have grown too afraid to come to the building."

See, Beejay, what you started? Now snakes are rebelling worldwide. I hope you're happy.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Working Class Hero

I know this has been posted before. Sorry, but sometimes I HAVE to listen to it to clear the CRAP out my head. $40,000 to an "artist" who laughs at us while thugs openly shoot up my neighborhood at night.

One of these days, someone is going to get very, very crazy in this city and a lot of innocent people are going to be hurt. A lot.

STOP feeding lies to us!
STOP taking our hard-earned money and giving it to scammers and thieves!
STOP telling us that wrong is right!


"Art is whatever you can get away with."

$55,000 to put a metal sculpture in Uptown. $40,000 to the "artist" (whose credo is the title of this blog) and $15,000 for the base. The artist does not reside in Racine, but he did "drive around and smoke cigs" with the Beckerphile.

His name is Nic Noblique. Really.

I am laughing and laughing and crying and crying at the same time.

You could not write better material than this.

"Art is whatever you can get away with:"

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my dew-dappled darlings! How are you? Hasn’t this been a chilly spring? I know it’s not officially summer yet, but I’m still afraid to put away my winter coat.

I’m blogging to you this week from the astral plane. It is at times difficult to maintain the mental discipline and spiritual equilibrium necessary for conscious activity within such a higher plane of existence. But I gain great insight into the mysteries of the universe while I am here, so I feel that I must visit occasionally for the benefit of all mankind.

The first thing I noticed when visiting astral areas this time is the vast amount of anxiety clouding almost everything. What happens in our everyday mortal lives can also affect the astral, and I’m afraid that the worldwide recession, wars, poverty, hatred, and the like are polluting the divine with our fears and concerns. When this happens, it is even more difficult to discern the truths contained within the plane. Therefore, I am directing all JT Irregulars to party like there is no tomorrow (because maybe there isn’t). When you follow the exhortations of Mr. OrbsCorbs to “party on,” you actually help relieve the stress on the supernatural. The more you party, the more I can focus here. And the more I can focus, the better my predictions.

In any case, I’m going to go out on a limb and make some predictions despite my difficulties today. Remember, though, that these may be less than 100% accurate. They are more or less “advisory” predictions, to be taken with a grain of salt, and a modicum of cynicism.

For the aforementioned Mr. OrbsCorbs, I predict more of the same lunacy which already is his life. No, Mr. Corbs, it won’t get any crazier – because it can’t. You are already off the nutso scale.
For the exquisite Ms. kkdither, I predict romance and intrigue. Perhaps you will be swept off your feet and go on an ocean cruise with a mysterious stranger. Or maybe you’ll just catch the next episode of Days Of Our Lives.
For Mr. SER, I predict fermented malt beverages in mass quantities. ‘Nuff said.
For Ms. Lizardmom, I see reptiles, lizards, turtles, and snakes. Mmmm, yummy!
For Mr. hale-bopp, the unbeliever, I predict an unusual event which may shake his faith in direct observation. Perhaps he will be struck by a sudden insight into the ethereal, or maybe just by a lightning bolt.
For Mr. AvengingAngel, I foresee warm summer evenings filled with camaraderie and fellowship at local watering holes. Or is that a group of convicts circling you in the prison shower? Oh well, time will tell.
For Ms. Beejay, please see Lizardmom’s prediction. Yikes!
For Mr. drewzepmeister, I predict music (of course) and maybe a little romance, too. Again, the astral plane is so overcast . . . I can hear the music, but I can’t quite make out if it is “Here Comes the Bride,” or “Ticket to Ride.”
For Mr. Huck Finn, I believe that you will meet a tall, dark stranger soon. He will say that he is from the government and that he is here to help you, a contradiction in terms. Beware!
For Ms. ABBY, I predict that her glamorous lifestyle and overwhelming beauty will only increase her dazzle factor. If she shines any more brightly, she may put out the sun.
For Mr. logjam, I see officiating and recuperating, the perfect way to spend a summer.
For Ms. Why Not, well, I don’t so much see, as I smell, diapers, diapers, and diapers. Motherhood may be the most noble profession, but it’s not pretty, is it?
For Ms. DogAddicts, what else could I predict but bow-wow? A tall, handsome dog will darken your doorway, looking for love.
For Mr. Toad, I foresee your numbers finally hitting at the lottery. Too bad that you don’t play, though.
For Ms. Mary, I predict that you actually will win the lottery, but then that government man who visited Mr. Finn will pay you a visit, too. Sorry.
For Ms. cyndi, I see a fantastic career as a roller derby queen. In fact, I predict that she will start a JT Irregulars team.
For Mr. RWWackoStu, more outrage at government squandering is in store for you. Hope your blood pressure can take it.
For Mr. fungi, you will meet a tall, dark Jose Cuervo, again, at the next JTI gathering.
For Mr. Becker, I predict probation, if the charges aren’t outright dismissed. Maybe you can’t fool Mother Nature, but everything else is for sale, especially in Racine’s courts.
And for the rest of the JT Irregulars readers and contributors, I predict more of the same blogging, flogging, bluster and fun right here on this website every day.

I have to descend to the physical plane now and rest. These trips are very taxing. I hope that my predictions have brought some joy or hope into the hearts of my beloved Irregulars. We must keep our spirits high and our souls free as we navigate the dreary and cumbersome reality of Racine. It is our duty to party in order that the psychic loads of others may be lightened. Remember, when you lift or light one up, the gods get buzzed, too.

Please send your comments and questions to me at:

See you next week, my dears. Party on!

Orbs! You are popular!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Some Wildlife Photos

International Year of Astronomy Update

I am at the American Astronomical Society meeting in Pasadena (as kk can attest to due to a sudden spike in hits from Pasadena). Today we had a press conference updating the International Year of Astronomy Activities. Alan Boyle of MSNBC posted a nice blog on the press conference.

The Galileoscope Photo and Sketching contest was my I have to finish writing the rules and posting them! Thanks for moving that up my priority list of things to do, Alan!

I keep meanign to blog Galaxy Zoo 2. This is an addictive little project that enlists people to help classify galaxies from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. Check it out.

Be sure to keep up to date on future IYA activites as well.


Woman gets 5 years for child-care fraud

She bilked state out of $369,000 through scheme at daughter's day care center

"A Milwaukee woman known as the 'day care pimp' was sentenced to five years in prison Monday for bilking the state's taxpayer-funded child-care program out of at least $369,000. Prosecutors called it the second largest theft of public money in county history."

Of course, this was brought to you by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and their ongoing investigation into fraud within the state's $340 million subsidized child-care program. If it were up to the state, this would just continue as business as usual. It's easier to pay the frauds than it is to catch them, especially if they're paid with your money.

Meanwhile, Racine County District Attorney Mike Nieskes sits on his ass while another fraudulent day care operator continues to bilk the state out of thousands of dollars:

Party on!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Danger, Will Robinson!

Now you, too, can have your very own Robot B9.

Only $24,500.

If that's too steep, perhaps you'd like to build your own:

Today's wakep music

There were actually two songs. The first one was very old and I'm sure few have heard it. I only have the lyrics as no vid can be found.

Oh-h where have you been Billy Boy Billy Boy.
Oh-h where have you been my charming Billy.
I have been to see my wife
She's the joy of my life.
She's a young thing and cannot leave her mother.

Shut Up and Kiss Me

Well, maybe not literally. I always like promoting citizen participation in science and now here is another interesting one you can participate in: research on why we kiss. Kisses have different purporse and blogger Sheril Kirshenbaum is looking at how we see kissing. She has posted 15 pictures of couples kissing and wants you to classify them as erotic kisses, frienship kisses, or relationship kisses.

Details and pictures are on her blog. You can't make comments on the pictures (she doesn't want people influenced by other's opionions) and the results will be published in her new book.

Looks like a fun little project...check it out.

Reprinted with permission from the Half-Astrophysicist Blog.

Sorry, I Can't Help Myself

I've probably linked to this a thousand times, but the impending budget fiasco and diversion of peoples' hard earned money to finance thugs and pigs just drives me crazy. I either watch this commercial, or go out and punch someone.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

How is Doyle responsible?

House and Senate are hashing out a budget. His is th signature that will implement it, but he hasn't signed anything, and the budget isn't even through legislation. So I'm scratching my head on how he is responsible at this time. Could one of the folks holding his heels to the flame explain the reasoning to me? Is it kill the messenger time?

Porky Pig Blooper

"State budget could affect homeowners, drivers, phone users"

"Madison – The state budget the Legislature takes up this week would change your life, have the potential to change it or cost you more.

"You would have to buy more car insurance coverage, raising your premiums. Police could stop your car if they think you haven't buckled your seat belt. The state tax on a pack of cigarettes would rise 75 cents, to $2.52. There would be a new 75-cent monthly charge on each phone line. And you'd get less of an income tax break on capital gains profits.

"It also authorizes a 1% local sales tax in Milwaukee County for a new regional transit authority, which would subsidize the county bus system and cost the average household $228 a year, according to the Legislative Fiscal Bureau."

This abortion was finalized literally in the middle of the night. Earmarks, pork, special favors for special interests, all the usual goodies for all the usual pigs packed into a budget that screws working people harder than ever before.

I will buy more insurance to cover my driving, but not the three different people who hit my truck over the past year, none of them with insurance. One of them didn't even have a license, two of them couldn't speak English, and the third was a hit and run. In Wisconsin, those who abide by the law get punished, and those who do not abide by the law get off scot-free.

Cory Mason stuck in a provision that would force us to pay to transport pregnant students to school if they live within two miles of a school building. We pay to support them. We pay for their babies. We pay to raise the babies and try to teach them. We pay for their court and "rehabilitation" costs when they're caught committing crimes. We pay the policing, medical, and insurance costs associated with those crimes. Then we pay to house them in prisons in perpetuity. And now we will provide limousine service. Damn, I wish I could get pregnant and use my baby to extort money from working people, and then do it again, and again, and again . . .

Welcome to the new world order, where right is wrong and wrong is right. Party on!